Computer Shortcuts Everyone Should Know: Mac, Windows and MS Excel

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The computer has become our day to day essential good. Hence, in today’s world, everyone uses computers for various purposes like for education, entertainment, for office works etc and It helps us in our works to make them faster and easier.

In the history of computers, computers used to be big and bulky. Also, check out the history of computers here. Meanwhile, with the time size of computers became small and their speed efficiency became larger. To make a computer more effective and faster, there are many computer shortcuts keys are available but many people never use them. If you truly want to be the computer expert or you want to be more effective and faster in your work then you must use these shortcuts keys.  Definitely, these shortcuts will help you in typing, software development and other stuff you can do on the computer. Also, Check out the blog related to the history of web development

Here we are going to discuss on:

  1. Computer Shortcuts keys in Mac OS
  2. Computer Shortcuts key in windows OS
  3. MS Excel shortcuts
  4. Conclusion

Computer Shortcuts on Mac OS computers:

If you are a Mac user and you want to multiply your working efficiency then, we are here with some of the most important computer shortcuts that you should know. obviously these shortcuts are easy and have great significance. So, the main button of the Mac OS computer is ‘Command’ button. We can use the command key for so many reasons. Hence, Some of the computer shortcuts are given in the table below.

List for Mac computer

Key shortcutsFunctions
Command + A select all the items in the current window.
Command + Ccopy all the items selected in the current window
Command + Ishow the details of the selected item
Command + J show the view option for the current window.
Command + Kshow connect to server dialogue
Command + Mminimize the current running window
Command + Nopen a new finder window
Command + Oopen the selected items 
Command + Rshows the original for the selected alias
 Command + S save the file 
Command + V paste the selected items
Command + W close the currently active window
Command + Xcut the selected items
Command + Zundo the previous action.
Command + , show the finder preferences.
Command + Del delete the entire line at once
 Option + command + power key put a display in sleep and lock a screen
Command + shift + 4 and then Space take a screenshot of the app window
Command +shift +/open the help menu
Option + deldelete the complete word in once.
Command + option +del delete the selected files directly without moving in the trash.
Command +option + V move the file from one folder to another (for that first you have to copy that file and use the following shortcut in the desired folder where to move that file)
Shift +command + del empty the trash at once.
Command + control + space use emojis and other special characters.
Command + Shift + Qlog you out
Command + Shift + Ncreate a new untitled folder in the current window
Command + shift + H take to your home folder

So, These are some of the important computer shortcuts that you can use. Consequently, the use of mouse will definitely go to decrease with these awesome computer shortcuts. As a result, this will surely increase your working efficiency and helps you a lot.

Computer Shortcuts of Windows OS computers:

Possibly, lots of you guys are using window’s computers but are you using computer shortcuts for your work?. A window has also given a lot of computer shortcuts in their operating system. Those shortcuts are easier to use and obviously give great performances in your work. Hence, I will suggest you apply these shortcuts in your work. If you practice these shortcuts then you will definitely enhance your working capacity and also you can save your time. Thus, Some very important computer shortcut keys are listed below:

List for Windows

Computer ShortcutsFunction
Ctrl + CTo copy the selected items
Ctrl + VTo paste the selected items
Ctrl + ATo select all the items in current window
Ctrl + XTo cut the selected items
Ctrl + STo save the file 
Ctrl + ZTo undo the current action
Ctrl + D(or Delete)To delete the selected items
Ctrl + R (or F5)To refresh the current window
Ctrl + Shift + EscTo open task manager
Ctrl + EscTo open “Start”
Alt + tabTo switch between open apps
Alt + F4To close the current running app or window
Alt + EnterDisplay properties of selected file 
Alt + spacebarOpen the shortcut menu for the current window
Alt + left arrowTo go back 
Alt + right arrowTo go forth
Window key + L To lock the screen and turn out for sleep 
Window key + DTo Display and hide the current window
Windows key + ctrl + DTo create a virtual desktop
Windows key + ctrl + QTo open quick assist
 Windows key + shift + STo take a screenshot of a certain part of the screen 
Windows key + STo open Search bar
Windows key + ctrl + F4To close a virtual desktop
 Windows key + MTo minimize all the windows at once.
Windows key + numbers from 1 to 9To open apps in the taskbar. This shortcut key will own on the taskbar in the order of entered number
 Windows + TabTo open task view
 Windows key + ETo open file explorer
Windows key + ‘+’ or ‘To open magnifier app.
Windows key + print screen (PrtSc)To take a screenshot of the full screen
 Windows key + ATo open an action centre

Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Excel:

MS Excel is a spreadsheet software from Microsoft which is used to make a list of things and calculate using different formulas. Although It is a very important software in business and accounting, many people barely know that there are lots of shortcuts which can be used for the same work which they are doing very difficultly for a long time. So, these shortcuts can make your work more convenient for sure. 

List for MS Excel

Ctrl + N To create a new workbook
Ctrl + wTo close work book
Shift + F11To insert a new worksheet
F1To open the help pan
F2To edit the selected cell
F4To repeat the last action
F5To go in specified cell
F7To check the spelling 
F9To calculate all worksheets in all workbooks 
Shift + F9To calculate active worksheets
Ctrl + FTo search in worksheet
Alt + N To open the insert tab
Ctrl + tab To switch between two open workbooks
Shift + F2To insert Comment
Shift + F3To open the excel formula window
Tab To go in next cell
Ctrl + homeTo move to the beginning of the word sheet
Ctrl + spaceTo select the entire column
Alt + H+ D + CTo delete an entire column
Alt + H + HTo select a color to fill
Alt + H + BTo add a border 
Ctrl + Shift + Underline (_)To remove an outline border
Ctrl + 1To open format cell dialogue box
Ctrl + 5To remove or apply strikethrough
Ctrl + Shift + $To apply currency format 
Ctrl + Shift + %To apply percentage format
EscTo cancel an entry on the cell
Alt + XTo open add- ins tab
Alt + YTo go into the help tab
Alt + MTo go to the formula tab
Alt + PTo go to the page layout tab
Alt + w To go to the review tab
Alt + ATo go to the data tab


Now, at last, do you have to remember all these computer shortcuts? Obviously not, You have to use them in your day to day life. As much as you practice them, you will be habitual with them. Also, I know, the list of shortcuts I have provided here is very long but it is not the complete list. Although there are other many computer shortcuts, I have almost covered the main, important and most probably used. lastly, I hope it was worth read.

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