The Editors and all about Film Editing- The Complete Guide on Film Editing

In this blog, I will tell you about the Editors, The job of editors, and the steps involved in the process of editing. You will also see the transition of editing In A Movie, as You know,  is basically a sequence of shots. The shots themselves may be beautiful or strange, Kinetic or still, bright … Read more

Best Filmmaking YouTube Channels List

Filmmaking YouTube Channels are great ways to learn about cinema, story, framing, camera angles, and editing tips through essay videos. It will be the best way to learn for free through essay videos by the best filmmakers and film students. You don’t need to wait for admission to Film school. It may be prepared for … Read more

9 Best Movie Shooting Locations in India (must Visit)

Cinema is not only about story but rather a character-driven story where every character is a depiction of that character you may be aware of. The character where he lives defines its nature and that drives his actions. Having the right and best movie shooting locations in India is necessary for any good movie. You have … Read more

Why Marathi and Tamil Cinema make Brilliant Movies?

India is the largest producer of films all around the world with 1500+ movies. They made every year ranging in 15 languages like Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, and Tamil Cinema. It has every kind of genre, culture, tradition and its own element to showcase creativity in movies. Indian Cinema is not only about Bollywood. It … Read more

10 Best Time Travel Movies of All Time

Time Travel Movies are the best movies for exploring the fascinating worlds They made some of the mind-fucking sci-fi movies. It has been a very intriguing and interesting subject since 1950. It is very hard to find its origin. Time Travel concept has started since the rise of comic books when writers have started experimenting … Read more

7 Best Regional Movies which change Modern Indian Cinema

Indian cinema is older than our independence in India. It will be interesting to see how cinema has evolved since 1913. It has gone through several hurdles, concepts, techniques, and actors. In modern cinema, Indian movies (and regional movies) is a medium to influence the people and their day to day life. Most of the … Read more

5 Best A R Rahman Music Albums

If you have not listened to the “Kun Faya Kun” song from Rockstar music Album, You may have missed the simplicity and beauty of A R Rahman Music. He is the musical genius of Bollywood who has mastered the art of music production and composition, singing and writing the songs. He is considered, the Mozart … Read more

5 Best Anurag Kashyap Movies made him Genius Director

If you are a fan of Gangs of Wasseypur series and this movie inspires you to understand cinema and Filmmaking. Then, you might be a die-hard fan of Anurag Kashyap movies. Anurag Kashyap is a Bollywood writer and director. He is regarded as an Indie filmmaker. He is India’s best filmmaker Bollywood has ever seen. … Read more

How Martin Scorsese makes Masterpiece Movies

If you have watched the movie “Goodfellas”, remember the first scene and first dialogue of the movie and understand the meaning and impact of its very first dialogue. Then, my friend, you have understood the Martin Scorsese.  Martin Scorsese is an Italian-American filmmaker who has a career of 50 years which has started from “who’s … Read more

Jobs in Film Industry-2020- How to get Job in Films

In this blog I will tell you about the top 3 jobs in Film Industry. There are different jobs in the film industry based upon the skill set of a particular person. Well on talking about the Film Industry you will agree that every person in his or her childhood has dreamt of doing something … Read more