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Powerful Hacks To Improve Public Speaking – Communication Skills


What Is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is how you effectively address people, by showing your communication skills and confidence.

What Can You Learn Here?

  1. What Is Public Speakings?
  2. Importance Of Public Speaking
  3. Tips For Improving Your Public Speaking Skills
  4. Fear Of Public Speaking
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What Is Public Speaking?

Public skills are soft skills that require excellent communication skills. They engage with the public and make a presentation in front of a group. The presentation can be for a small group of employees to a large number of audiences in an event or national conference.

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It can cover a wide variety of different topics. The goal of the speech can be informative, entertain, influence the audience.

Importance Of Public Speaking

There are plenty of situations where good stage speaking skills can help you out. It can be your career, your interview, your job. You will get a lot of opportunities in tour life so now it’s in your hand, how you take benefits of it. Even if you don’t need to give presentations daily to your group, you must learn it in advance to take the best benefits of opportunities.

Even if you are an introvert personality, this skill can change your life forever. I think introverts should learn how to express themselves.

For great speaking skills, you need to learn communications first. Because we can’t be a good public speaker if we don’t know, how to communicate well.

For example, you have to give a speech about your organization at a conference, you must prepare a speech but what if you don’t know how to perceive it at best. You cant bet your organization goodwill on risk.

Being a good public speaker can enhance your self goodwill, boost your confidence, and also give you countless opportunities.

Some more reasons for learning Public Skills are:-

Increase In self-Confidence

We live in a materialistic society where everyone is self-worth of their self-esteem. And it is gained by our perception of what we see about us, what we think about us. By doing public speaking, we learn how to communicate with others, how to make your audience attentive, etc which increases your self-confidence.

Best Way To Generate Sales

In today’s world, a person who knows how to speak well is the king. The best marketer or seller is one who knows how to talk with the customers and generate sales. It is all about how you talk to the customers, build rapport, gain trust.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge

If you are also a person with high knowledge and get stuck in expressing rightly your points or how to make people know about your knowledge than you must learn the skills of public speaking through effective Communication Skills.

Public skills allow you to truly demonstrate your knowledge.

Tips For Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

One of the greatest fear a human has is a stage fear. Remember when you first went on stage for a speech or an act to play, how nervous were you at that time, might be you forgot what you had to say. This is because we have fear and we don’t know how to effectively use communication skills in the stage.

But there are many ways to tackle this situation and learn to deliver a memorable speech.

Tips for public speaking

Don’t Panic. Practice a lot

Everyone feels nervous in stage and its okay. Even experts do some psychological reactions like trembling hands and pounding hearts. Do not link your speech with these feelings. These are just feelings that can be calmed.

The best way to reduce your anxiety is to prepare a lot and be the best you can be. Take the time to re-read your notes again and again. Once you become confident, videotape yourself, or ask a friend to help.

Know Your Audience

Before you deliver your message, make sure about your audience. Who are they? What do they want to hear? Learn more and more about your listeners, it will help you in determine words, organizational patterns, and statements.

Organize Your Material In An Effective Way

The first step for creating material is a framework. You must decide on your framework first. Write down the topics, purpose, idea, and main points and try to reorganize them in an effective way and with meaningful sense. Make sure to grab the audience’s attention in only the first 30 seconds.

Get Feedback And Work On It

Keep your focus on the audience and get feedback from them. Ask them about your mistakes, and work on them. Trust me your audience is your best friend.

Try to understand their reactions, adjust your message, and stay flexible. Never give a canned speech as it will guarantee you to lose your attention and even make you confuse.

Let’s Your Personality Come Through

Be yourself and never try to copy someone else personality. You will always fail in it. Why we need to copy our favorite celebrity or mentor when we own a self rare personality.

Don’t become a talking head in any way of communication. You will create better credibility through your personality, and your audience will trust you if they can see you as a real person.

Use Breaks Wisely

Using breaks is an important step in effective communications. Too many breaks can make you look confused or worried, and using few them will make your mugging.

So break must be used wisely. If your audience is not giving you attention, a long break can help you to attain their attention again.

Grab Attention In Beginning And Close With A Dynamic End

To attain the audience’s attention, keep them in suspense of your topic, and give some hints. we humans love suspences and it will keep us attentive and interested. You can use this simple trick in your conversation.

Anyone listening to a speaker saying” today I am going to talk about X” will get bored initially and the rapport between them will be low.

End your speech with a summary and a strong statement, motivational lines that your audience is sure to remember.

Use Your Verbal And Non-Verbal Effectively

The verbal form of the message only conveys your message to the audience in which they can speak but most of the conversation is done by our non-verbal form of conversation.

Body movements, body gestures, eye contact all impact our communications which our audience can see and connects to.

Good speeches not only gets attention to itself but also conveys the speaker’s ideas clearly without distraction

Use Humor

Humor can be a key element in your conversation. Everyone loves laughing and this will show your personality and will show you bold.

Use it frequently to attain their attention and also it will help you in losing your stress level down. And practicing this art will make you better in it.

Tell Stories

We, humans, love to listen to stories since our childhood. If you use this trick wisely, the audience will connect with you and understands your emotions and your words.

Fear Of Public Speaking

There may be many reasons behind, let’s find out why?

Alpha Male Communication skills


Your brain can be responsible for that too. Yes, it can, when you create fear and anxiety inside, your brain starts stimulation threatening signs to your body and that’s why our hands get trembling and heart pounding.

So people start worrying wheater they will accomplish their objectives or not, or get overwhelming anxious in front of the audience.


I am not good at speaking in front of peoples what will the audience think about me”, this kind of negative thoughts affects the brain and give a signal of losing. To be a better Public speaker, a communicator should never think of negative thoughts.

Your main focus must be on your expressions, presenting information, non-verbal cues,  Your objective should be to have a conversation as same as you do with your friends.


Sometimes the situation can also affect your communications. Like lack of experience, degree of evaluation, new ideas, new audience, different status of the audience, etc.

These are some situations that are not in your controls, so instead of worrying about them and getting fear of that, make focus on your objectives first.


Public speaking is a skill that is used for attending a large number of groups. These skills can help you in effective communications with the audience and gaining trust, respect, and attention from the audience.

These skills are beneficial to students, job workers, businessmen, and all those who speak with the group. People who have fear from the stage can practice daily to overcome. All these problems can be healed. Your life becomes ease knowing the skill.

This skill can be learned by practicing. Some tricks can be used mentioned above to be a master in it.


Q1. How public speaking can help me in generating sales?

Ans– If you know how to communicate well, you can easily give public speaking. It is a great option for selling to a large number of people. So this is an opportunity where you can be a good marketer and sells more at a single time. May great marketers follow this method for generating sales.

Q2. How to overcome stage fear?

Ans– It’s okay to have fear at first, but it is needed to throw out that fear fast. These fears come because you are a beginner and dealing with a large number of audience is not easy.
 You can overcome fear by practicing more and more and ask for feedback and work on your mistakes.

Q3. Steps to become better at public speaking?

Ans– Writing the speech
Overcoming a fear of speaking
Practicing the speech
Giving the speech



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