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Communication skills for students


If you are a student who wants to learn or improve his/her communication skills, then you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will learn all the aspects of communication skills for students. So let’s get started!!

  1. Importance of communication skills for students
  2. Things to practice daily to improve communication skills for students
  3. Win friends using communication skills
  4. Make an impact on teachers
  5. Emerge as a leader
  6. Conclusion

Importance of communication skills  for students

Good communication skills help each person irrespective of its age, profession, sex, or beliefs. So it is important to inculcate such an important skill at an early age.

Being a student you have to talk to your friends, school teachers, tuition teacher, and parents. Many times you have to participate in class debates (both formally and informally).

Moreover, you have to give class presentations. All these things will become more entertaining and effective if you are a good communicator.

Good communication skills will help you in

  1.  Making good student-teacher relation
  2. Getting good grades in internal
  3. Better understanding with parents
  4. More amusing conversation with friends
  5. Winning new friends
  6. Emerging as a leader

Things to practice daily to improve communication skills

It is very important for students to inculcate new skills.  so under this section, I would tell you the methods, using which you can improve your communication skills. Learn public speaking.

(Remember: if you don’t practice you don’t deserve to win)

Listen More

Listen to English movies and videos, will not only help you to get a good command in the language, but you will increase your awareness about various things. You should also listen to news to stay updated.

Speak More

Whether be it in family functions or in informal class discussions you should try to speak whenever you get any opportunity.

Speaking more does not mean speaking unnecessary things; it means that you are not holding back yourself from sharing your views.

Read More

Read as much as you can, reading will help you to improve your vocabulary and will also increase your knowledge.

learn whatever you like, just pick up a magazine, book or a newspaper and start reading. Don’t confuse it with reading your course books.

Observe people with good communication skills

Around you, there would some students whose communication skills are good, so you can start learning by observing them.

You should observe, the way they talk, the way they use their body language (hand movements, eye contact, facial expressions), and the way they grow the conversation.

Win friends using communication skills

If you are going to a new coaching, switching to a new school, or starting your college life, then you will have to make new friends. Your good communication skills will help you with this task by making minimum efforts.

Take the first step

Once you are there with people around you, someone has to make the first move. If the other party doesn’t initiate the talk, take the first step to say hello or you can start by a handshake.

You can share something about yourself and then give a chance to another party to share something about themselves.

Get to know the person

The initial stage of friendship is about knowing each other. You can start by asking some questions about their hobbies or the things that excites them the most.

Try to find out a common liking so that both of you can enjoy the conversation.

A common liking could be a love for the same public figure or same passion for a profession or the same beliefs for a society. 

Be open

Never try to judge a person too early, give them some to express themselves. You should try to understand them and their believes. Give the friendship a chance to blossom.

More importantly, give yourself a chance with this new friendship. I have many close friends, who appeared different to me just because of their contrasting views and different background.

Maintain the relation

Now you should make good efforts to become more than just hi-bye friends.

try to meet more and talk more, just a few more meetings and discussions will lead to a stronger friendship.

If someone is continuously trying to ignore you, then don’t try too hard, as it will make you look creepy. First try to observe whether a person is equally interested in being your friend or not, then invest your time in them.

Make impact on teachers

Being a student you have to interact with teachers a lot .many students are not able to communicate properly with teachers either due to their fear or their over smartness, both of these behavior indicates the bad communication skills.

Under this section we will learn how to build the best student-teacher relations.

-> in the beginning (when you are new to the teacher) be formal with the teacher, take special care of the words you are using while communicating.

-> Greet them formally; it will make you look a gentle person. You can even greet different teachers differently, for example, I always used to say MORNING MAM (making eye contact and smile on face) to English teachers and GOOD MORNING MAM to my other teachers, even I used to greet other staff of the school (workers of the canteen, cleaning staff) also by saying NAMASTE BHAIYA/UNCLE/AUNTY .this type of greeting to lower staff, makes them happy and makes you look appealing.

->While communicating with teachers your body language must show your confidence, for this you need to keep your backbone straight and eyes directly in the eyes of the teacher. You can smile a little as every teacher likes smiling students.

-> If your teacher is scolding you then, don’t be a student who is ready to argue and give baseless points; remember this attitude is not a trait of a good communicator. What you can do is just keep your hands at the back, lower down your eyes and listen to whatever she is saying.

If you have a valid point then wait for her to complete, once she has completed, you can express yourself by saying “sorry mam, I have understood what you have said, but due to following reason/situation I was compelled to do so, I assure you that it will not repeat in future”.

Sometimes you can also try semiformal communication with your teacher; you can do this by cracking a joke on a friend/ fellow classmate but within staying in your limits or discussing about some other subject teacher.    

   Emerge as a leader

Good leaders are good communicators. Good leaders know how to communicate the message among the team members effectively which inspires them to achieve their objective.

If you want to lead a group activity, class presentation, or some other project then this section is for you.

Take responsibility

I have observed that, on average, in a class of 45 students there only 2-3 students who take the responsibility of leading a project, rest are happy in following the instructions. So you just need to stand up your hand and should claim full responsibility.

Show confidence

you have to win the confidence of decision-makers to get appointed as a leader, for this, you need to assure them that you can lead. Whenever you are talking to them, always have your hands at back, make eye contact and say confidently “I am assuring you that everyone will work appropriately and do their assigned tasks “

 Know your team

Once you are appointed as a leader, you should try to learn about each and every, strength and weakness of your team members before assigning them different tasks.

For this you can visit them personally and ask about their interests and hobbies. try to assign the tasks based on the information you have gathered.

Involve each member

good leaders always try to make each and every member of their team feel that they are an integral part of the project.

You can have group discussions before taking an important decision in which each one is given an appropriate time to express themselves, you should listen to all the suggestions and take the best-suited decision.


To get the best results you need to motivate your team, from time to time. You can do this by complimenting them for their work or any of their suggestion.

Even if you are not satisfied with the work you can motivate them by saying “good work XYZ (name of the person), but I think with such a good skills you can improvise it more, you can make the following changes (list the changes you want to make)”

This type of attitude of a leader creates a positive working atmosphere in the team and the productivity of each member increase by manifolds.


In this article we learned the importance and the ways in which we can achieve things using communication skills.

Now I would request you to start implementing all the strategies shared with you. By practicing only, you will enjoy the benefits of good communication skills. I hope you enjoyed the content.




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