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Clothing worn in India, Introduction of Indian clothing 2020


Do you know what is the traditional Hindu clothing?

Saree, Ghagra Choli, and Salwar Kameez are the common traditional wears of Indian women.

Sherwani, Kurt, Angarakha, dhoti, Lungi are the common traditional wears of Indian men.

Now Indians are diverting toward western wears.

Indian traditional clothing is perfect for Indian weather.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Region-wise diversity in Indian clothing style
  2. Top traditional clothing’s of India
  3. Short information of Indian saree
  4. Short information on Lugada
  5. GI Tag of Puneri Pagdi
  6. Changes in Indian clothing with time
  7. Importance of cotton in Indian clothing
  8. Top traditional clothing brands of India
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

Region-wise diversity in Indian clothing style

India is a country with unity in diversity. in India, there are all types of weather observe in deferent states, like Desert, Iceland, and so on. So the clothing style of the deferent regions is deferent, as per the weather.

Some are the best examples are in the south region people wars lungi and in the north region (Jammu Kashmir) people wear hot cloths.

State wise clothing in india

Sr. No.StateFemaleMale
 1Andhra PradeshSareesDhoti Kurta
 2AssamMekhela ChadorDhoti & Gamosa
 3Arunachal PradeshSleeveless Chemise with embroidered, full slave jacket along with petticoat or skirt.Sleeveless silk material with its edges attached to the shoulder
 4BiharTussar Silk SareesDhoti Kurta
 5ChhattisgarhSaree.Hallas, Ghotuls, Abhuj Marias, Dhoti, and headgears like cotton turbans.
 6GoaNav Vari Saree, Pano BhajuHalf pant, Beach Shirt, Hat
 7GujaratSalwar Kameez, Sarees, Chania Choli.Dhoti, Kurta or Bandi, or Kedia
 8HaryanaShirt, Ghagra, Daman, anjia, and Odhni.Dhoti, Kurta, or Shirt, Pagri.
 9Himachal PradeshKurtas Rahide, Ghagra Lehenga Choli.Dhoti, Kurta, Churidar, Pyjama with pagri whereas.
 10Jammu & KashmirPheran, Salwar, or Churidar.Pheran
 11JharkhandSaree & Blouse  Bhagwan, kurta, payjama, Dhoti & Shirt.
12 KarnatakaIlaka sarees, & Mysore silk. Saree and shirt, DawaniPancha & shirt
 13KeralaSaree.Kalli Mundu (Lungi)
 14Madhya PradeshLehenga, Choli, Odani.Dhoti Kurta or shirt or safa
 14MaharashtraSadi or lugdaDhotar & Pheta,
 16ManipurInnafi, phanek, Worn like SarongDhoti, Jacket, Pagri
 17MizoramPuan and PuanchaiDones cloth around 7feet long and 5feett width, extra piece of fabric wrap around the upper body durin winter.
18 MeghalayaJainsenLoincloth
 19NagalandAgami, Watchi, Nikhro and white skirt, pfemhou.Ratapfe
 20OrissaKatki saree and Sambhalpuri SareeDhoti, Kurta, and Gamucha
 21PunjabSalwar suit and Ghagra.Kurta and Tehmat or Pajama
 22RajasthanGhagra and KanchliDhoti, kurta, angarakha and Paggar or Safa
 23SikkimBakhu and pair of loose trouser with leather belt, HonjuBakhu and pair of loose trouser with leather belt 
 24Tamil NaduSaree, Pavada.Lungi, Shirt
 25TelanganaSariDhoti, Kurta
 26TripuraRinai, Risa.Rukutu Gamacha and Kubai.
 27Uttar PradeshSaree and Salwar kameezKurtha lungi or Kurtha Paijama
 28UttarakhandGhagri, Choli, and Odhni.Dhotior lungi with the shirt
 29West BengalSari and traditional AttireDhoti, Panjabi or lungi

Above all are the region-wise clothing in India.

Top traditional clothings of India


  • This is very common to wear for the maximum state of India. it’s one of the reasons is the production of cotton from a very long time In India, and also the temperature of India.


  • It is a second highest using traditional cloth in India. the main reason behind this is a sari is related to the culture of India, and it is an indication of Indian women. cotton saris are more famous.

Salwar Kameez

  • Salwar kameez is the nearly same as western clothing. But it is comfortable for the Indian atmosphere.


  • In today’s modern life the ghagra-choli also becoming a symbol of fashion in family parties. also, the combination with western clothing also created its own position in the market.


  • This tradition comes from north India. but because of its rich look now it becoming famous all over India. Cotton sherwani is expensive.


  • The trend of Sharara is now reducing day by day it was very famous in the 19th century. It comes from Lucknow.


  • Pheran is a Kashmir’s traditional wear and this is for both males and females. It is somewhat good for relief from the cold atmosphere.

Kurta Pyjama

  • This is another popular wear in India. now it is coming with some new modifications, which are making it more fashionable.


  • It is a traditional wear of Mizo women. they use it in festivals like marriage and other more important.


  • It is now famous all over Indian. people feel it like a symbol of relaxation. it has deferent names in deferent states. lungi is made up of maximum cotton.

Short information of Indian Saree

As we know Indian women are known by the saree it is a symbol of Indian women.

In India there are 29 states, and the tradition of all the states is deferent. As well as the traditional clothing of each state even deferent. but the saree is one of the cloths of women which they are used in all states.

In the deferent state, the style of wearing the saree is deferent. also, the color referred by aria deferent. like in the north region they are not using white saree as normal, but in the south region, they use only white saree in festivals.

The reason behind you of saree in India is it is perfect for the Indian atmosphere. also the production of saree was very easy at the time of the initial day of textile in India. so that’s why saree becomes favorite clothing in India.

Now when people out from India looking toward India, as a country of potential. and that time they also observing the culture of India. and trying to adopt it so now saree is becoming the most favorite wear in the world.

Basic dimensions of saree

  • Normal Length of Saree – 4.5 to 9 Meters
  • Normal Width of Saree – 600 to 1200 millimeter

Main types of saree

  1. Tant – West Bengal
  2. Kasavu – Kerala
  3. Kanjeevaram – Tamil Nadu
  4. Bomkai – Odisha
  5. Sambalpuri – Odisha
  6. Paithani – Maharashtra
  7. Bandhani – Gujarat
  8. Muga Assam
  9. Banarasi – Varanasi
  10. Pochampally – Telangana

This above all is the main type of sarees.

Short information of Lugada (Navvari)

Lugda or Navvari or Kasta saree all tree are the same this is very famous in a Maharashtra.

People say it as complete wear because the single piece of lugda is able to cover the complete body.

Comely the length of the lugda is 9 yard so it named “Nav Vari”. In Marathi ‘Nav’ means nine. Some region of the Marathwada of Maharashtra is especially known as the hub of navvari. cotton sari is very famous in Maharashtra.

It will not wrong if we can say lugda is not only the wear it is a type of wearing.

Now day by day, the number of lugda using peoples are reducing. there are two main reasons behind this one is it is time-consuming and second is a people think it is an outdated,.

But it is totally wrong because lugda is complete wear, this means it is not old fashion. But it is the best technique to wear a sari to work equally with main.

GI Tag of Puneri Pagdi

As we know, all the historical cities in the world have their own historical identity. which makes them different from the world. and as Pune is one of the historical city so the “Puneri Pagdi” is a symbol of history for Pune.

In the overall world, Pune is known as the fastest-growing industrial region. But for India, it also has another identity which is the “Cultural City” of India and Maharashtra. Pune is also a hub of education.

The use of a Punery Pagdi was first started by, or Puneri Pagdi introduced by the Mahadeo Govind Ranade. before in the 19th century. He was the person who was worked with India freedom fighters like Lokamanya Tilak, and so on.

Now it is a symbol of royal people in Pune.

GI tag to Puneri Pagdi

To make Puneri Padgi Long-lasting, people have created a group. and registered it as a Geographical Index (GI). Also, the people registered this as intellectual property. These two things are also the reason for making the Puneri Pagdi more famous in the world.

Changes in Indian clothing with time

As we discussed above India is a country with unity in diversity so in any region of India there is a different clothing style.

Now in today’s fast world people of India shuffling all over India. and when people get a transfer from one location to another. then that time people get hesitant to the wearer the traditional wears.

Also people not able to find proper time to wear their traditional wear.

In India, one big factor which is able to change the mentality of indent that is Bollywood Movies. in today’s Bollywood movies level of Clothing is going to reduce. Because of which the mind of Indian people gating change. which creating and direct effect of traditional wears.

To know more visit – What is the Indian textile export? Textile export of India.

Importance of cotton in Indian clothing

Importent points abaut indian cotton industry

India is and the world’s largest cotton-producing country.

In 2018, the total turnover of the Indian textile industry was US$140billion. in which US$100 billion for domestic use. and US$40billion for export. In total export from India, there was 60% of Cotton textiles.

This is one of the biggest numbers for any country in the world.

Indian textile industry creates around 45million employment per year. it is and second-largest employment creating industry in the world. and as we know the maximum jobs of this industry is comes from the same field which is cotton.

If we consider only the domestic market of India. Then in the domestic market, there is a very large demand for cotton textiles.

Use of cotton in indian clothng

As we discuss above, in India all states have their deferent tradition and deferent traditional wears. but the maximum of all are traditionally made from cotton. If we think about some examples. then Lungi and Dhoti are the top traditional wears which are compulsorily made from cotton.

In India today there are so many big textile industries. in which the maximum are of the cotton. this thing is well known for the importer. this now we have the deferent identity of the best and highest cotton producing country in the world.

So this thing can help the Indian textile industrialist to increase the cotton and other textiles export.

To know more please visit- Indian cotton textile industry 2020-21 in detail.

Top Indian brands for traditional clothing

As we discuss above India has a deferent culture in deferent states. Also, the portent clothing’s for all traditions are deferent. this thing makes India as a big market for traditional wears.

So lots of top brands are created in India who make the promises to full fill the requirement, of Indian traditional clothing.

The following are the top Indian brands for traditional clothing.

  1. BIBA
  2. Fabindia
  3. Rain and Rainbow
  4. W for Woman
  5. Melange
  6. Global Desi
  7. Aurelia
  8. Haute Curry
  9. Ritu Kumar
  10. Shree

These all are the top brands of India for traditional wear.


After the completion of the discussion above all topics, some tope points are come out which are as follows.

  1. In India, there is a very big diversity in clothing with respect to states
  2. Dhoti and sari are the top two traditional wears in India
  3. There is a very big list of Indian sari and some of which are very famous in India
  4. Lungi is a type of clothing that is used all over India but in the south, it is common clothing.
  5. Puneri Pagdi is an identity of the culture of Pune and it is registered as a GI tag
  6. With the change in generation, Indians are diverting toward western clothing.
  7. India is a top cotton-producing country in the world and maximum traditional wears are made from cotton.
  8. BIBA is the top traditional clothing brand
  9. India is very rich in clothing culture.


1. What clothing do they wear in India?

Saree for Women’s and Dhoti for men is very famous in India but, all the states of India have their different clothing.
But because of today’s fast life, they use regular western wears. More information is given in the blog above.

2. How has Indian clothing change over time?

Because of the effect of western culture Indian clothing is now diverting towards western culture. More information is given in the blog above.

3. What is the Indian traditional wear?

as discussed above Saree for Women’s and Dhoti for men is very famous in India but, all the states of India have their different items of clothing.
But because of today’s fast life, they use regular western wears. More information is given in the blog above.

4. Who is the first fashion designer in India?

Rohi Khosla was the first fashion designer in India.

5. What is the traditional Hindu clothing?

Saree, and blouse for Women’s and Dhoti and kurta for men.



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