Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review: Love affair of the Beauty with Beast

Beauty and the Beast – not just a story of Princess. It goes against the norms of a Prince saving the Princess from difficulties. A Prince is cursed for his selfish nature and turns into a Beast. Only falling in love can break the curse. He keeps Belle as a prisoner, who eventually falls in … Read more

5 Movies Based on Video Games |Want to See Awesome Movies?

Are you a Game Lover? you will also love Movies based on video games. The video game industry is taking over other entertainment industries like Filmmaking. So the big screens are investing in the rights of successful video games. Movies based on video games usually fail because they either stay too far from the original … Read more


Horror movies is also popular genre of movies to watch.  If you are bored nothing has to thrill in life so i strongly recommend you to watch horror movies. In Bollywood we are not reach to level of Hollywood in fear but some movies are definitely gives you a edge of seat experience and keep … Read more