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Create An Affiliate Marketing Website – A Step-by-Step Guide 2020


Affiliate Marketing website is that when you choose the product and promote its own website and earn a commission when someone buys this product through your referral links.

The most reliable way to make money online and also the website is most important for promoting products.

Start earning as affiliate commissions you have to need a proper way to promote the products Most probably to there are many ways but the easiest way is to create your own affiliate website.

For example, If you want to build your affiliate marketing websites you have to see on the different types of affiliate marketing on the internet here are some examples like daily deals websites, products review websites, etc. More details are in detail in the description.

In this blog, we discuss the following topics that help you to start “Create an affiliate marketing website in WordPress”.

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The topics are given below.

  1. Types of Affiliate Marketing websites
  2. Decide to Join Affiliate Networks
  3. Build Your Own Affiliate Marketing websites in WordPress
  4. Tools and Plugin in affiliate marketing WordPress sites
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Types of Affiliate Marketing websites

There are many types of affiliate marketing websites and they have chosen several ways to do so, each type of websites have own strength and weakness here are some examples that help you decide which type of website are suitable for you. Here we go.

Daily Coupon Website

The daily coupon website is a type of affiliate marketing website that works in that way you offer or discount on different products in a limited time offer and the offer will be expired soon. Moreover, This business model has fewer competitions.

If you go with this model you will try to close deals links on their website when someone buys this deal you earn commissions.

Price Comparison Websites

When you search on google and you also know this kind of affiliate marketing website, many different websites, and online shops compare two or more products with price and specifications. In fact, They are usually reviewing the user comments and which make the bulk content.

When someone clicks on the website and makes a purchase then the sites get a commission of sales price. And Also, This kind of site is required to collect and updates the price of products from all around different websites.

These can be complicated and once its place it works automatically.

Product Review Sites

In short, This is a very old and classical way of an affiliate marketing website. In this kind of site, you just join affiliate networks and select different products whether you can buy these products or not.

for example, Suppose you want to choose a price comparison. Then just review these products and make content. Put affiliate links inside the content. this kind of site is very helpful and engage the people to buy the product through your site and also include other user reviews and compare products with other products.

Affiliate Blog

Affiliate blog is another best popular example of an affiliate marketing website, in this kind of site you just create a niche blog and include the related product referral links. And Also, This kind of site generates passive income.

In short, The publisher has many topics to write content and setting up a small business and earn commissions.

Here are some examples of affiliate marketing websites, To create your own affiliate marketing sites, then you just have chosen your option in which you are fitted. And also create a mixed idea website.

Decide to Join Affiliate Networks

When you are looking to sell affiliate products and promote the products. Then there are many well-established affiliate networks. that’s offer products in different varieties in different niches like electronics, Home appliances, Comestics, etc almost anything you want and sell.

Some are following that’s help join Affiliate Networks

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. ShareASale
  3. Awin
  4. Rakuten Affiliate Network

On the other hand, These networks provide you a wide range of products offers in different varieties and categories that help you to decide to suppose books sell online, cosmetics products sell, and much more.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing Network

Disadvantages of some affiliate networks, for example, Amazon is a big giant but its commission rate is around 2 to 3 percentage almost that is very less and you increase more sales then you achieve more commissions.

The recommendation is to select high demanding products that increase your sales because this makes products worth high. But for beginners to start your affiliate marketing journey through this network.

Build Your Own Affiliate Marketing websites in WordPress

Now we know all requirements and requisites before start the affiliate marketing website in WordPress. Moreover, Its time to start an actual site this is not much different just follow the steps.

  1. Firstly, Choose the topic or product that’s you want to sell and for making content.
  2. Choose the hosting and domain names in your own price range recommended are BlueHost, Siteground for hosting because these are saved and secure and fastest uptime response, and Namecheap, Godaddy for domain registration.
  3. And Then Install WordPress on your hosting and select affiliate marketing themes for WordPress.Some best affiliate marketing WordPress themes are Betheme, generate press, and Avada.
  4. Then last write a blog on reviewing the post, comparison product posts for different products in the same niche, and put the affiliate links inside the blog.

Tools and Plugin in affiliate marketing WordPress sites

In short, Some tools and plugins for WordPress that help to grow your affiliate marketing website according to your business needs that’s help to make things easier. Furthermore, Here are given below

Review Plugins

Users reviews are the most important supplement of your content and also for affiliate marketing website that increases the other people to buy the products. Some plugins are given below.

  1. WP Review helps you to create products including stars, points, and percentage ratings.
  2. WP Product Review Lite is another plugin that allows readers to add own reviews in your content
  3. Rich Reviews Is purely made for user reviews include rich snippets and able to moderate the submissions and much more.

In short, Managing your links is paramount for the affiliate marketing website. For example, if one link changes it is easier to adjust it to central place instead of going your entire site and change all instances. Also, Some plugins for link management are given below

  1. Pretty Link Lite that use to clean up your affiliate links. Generate the own short links, track the links click and much more
  2. Thirsty Affiliate is a link management tool used for inserting links into content. Tell the link performance
  3. Amazon Link is used for finding products directly from WordPress backend and send visitors to local Amazon Store


As well as, If you want to build the daily deals and coupon, website model. Then These plugins are very helpful for making them easier.plugin List are following

  1. Magic WP Coupon is used for setup coupons for different stores and inserts into content via shortcode .also premium version available
  2. Coupon Creator comes with multiple themes and uses for coupon creation with expiry dates and a lot of other features.


Also,Some additional plugins for affiliate marketing website that are making WordPress site easier. List is following

  1. Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins for SEO that’s make site magnetic for search engines
  2. Mail Chimp used for free email marketing services up to 2000 subscribers and sending the latest offer to the customer.
  3. Rel Nofollow Checkbox used for adding simple checkbox in WordPress editor and convert into no-follow links when your affiliate links provide a link juice


Build a WordPress affiliate marketing site it takes time and effort then it makes profitable, not overnight you get a rich scheme.

Furthermore, You just play the right card and it gives you success. And Also Be patient and investing some resources and start practicing and training that gives you success.

WordPress uses personally or promote other products in both cases it gives you the best options and easiness with countless useful plugins and tools for extending its functionality.

At last, take the calculated risk to find success in affiliate marketing in the long run. And learn new things.


1. Why choose WordPress?

There are many reasons to choose WordPress for affiliate marketing Some Reasons are given below.
1. Easy to use if someone doesn’t understand the coding knowledge it helps to create a blog website without knowing deeply there are many ready-made plugins and themes are making WordPress beautiful sites easier
2. SEO Friendly and build clean code with the following web standards That easy to understanding for search engines and you can integrate the review section which boosts your conversions for this you can use Yoast SEO plugin.
3. Easily Ads Integration you can just add HTML code of ads place anywhere in the site In some themes also have some ads area you add just HTML code.
4. Many Resources are available internet for solving your problems.
This reason is to make my choice WordPress is flexible for affiliate marketing.

2. How to measure the performance of WordPress sites?

Measure the performance of the WordPress site is the best plan for affiliate business.
You can change the tactics continuously before finding the best formula Couple of time your formula is failed but you can find the best one. Some time to change and update the content.
WPRocket” is that plugin for boosting your WordPress site and speed and Also measure your performance and Speed through some tools such as Ahrefs and Google Analytics offers you a lot of business insight.



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