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Top 10 Cricket Stadium Around the Globe

I have been following cricket since childhood. And watching a cricket match in a cricket stadium is really an awesome experience.

A Cricket Stadium is nothing but a Cricket Field surrounded by some sit able chairs. So a cricket field is a large grassy field where the game of cricket shall conduct.

There are different shapes of cricket fields. Majorly they are rounded or oval. But actually the ground is no not completely rounded or oval. They are irregular in shape.

Indeed the dimensions are not fixed. So, the length of the ground diameter varies between the range of 132 meters and 150 meters. On the other hand, there is officially no fixed shape of cricket ground.

However, in most of the fields, a rope is given outside of the field, which is known as the boundary.

Above all the major actions done at the pitch. Thus a cricket pitch is made mainly at the center of the field.


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ICC has decided a rule for the international level cricket field. So, as per that rule, all Test and ODI playing nations should obey that field rules. Otherwise, the match that is played outside that field rule is not going to be considered as an international cricket match.

Cricket field parts
Cricket field parts

According to the rule, firstly the boundaries should not be shorter than 65 yards ( 59.43 meters). And secondly, boundaries should not be longer than 90 yards ( 82.29 meters) from the pitch.

ICC has suggested another rule regarding the advertising board. That is a minimum three-yard gap between the boundary tope and the advertising board. This is because of the safety of the players, which allows the player to dive without risk of injury.

Also according to the laws of ICC, a typical test match playing ground should always be larger than 20,000 square yards of a grass field.

On the other hand, a football field needs a minimum of 9,000 yards of grass field. And an Olympic stadium contains 8,350 square yards of a grass field.

So making a cricket field outside test playing nations is very difficult. Difficult in terms of cost and duration also.

Source :- ( Quora )


A pitch is a rectangular clay strip usually with some short grass. Firstly the pitch length measures 20 m long. And secondly, the pitch is situated in the centre of the field.

Also, at each end of the pitch, three wooden pieces are placed. They are called the stumps. And they are digging into the ground.

Stumps and Bails
Stumps and Bails

Two wooden crosspieces called as the bails. The bails are placed over the stumps, touching each to its neighbouring stumps. Each set of three stumps and two bails is collectively known as a wicket.

One end of the pitch is called the batting end where the batsman stands. And the other end is called the bowling end where the bowler runs into bowl.

The area of the field on the side of the line joining the wickets where the batsman holds his bat is known as the offside, the other as the leg side or onside.

Some white Lines are drawn or painted on the pitch are called as the creases. Creases are used to check the dismissals of batsmen and to determine whether a delivery is fair or not.

Cricket pitch
Cricket pitch
Top Cricket stadiums


MOTERA STADIUM ( Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium)

The Motera stadium which was in highlight for the past few months. Which is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is the largest cricket stadium with a capacity of 1,10,000 spectators.

It is also known by another name, which is its official name. And that is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium.

Motera Stadium
Motera Stadium

It has been recently renovated and expanded. The stadium hosted the opening of “Namaste Trump”. The inaugural visit of US President Donald Trump on 24 February 2020.

It was constructed in the year 1983. But has been renovated again in the year 2006. But after then in the year 2015, it was demolished and then completely rebuilt by February 2020.
As of 2020, the stadium has hosted 12 Tests, 23 ODIs, and only one T20Is matches.

The stadium has witnessed few notable events. They are-

  • Sunil Gavaskar completed 10,000 runs in Test cricket in 1986–87 against Pakistan.
  • Similarly, Kapil Dev had taken 9 wickets in an innings in the first match on this cricket stadium. Also, he Scalped his 432nd wicket in Test cricket to pass Sir Richard Hadlee’s record in 1995.


When it comes to cricket grounds all around the world then it is Eden gardens which hold pride for India. And also it is one of the oldest cricket ground established way back in 1864 in Kolkata with a capacity of nearly 80,000. So, this is what makes it one of the most iconic cricket stadium in the world.

It has hosted many matches until now. Firstly the World Cup, secondly T20 world cup, thirdly Asia Cup, and most importantly the first-day night international test match in India.

Also, the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 final was held at the Eden Gardens. Where the West Indies beat England in a very closely fought encounter.

When it holds Indian premier league matches then the roar of crowds is felt all around the city.

Meanwhile, in 2016, a bell was added to the stadium to ring in the start of day’s play for test cricket. And also ring at the start of a match for ODI & T20I.

Eden Gardens
Eden Gardens

Wankhede Stadium

As a cricket fan, I bet you all remember the final shot of MS Dhoni of 2011 world cup final. Truly that was an emotional moment for every Indian cricket fan. That historical Final match of 2011 was played in Wankhede Stadium.

This stadium is situated at India’s financial capital that is in Mumbai city. Also, this ground is the home ground of many cricketing Legends. For example, the Players like the God Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Sanjay Manjrekar, Zaheer Khan, Ravi Shastri started their journey from this ground.

This stadium is also memorable for Sachin’s Farewell. Sachin played his last match at this venue.

Wankhede Stadium was established in the year 1974. Currently, the stadium having the sitting capacity of 33,108 since 2011.

As of January 2020, this stadium host 25 Test matches, 7 T20s and 21 ODIs.

Wankhede Stadium
Wankhede Stadium

Barabati Stadium ( Cuttack )

The Barabati Stadium is situated at Cuttack city. This stadium is established in 1958. Since the beginning Barabati stadium having a sitting capacity of 60000.

This stadium is operated by Odisha Cricket Association that is OCA. It is the venue for both IPL and OPL. That is Indian premier league and Odisha Premier League.

Also, this stadium is witness for 2 Test matches, 19 ODIs and 2 t20s till December 2019.

But most importantly this stadium is remembered for its crowed trouble controversy. That is in a t20 match between India vs South Africa, the crowed present in the stadium threw water bottle to the ground during the live match.

Barabati Stadium
Barabati Stadium



The cricket lovers must be aware of the famous Melbourne cricket stadium. Which is also known as “MCG” or just simply “G”. Built in the year 1853. But the MCG has undergone various renovations.

It is the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. And the 11th largest globally. Also the second-largest cricket ground by capacity after Motera Stadium. And also with a capacity of 100,024.

It is located in East Melbourne, Victoria. Since its construction, the first cricket match at the venue was played on 30 September 1854. But the first inter-colonial cricket match to be played at the MCG was between Victoria and New South Wales in March 1856.

Also, the first official Test cricket match was played at the MCG in 1877.

In short, this cricket stadium has been placed for various sensational incidents in cricket.
On the other hand, MCG is known for its great atmosphere.

If we talk about history then during world war 2 the government requisitioned MCG for military use.

A match at MCG
During a match at MCG


The Sydney Cricket ground is one of the oldest and the second-largest cricket ground of Australia which is otherwise known as SCG.

During 1992 World Cup this amazing cricket ground has witnessed the international match in which the South Africa team was given an impossible target of 21 runs off one ball after rain interrupted the match.

Most importantly, India scored it’s highest total in a test match of 705/7 in 2004 because of which as Indians this ground is memorable for us.

Besides these, one of the biggest things is, the Australian batsman Michael Clarke is the highest scorer at the ground, 329 not out. This cricket ground has also lived some of the greatest innings of the legend like Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar etc.

However, this cricket ground has traditional old school type pitch which supports spinners for the extra spin in foreign condition. Lastly, It is the ground having the audience capacity of around 48,601.

Sydney Cricket Ground
Sydney Cricket Ground



” Cricket at it’s home!” sounds so much cooler no? I can blindly say that even cricket freak’s watchlist includes watching a test match at Lord’s. Lord’s cricket stadium is known as “the Home of Cricket”.

Hence, this stadium was named over it’s founder Thomas Lord and owned by MCC. It is also known as the world’s sporting museum.

It has an anonymous history in terms of international cricket, having witnessed iconic moments Such as India lifting the world cup in 1983. Indeed what a heartwarming moment that was.

Lord has hosted 137 tests since 1884, ODIs since 1972 and T20s since 2009. It’s established the year 1814 and witnessed historic matches.

Firstly It is famous for holding memorable test matches. Secondly hosting the first-ever test match final which won by west-indies team. Thirdly, it reminds the ” Shirt Off” celebration of Sourav Ganguly after the Natwest 2003 Finals. And lastly, it has witnessed the first-ever World cup victory of the Host England in 2019.

So this stadium has provided happiness all over the places. Indeed this legendary stadium has never failed to admire us.

Lord's Stadium
Lord’s Stadium


As one walks around the Kennington Suburb of British capital London the Oval cricket stadium really stands out. This cricket stadium holds its first test match in 1880.

During a match several England player including Stuart Broad, Kevin Pieterson and Jimmy Anderson United on this pitch in order to celebrate their victory against Australia.

As a result of which they were criticised by the cricket fans and media as well. Even the former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra also termed this behaviour as “disrespectful” and “most bizard” on twitter.

On the other hand, it witnessed some iconic moments too. The legendary ground was inaugurated in 1845 but in order to maintain the modern cricket standards it was renovated in the year 2002 2005 2005 2007 2009 2013 2015 and that’s why the seating capacity is increased to 25,300.

Also, the stadium has hosted 75 ODI matches, over 100 test matches and we all are looking forward to more historic matches.

Oval Stadium
Oval Cricket Stadium


Wanderer’s Stadium

The Wanderer’s stadium is quite famous for international ODI, Test and T20 matches as well as other local first-class cricket. Also, this stadium has hosted 2009 IPL’s one semifinal and the final match. So, this stadium has given us some precious memories and world records.

Firstly, the world record score of 434 was chased down by South Africa who was playing against Australia. Secondly at Wanderer’s Stadium, AB de Villiers broke the record of the fastest half-century and century which were previously held by Sanath Jayasuriya and Corey Anderson respectively in Jan 2015.

Besides all these AB de Villiers held the record Fastest t20 half-century against England.

This wonderful stadium is situated in Johannesburg in South Africa having the audience capacity of 35000.

Wanderer Stadium
Wanderer Stadium


Eden Park

Eden Park is especially known as the largest sports stadium of New Zealand located in Central Auckland. It was opened in 1900 and started organising cricket since 1910.

And also, as for the iconic moments, this stadium has given New Zealand it’s first test victory after 20 years as a Test-playing nation.

But it also hosted the match where New Zealand gained its lowest total in test cricket against England in 1955. Above all this stadium has given 50 test matches, 77 ODIs and 27 T20s.

As about the large size, It has an audience capacity of 50,000 at a time.

Eden park
Eden park


In conclusion I must say, conducting a cricket match is difficult to non-test playing nations. And, according to me the best 10 cricket stadiums are Motera, Eden Gardens, Wankhede, Barabati, Melbourne, Sydney, Lord’s, Oval, Wanderer and lastly the Eden Park.


What is the best cricket stadium in India?

Indeed Eden Gardens by far the best to conduct a cricket match.

Can test cricket or any international match conduct in any stadiums?

It is hardly possible to conduct an international cricket match other than test playing countries.

How many active cricket stadiums are there across the world?

There are more than 112 active stadium across the globe.


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