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5 Proven Reasons Why Communication Skills Are Important In 2020


What Are Communication Skills?

Conveying our messages to others in an effective way is known as Communication skills.

Do you face a problem in expressing your thoughts to others? You don’t know the way you talk, describe your personality? Do you wish to improve yourself and achieve success in communications ?

Then you must be aware of communication skills. How it will help people to achieve a lot in their life. It will make your success like most celebrities got. These skills will make you an attractive personality in the group.

Before knowing the exact meaning of communication skills, Therefor let us first understand WHAT IS COMMUNICATION and SKILLS?

What’s Inside For Me?

  1. What Is Communication?
  2. Skill?
  3. What Is The Communication skill
  4. Importance Of Communication Skill
  5. How Communication Skills Is Helpful?
  6. Table Of Difference
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

What Is Communication?

The way of conveying your message to someone else by which the other person can know the thoughts, emotions, we are trying to explain in the form of the message.

We can communicate our message through the form of verbal, non-verbal, written, listening, and visual.

Definition Of Communication 

Communication means expressing our thoughts from one person to another and with the use of mutually understood symbols.

What Is skill?

Skill is the capability to do something. Doing any task with particular skills make you achieve work faster and efficiently. it is the most demanding ability an individual should know for developing his / her life

Definition Of Skill

The ability to perform a task with specific results, within a given amount of time, energy.

Some of the skills are as follows:

  1. Active Listening
  2. Communication
  3. Creativity
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Decision Making.

There are many ways to develop these, some of them are following.

  • Be curious to everything around you, it will boost your knowledge
  • Develop your learning skills, you will learn a lot if you want to.
  • Be versatile. It will make you Allrounder.
  • Find your mentors or role models. They will guide what is best for you.
  • Shorten your learning cycle. Breaking it can make you understand faster and in an easier way.

Want to know about How to Enhance your Vocalabry?

let’s know What communication skills are?

What Are Communication Skills

Conveying our messages to others in an effective way. It is a soft skill. The art of making others understand is known as communication skills. When we speak or listen, we are doing a conversation. Where one person acts as a speaker and other as a receiver.

Understanding another person’s messages or expressing our message to others in an easy way is communication skills. It is a process of sharing ideas, opinions from one person to another, or a group.”

The main point of this skill is to express our thoughts in an easier language to someone else by using our body language or through words or it can be in written form.

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Definition Of Communication Skill

The process of passing information, thoughts, ideas, and understanding from one person to another is called Communication skills.


Let us understand this with an example,

A baby doesn’t know how to speak nor he knows the languages of human that we speak, but he can convey his needs to her mother by his body language or by crying or he follows the body gesture her mothers do and try to copy them. This is also a form of communication.

Suppose we are in a class of 100 students and we want to say our message to them so that all of them will able to understand it properly, in this situation the communication skill can help us to achieve our aim.

With the help of communication skills, we can easily convey the message to each and all in a short, effortless, effective manner, and also they all can be able to understand that.

Importance Of Communication Skill

There is a lot of importance of Communication skills that an individual needs in his life. Let’s study some of them. 

Valued In The Workplace

If you want to get a promotion in your company, or trying to have great profits or sales or need to prove the best among else. Effective Communication can help you with that.

Just demonstrate yourself with great communications and try to impress your boss and BOOM!! no one can stop you then in your promotion.

You can perform well in business meetings with others by which you will become a good asset to your company. Just express your ideas more easily so that everyone in the room can understand you easily.

You can show your creativity in a meeting by which you can impress everyone in the room.

If you are a marketer person, then try to sell your products with these skills, and you can instantly notice the boom of your sales.

You will get the importance of these skills when you will try this

Helps In Career

If you are in a stage of creating your career and stuck in a doubt that how you will make your career fantastic than my dear friend, you are in the right place. Communication skill is for you.

What if you ask to request, advise, stage speech, discuss problems, give information, debates, interact with colleagues and clients? You should know how to speak well. Otherwise, you will lose your goodwill.


A career is a place where you meet many new and valuable persons, your roots get stronger. Communication helps you to interact with another person and make an instant rapport with them.

Your network of people gets improved. Sitting in an intellectual group of people will surely help you in the success of your life

If you have to achieve co-operation and effective teamwork, good talking skills are essential.

But for all this, you should know the skill of communication.

Create Your Professional Image

Consider yourself as a brand. You are a brand that has values. Your professional image can be affected by your way of talking to others. Having bad communication power can affect the goodwill of your brand.

If you are in business, your sales are indirectly connected to your communications. As if you speak nicely you will attract more customers. Also in a job, your boss will consider you a man of high values, which will make you successful.

It is said that talk nicely with everyone. If you are a brand you should improve your skills to nourish yourself for creating a good first impression on everyone. it will get positive vibes from you which will be reflected in your personality.

Start from today, work on your skills, and make yourself a man of success.

Highly Skilled Communicators Make More Money

The most valued skills are communication skills. If we perform communication extremely effectively, we will surely get the job that will make us earn the greatest amount of money.

And in business, more customers will attract you because your soft and impressive words are a magnet to them.

Example- you and your competitor, both selling similar products, but you know communication skills and he doesn’t know. The customer will try both vendors and you speaking will attract customer easily because everyone loves soft listening.

It is said that those people who are good communicators are more able to make money than an average person. Because having good communication is a skill itself that is in demand all time.

So if you have any problem with making money, learn this skill.

Communication Is At Top Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Among all the Top successful entrepreneurs, it is noticed that their talking skill is their priority. They firstly improve their communications as they have to meet with so many different peoples, and hence they become to the top.

You may learn a lot from them, make them as your mentors. You may use your facial expression like eye contact in non-Verbal communication or can use effective words in verbal communication or written communication. These will give you power. And your communication will become impressive and great.

Some of the successful entrepreneurs are “Elon Musk”, “Jeff Bezos”, “Mark Zuckerberg”, “Brian Tracy” etc. Just look at their profession, you can notice the behavior and their communicating way.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of communication skill?

How Communication Skills Is Helpful?

Communication skill is helpful for everyone in many fields.

  • It can help a student in school or college co-curricular activities or class speech.
  • These skills may help a businessman or a professional person by describing your aim.
  • Help you in an interview, by showing your values and clear thoughts and impressive ideas.
  • It can help you in a job search as you will become the priority of the company.
  • Communication skills describe your point of view when you have strong communication skills.

How Communication Skills Helps Students?

Communication can be an essential element for students. As the age grows their concentration also improves. Reading, writing, and listening properly are the basic and important elements for good communication.

Well, it also helps in developing confidence in students. the most student feels a lack of confidence at the time of speech or presentation. Now most of the schools make it mandatory for all students. Which will give students the right path to follow and achieve their goals.

Communication is a power by which a person can achieve whatever he wished for.

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How Communication Skills Contribute To Job Success?

In today’s competitive world, good communication can be the cherry on the top.  As we talked earlier knowing these skills can make you achieve your goals. It will help your target audience to know better about your company.

if you are doing any job and want a promotion, go talk for a strong conversation face to face. Impressing your boss, colleagues can make you worthy of the job. Also, it will help you in front of your colleague by showing you supreme to them.

Communication skills are a must developing skills if you are in a job. It helps you to build a stronger connection between employer and employee by which your employer will trust you and you will gain respect from him.

Communication Skills In An Interview

Let’s are honest: an HR will never ask you directly about the communications you have.

Instead, he will quietly observe that in your behavior, way of talking, listening, your open mind, your listening skills, and also how you react to the question they asked you. cover letter.

Developing these skills is not hard if you start practicing it daily. Also you will get your desire salary package if you show HR you are capable of it.

So from a small level work to high-level work, communication is used everywhere than what is the loss in mastering in it.

So the question arise, How to improve your communication skill.


There is a table showing the difference in a person with good communication skills or with bad communication skills.

Data ComparisonGood CommunicationBad Communication
InterviewHighly chance to get the jobLow chance to get  the job
School speechEveryone will clap for youNo one will clap for you
Business meetingChances to close the dealLess chance to close the deal
RelationOther people will be impressOther people will disappoint

What are the Importance of Communication in future

Conclusion Of Communication Skills

Communication is an effective way to approach someone else. it’s a good mannerable thing to greed someone with good communication.

An individual having great Communication skill scores great in their life and they know-how to tackle a conversation in their way. it’s not a talent which is god gifted. It’s a skill that one can learn by practicing daily.

The individual can achieve more through this hack, whether it is for a student, a job person, or a business, it’s crucial for everyone. It helps in social life as well as professional life. people feel u attractive and will approach you more.

With the help of communication skills, we can easily convey the message to each and all in a short, effortless, effective manner, and also they all can be able to understand that.

Communication may take a lifetime to master as it is a never-ending process. But an individual can learn it by practicing daily to it and slowly will be master in it.

So learning communication skills is not a bad idea when it can help you in all manner.


Q1. What is Active Listening?

Ans– A conversation is happened with at least 2 persons. when we don’t listen carefully to another person’s point, we cant understand his point and this results in a lack of conversation, so always paying attention to other words.
Active listening means carefully listening to others and understand what that person is trying to explain.

Q2. What are the benefits of Communication skills?

Ans– To achieve more, end of misunderstanding, ability to express, improvement in your business, more effective, get confidence to handle any situation, lower the stress level.
It will help you in building trust, respect, and make your status increase. You will become the leader of your group as you can efficiently express your thoughts

Q3. How can I improve my Communication skills immediately?

Ans– We should think before you speak
First check your body gestures – is your body posture good?
The first priority should be Listen actively
Keep it simple
Consider others before yourself



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