Critical Thinking skills extract from Great Philosophers

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In this first paragraph, What you’re gonna explore – An important knowledge about critical thinking because it’s very important,especially for youth. So,you will get to know great philosopher in our history and also get to know how you can develop critical thinking. Besides above you also will get knowledge about why its important and what actually critical way of thinking as well.On the other hand, I have mentioned an famous philosopher (Socrates) method for critical thinking method in addition to above all and apart from that the best part is it’s an well known method.

What you are gonna read?

  1. What actually critical thinking is? 
  2. Why critical thinking is important ?
  3. When,where and how to develop critical thinking
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

What Actually Critical Thinking is? 

Critical thinking is not believing at anything at first attempt it is a way of flow of thought that on the basis of logical connections between thoughts by observation, by seeing reality, rational thoughts, any problem-oriented observation by your five senses. In order to come to an action or belief on a certain thing.

ATTENTION – “My personal definition is the ability to seek fake news or things or thoughts or belief etc etc “ 

Why Critical Thinking is Important ?

First of all,In today’s world, due to the very large data and facts over here and there.

Humans are confused about every human who doesn’t know what is correct or what is incorrect.

Because of due to the advancement of marketing.

What i mean by that marketing in the society. That there are huge false things that exist in the market, that maybe politics, maybe wrong products, maybe wrong teachings, anything it, would be anything.

So,therefore, you have to develop a logical and advance thinking method in order to find out the right and wrong facts and knowledge out there

Huh!!! Amazing isn’t it?

This sort of thinking can make you the self-dependent and self-learning man.

You don’t have to depend most of the times on the others believe and thoughts and facts

It is important because it helps us to take the the right and best decision in your life in every situation.

And the best part,then No one will be able to make you fake.

By the way,It’s very hard to them I am talking about marketers fake marketers around you

As a result, It change your mindset and stuck on the constant creative and innovative state in such way, Your mind is always craving to the creativity and always creates some new new thing

When,Where and How to develop Critical Thinking

Firstly,If you ask me when and at what places at which,you can develop and polish your critical thinking.

Secondly, my answer is anywhere and anytime you can make and polish your critical thinking as a skill. There is not any definite place or a definite time

Could be day-night and morning

  • It could be at your school it could be at your office and workplace and it could be at the kitchen it could be your house
  • or it could be a public place or public transport in any place.

Now come to ‘how’. The main question is how to develop critical thinking in life?

  • Firstly,You should be aware of your way of thinking processes-.“knowing is the key you have to know the pathways of your thinking and the way that your thoughts move”.
  • Second, It means keep in the state of a mindfulness as much as possible
  • Third, Ask the basic philosophical question to form any judgement such as

Finally, The three important kinds of question begins with these three words are as follows (see below)

What Why and How?

Whereas in these three tags. The two are the most most most important you should ask first of all. Such as “what why” type questions over the things that you want to study or you want to make a judgment as well.

He is aristotle in image . He was the great philosopher. read him on the internet more deeply in order to define critical thinking .

Without a doubt,Socrates and Aristotle and the most famous philosophical scholars generally use these two words.

Anyway,Let’s know about socrates. Eventually He discovered an amazing method and practical as well.Which He called that ” Socratic Questioning”.

Socratic Questioning

First of all,you know, He said, Any man after gaining so well knowledge, and after having much power as well as be on higher position.But they still be deeply confused about and therefore,They still don’t have clarity in their life anyway.

Hey, here’s an quick point you may don’t know that socrates has credited for founder of western philosophy. As well as his this method nowadays known best critical thinking teaching strategy. So anyway, let’s come back to where we was.

So, Finally, the basic concept behind socratic questioning based on what one should be able to shift their thoughts about anything and way of thinking to an certain direction. Or also for an definite purpose.or logically examined the things.Like question which could explore complex ideas,come to an truth of anything,open up assumptions,deeply analyze concept, seperate what we really know and what don’t,control the thinking,make logical effect of an specific thought,to understand yourself and so on.

In order to make the judgment to ask the question, to generate ideas and so on.

Reverse time engineer- Actually observe anything around you that you want to study and also analyze.It should be noted,I’m advising about think in the reverse direction deconstruct the object into smaller parts and then think in the reverse direction like imagine you would think in its manufacturing process but here’s an important point that think in the reverse direction instead of straight forward direction.

Unquestionably,becoming the curiosity hunger. Definitely,the best way to develop the curiosity is to consider yourself you’re baby and you just born right now and you are a baby In addition,you don’t know anything in this world.

In addition, Ask open-ended question open-ended questions are the questions that demand the very large answers.

Examples of Critical Thinking 

this image is about reverse engineer way of thinking . I this a boy sit somewhere and imagine the world in the reverse upside down direction . crazy.!!!.So, this is one of critical thinking examples

Here’s are some examples

Any thinking that include any one of these are the critical thinking.

Last but not least – Observation, asking the right question at the right time, think in reverse, objective analysis, rational thinking, be the logical man, see the reality as it is. And lastly final result-oriented.


Above all,Even in this technological advancement.Definitely,You have to develop critical thinking to be a smart and intelligent man even if you are old or young and rich or poor.

Although,It help you make the better decision which is the most important part.At the same time,If you wanna be genius. In addition,wanna be smart in whatever the field it is must. Furthermore its in demand soft skill now a days. Because, due to the shiny thing out there attract the young’s attention. As a result, make them weak in thinking by brain not clearly in an logical way.

Even you have so talented or so much knowledge however you may be order to get rid of being confused about yourself or anything, you should have an ability to ask right question to correct beliefs.

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1. How critical thinking helps students?

Very interesting question, So, You know , Most of the students don’t have clarity about their future about how to and why do certain thing in their life. They actually would so confused.
BY thinking logically , they get to know, How think about their future or career in the right way. Which is an very important and valuable thing student needs in todays.
When they start asking right question they will start getting right direction about their subject and get better understanding

2. How critical thinking works?

First , you ask and right type of question before come to decision.
Hey, but its not an normal day to day type question. they are deep question . like think rationally, see reality as it is. ask why you think in certain.
Basically, you have to set back and go behind the how you think and then see what could you do and how ?

3. How critical thinking can change the game?

Ofcourse, Firstly,it is the biggest advantage of Being an critical thinker,psychology of this way of thinking. Will make you an game changer.Because most of the people in this world don’y think in this way, They don’t have such type advancement or psychology.But if you develop this you really become an special one among all those people .
You can change the game of your business totally.
You could do better in your college life
also couldn’t stuck in an problem and it will impossible you don’t get an solution about an any problem.

4. Critical thinking is soft skills?

Well,According to me , Its not an skill anymore but an Habit. you have to practice it on an daily basis in order to know the true power and benefits of it.

5. How do you use critical thinking in everyday life?

All of decision you make on daily basis from small to big.Whether of playing games on phone or going out on walk or study or anything even big one like what would you do in future about your career and so on .
You know , its simple think logically, before taking any such type of decision analyze it whether its good for you or bad its fake or real …. by asking question , come out of box etc i have describe in me blog

6. Why critical thinking is important in business?

All you know now is what critical thinker can do. Like that In business one should have to face so many decision even some are big decision which matters your business a lot.
You know,A one wrong decision can make your business big big loss even sometime could dead your business. And Beside that, Business decision is not easy task , its very fragile situation.
Before come to an point you need to see,predict and need to make an better decision.

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