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Computer Science Subjects And Best 5 Books to Learn Computer Science.

computer science subjects

Computer science subjects detailed guide with all subjects and exams in all 6 semesters and the best books to study computer science with its authors.

Whats in it for me?

  1. How/why Choose Computer Science – Detailed Explanation.
  2. Which course you need to do for computer science.
  3. What computer science students can do?
  4. Career option in computer science.
  5. Jobs in this field of computer science.
  6. Computer science subjects In First Year.
  7. CS subjects In Second Year.
  8. computer science subjects In Third Year.
  9. Best books and authors for computer science.
  10. Conclusion.
  11. FAQ.

How/why Choose Computer Science – Detailed Explanation.

What is computer science? what you will learn in computer science? why should you choose computer science? jobs in computer science?

As you already know the computer is a very important part of our life. In fact, with the help of it’s we can do any work from our homes like online shopping, form filling, online educational games, and office work, and much work.

It is possible because of computer science in this digital era of computer, computer science has a huge contribution.

If there was no computer then there was no internet and no computer science who develops new programs and software by which we can do our work digitally and efficiently.

You have heard a lot of computers but today I am telling you a lot about computer science. What is computer science?

Which course do you need to do for computer science

lets clear all of your Doubts?

Firstly, we will talk about what is computer science. computer basic things and their studies is called computer science.

Also, in computer science, you will learn about things connected to the computer.

in short, we will focus a lot on Softwares and developing Softwares.

Computer science has opposite methods then electrical science and computer engineer.

Of course, the computer is made up of two things hardware and software computer work by mixing these.

such as, computer engineering, you will learn all of the components of computer hardware and in computer science system software, multimedia application software, digital electronics, database management system, and computer networking will be taught.

While, in computer science subjects have algorithms, theory, logic, data structures, and programming languages l likes subjects are taught

The most important fields for learning in computer science are artificial intelligence, network database, human-computer interaction software engineering vision and graphics, and computer theory.

So these are the different fields you can choose according to your interest in further studies.

Therefore, after achieving the degree of computer science you can make codes and write your programs and design problem-solving algorithms by which you can examine that what computer does and what not.

What computer science students can do?

Computer scientist always try to find new things by which there can do any work easily and fast. In fact, they try to make computers do new things.

Also, they develop software, website, and software programs.

So, I will tell you which courses do you need for studying computer science. In the modern era I mean currently everything is done using a computer.

In short, for operating computers, the demand of people is increasing and that’s the reason why you have to make your future in computer science.

Thus, In this field better career options are available in which you can make your career. You have so many courses to do in computer science.

Who provides a guide in the field of computers. So, you can do it online or in addition to universities.

Also, I am telling you some courses which you can choose to study computer science subjects.

Degree course in computer science –

Overall In this, you will study undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees.

The duration of these courses is from 3 to 5 years.

So, if you want to do a PG degree after a UG degree. It will take 5 years and apart from this if you want a doctorate then it will take yours 8 to 10 years.

Although, the qualification you need to join an undergraduate degree is 10+2 in the science stream.

In short, for graduation you will have to take BSc computer science and BCA (bachelor in computer application) Hence, you have to choose one of the two courses to get your undergraduate studies done?

Thus, for postgraduate, you should have an undergraduate degree in post-graduation studies of MCA, and MSC is done and its period is two years.

Also, For a doctorate you must have a post-graduate degree in this you will study about a Ph.D.

whose period id 3 to 5 years there are so many universities in India or out of India where you can take admission.

Diploma course in computer science –

If you want to be an expert in the field of computer science and don’t want to study post-graduation and under graduation. Then you can fulfill your dream by doing a diploma course.

Also, In this you will learn about computer science and IT fundamentals. Absolutely, you can do it by taking addition to any college.

The most important thing is for the diploma course, you should have a matriculation certificate and the period of this course is from one year to three years.

After a Diploma degree, you have so many jobs option like a programmer, technical writer system analyst software engineer operation executive, and many more.

The most important Computer science subjects are algorithms, web technology, data structure, database system, computer networks math for computer science artificial intelligence.

In addition, machine learning, graphics, and audio design, microprocessor, operating system. after studying these subjects you can make any programmer software.

Career option in computer science –

So, the computer science prospect is amazing today we are living in era of technology everyone is connected to technology and everyone is dependent on this technology without this we can’t imagine our future.

New technology is developing day by day and an increase in its hubs. Due to this Demand is increasing for computer scientists.

Computer science has so many fields for jobs like Softwares companies, IT companies. banking sector consultancies, financial institution government agencies schools, and colleges.

Jobs in this field of computer science –

The most important jobs are – Software developer, computer system analyst, database administrator, web developer, information security analyst, computer network architect, computer and information research scientist,

Such as, IT Project Manager, mobile application developer, telecommunication manager, software system engineer, IT officer, System admin, Lab assistant, teacher, and lecturer.

The computer is used in all fields for example- studies, hospitals, business, science and research, entertainment, government, organization, weather department, banking sector.

So if you want to make your career in this field, therefore, you can take computer science without any tension.

Computer Science Subjects In the first year –

Subject may differ from institute to institute.

Subjects In the first semester –

Computer Organization and Design.

Programming with python-I.

Free and open-source software Linux.

Database system.

Discrete mathematics

Descriptive statics and introduction to probability.

Soft skill development


Subjects in the second semester –

Programming in C.

Programming in python-II.


Data structure.


Statistical methods and testing of hypothesis.

Green Technologies.


Computer science subjects in the Second year –

Subjects in the third Semester –

Theory of computation.

Core java.

Operating systems.

Database management systems.

Combinatorics and graph theory.

Physical computing and IoT programming.

Web programming.


Subjects In the fourth semester –

Fundamentals of algorithms.

Advanced JAVA.

Computer networks.

Software engineering.

Linear-algebra using python.

NET technologies.

Skill enhancement: android Developer fundamentals.


Computer science subjects In the third year (last year) –

Subjects in the Fifth semester –

Data communication and networking.

Advanced java programming – I.

Mobile application development.

Data management using PL/SQL-I.


Subjects in the sixth semester –

Advanced networking and security.

Advanced java programming – II.

Software engineering and testing.

Data management using PL/SQL- II.


Best books and its authors –

All these books I am mentioning have a common point that is simplicity. their author keeps simplicity for an explanation, and all these available on amazon.

less than the market price. Means good content at the lowest price.

AlgorithmsFundamentals of computer algorithms by ( Sahni and Horowitz).
Operating systemLet Us “C++” by (Ashutosh Pandey and Yashavant Kanetkar).
DBMSFundamentals of database systems by ( Romeo and mavathe).
For “C”Let Us “C” by ( Ashutosh Pandey and Yashavant Kanetkar).
For “C++”Let Us “C++” by (Ashutosh Pandey and Yashavant Kanetkar).

Also read – computer operating systems


In short, these are the best books and subjects. All the subjects are divided into 6 semesters the first two-semesters have 8 subjects second two also have 8 subjects and the last two have 5 subjects. Apart from this you have to give practicals.

FAQ’s – Answers

What is the scope of the subject of computer science in the future?

the computer is using in every field therefore, there is always a need for computer science experts in every field. also, the future of computer science is so bright.

What subjects do I need to study computer science?

There are so many subjects in the computer science field you can read the blog.

How long does it take to study computer science?

Generally It takes three years for under graduation, two years for post-graduation, and three to five years for a doctorate.

Which is the best field for computer science?

Not only today but also the future have more opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence, data analytics.

Is computer science has a lot of Math?

No, computer science doesn’t have a lot of math if you are doing the B.C.A course.



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