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We have listen about custom leather jackets but here you will get to know more about custom leather jackets that give you priority to get your type of jacket which you dreamed to wear. 

So most of the audience try to buy readymade leather jackets to get fit and comfort to their body. But some people might not get the same fitting to their bodies who are healthier who can’t ever wear those leather jackets.

Don’t worry about the SIZE! You have an option to wear those custom leather jackets that every person gets worn in their casual days. 

Lets discuss in depth about custom leather jacket

  1. How they customized leather jacket?
  2. What are the tools applies to customize leather jackets?
  3. Types of leather material used in a custom jacket
  4. Why most people customize the leather jacket?
  5. Brands who sell custom leather jackets
  6. Difference between leather jackets & customize leather jacket
  7. Are custom embroidery leather jacket can be repaired?
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs

Here we are talking about custom leather jackets that define that machine-made have the normal calculated size to get ready those jackets but tailored craftsmen have the variety or the creativity to make those custom leather jackets anywhere in the world. 

When we say custom we get the idea to create unlimited types of a jacket with no restriction that term defines “customized leather jacket” 

How they customized leather jackets

Now there are different ways to make stylish custom jackets like some make some types of machine tools to create jackets or some want fully stitched by handmade. So everyone has their own choices to make those customize leather jacket. 

In a custom jacket, you have to give some ideas to craftsmen or tailor how you want those jackets to look good.

How many layers of jacket you want to apply, which type of leather you want to use in a jacket like there are four main leather material is used by the manufacturer are top grain leather, full-grain, genuine leather, combined leather? So these are positions of choosing leather.

How many pockets do you want in leather jackets and many more. So we will see how custom leather jacket has unique techniques to make them.  So they take a measurement of your body and note it down in their notebook.

Afterward, they show up the hide (that means any outside part of animals in either a hair, furs, or anything) which skin will suit your body from skinniest skin material of durability to thickest one. 

They will give some leather design for your outfit or you can provide them your design too. Now they will also ask you about the pockets, how much do you want the pockets.

Is there any necessity to make secret pockets in the jacket. When they take all the details they also provide you the color contrast in leather to make jacket accordingly perfect.

Process of custom jacket

When they get all the details from your side from measurements, size, materials, etc. they start making the process of custom jacket someone know the method.

But who don’t even know how to make it here it goes, first they take the skin of that material in a quantity of around 60-70 pieces. 

They start marking the measurement in normal cloth or cardboard & cut the piece to further give marking to leather when leather gets all the pieces of cloth or cardboard design.

They start cutting off the material for shoulder, two whole hand parts, chest, and back parts & keep aside they take a thread for sewing these pieces all together to look like a jacket. 

But do we all know which type of thread they will goanna use in the jacket? 

So there are two types of thread one is woolen thread and another one is nylon thread & most of the tailor or craftsman uses nylon thread to stitch those leather altogether. 

When we start to stitch all pieces all together. We have to also keep in mind that all the pieces when you get combine you have to go slowly & apply the measurement properly to get the jacket so accurate.

When all the pieces stitch together reconfirm all the pieces are properly stitch or not. 

After that, they apply color on them coated on leather.  Keep for a few days to be dry on leather color & then polish the jackets for finishing the jackets and submit to the client accordingly. 

What are the tools applies to customize leather jackets

  1. Knife or scissors. 
  2. Measurement tape. 
  3. Sewing machine with nylon thread. 

1. Knife or scissors

  • Now there are types of knife and scissors to cut thin material, hand material to cut might get big scissors with sharp blades or a sharp knife if you are professional to cut those skin leather. 

2. Measure tape 

  • Now there are two types of tape to take measurement of the length and size of the jacket. 
  • The electronic tape gives results in the display of accurate results for cutting all material. 
  • Handmade types have ready-made measurements to take the length this tape is use by a tailored man who wants to take roughly marking and gives proper fitting. 

3. Sewing machine with nylon thread. 

  • It is use as a machine stitch the pieces of leather together but you have to take all measurements perfectly. While stitching, otherwise it may get tight to your users. 
  • Nylon thread invisible and has tough durability to keep all pieces of leather all together for a longer period of time. 

Types of leather material used in a custom leather jackets

  • When we say types of leather material it does not mean that we are defining the animal skin. 
  • It is all about the quality of hiding there are four main types of leather. 
  1. High-quality leather
  2. Low-quality leather
  3. Genuine leather
  4. Unknown grain leather. 

There are many mammal skins are use in leather but most probably there are as follows:- 

  • Cow skin 
  • Goatskin 
  • Sheepskin

Why most people customize the leather jacket

There are lots of brands who just make ready-made jacket & customise leather jackets have fewer manufacturers in 90s when they started custom jacket.

But when a user gets to know that readymade leather jacket are not more suitable to our apparel that users make custom jacket to match with apparel. The ratio between leather jackets and custom leather jackets is 80:20.

That means all users are buying readymade than custom leather jackets for the last past 5 years. But people are not aware of custom jackets in 2015.

But every year when the garments industry grows very well, the garments category also upgrades very well and most people always want the attention of new things are upgraded in the market or not.  

In the next two years audience of custom leather jackets get more attention in the 2017 year, leather manufactures wholesaler, retailor gets more demand to create lots of jackets and revenue also increased in a particular year. 

When a company provides custom leather jackets online that means you have to provide your own body measures to them.

So they give an artificial design from inside and outside layer of your jackets, the way it will look when you get delivered by those industries.

Technologies help you to not go to any store for measurement and all just apply the detail and provide then the design images & all that material thing you want to apply on your own leather jacket. 

So let’s see at which period of time does it takes to increase the popularity of custom leather jacket online in all over the world

Brands who sell custom leather jacket

  • The jacket maker
  • Theo & dash
  • Leather clue
  • All-star logo
  • Zippileather
  • Etsy
  • The cast 
  • Lussolether

Difference between leather jackets and customize leather jacket

Leather jacket

  • A leather jacket has a limited size, design, color, and material of leather skin. 
  • Leather jacket mostly sells default design with default color like black, brown, grey. 
  • Leather jacket prices are reasonable than custom. If you purchase one custom leather jacket will equivalent to 2 normal leather jacket.
  • So by comparing both normal leather jackets is cheaper than a customise leather jacket. 

Customize leather jackets

  • Custom jackets have a huge variety in size of comfort in length, color,  design, material and all
  • The custom jacket has its own pallet to adjust color in its own leather jacket. 
  • A customized leather jacket is more expensive than readymade leather jackets. Because it’s your comfort material used in your own jackets

Are custom embroidery leather jacket can be repaired?

As we know a custom leather jacket can’t be get altered because you have made on the proper size of your body.  Now if any material gets scratched, torn, button, or chain any more repairable. 

So yes, custom made leather jacket can be repaired because when your jacket get scratch so that type of material can be altered & patch of that material stitched in that particular area. 

If jackets get cut or tear from any side, the craftsman will stitch that particular properly to look normal. If zipper or button gets broken that particular thing can also be replaced by new things. 


So when we talk about custom made jacket online & offline shops they provide better material offline than online if you have trust issues in the online industry.  When you give your own design with proper guidelines. 

They will give you 100% performance work to your jacket for customer service. Because they want every customer should get good quality at a proper reasonable price. On that basis, they can again order those custom jackets. 

But these handmade businesses will take time to grow business because of trust issues they will buy readymade leather jackets online or offline.

Now you have to give the best results to your upcoming audience and take a review from them to scale owned leather jackets. 


1. Are our custom leather jacket so expensive?

Yes because your every material has great quality & for that, they also give you expensive prices regarding your comfort.  Because you want every detailing in jackets, all-season wear type of material you make to use it every time.

2. Why custom leather jackets are more reliable than jackets ?

Because customize jackets can be design, proper size according to your comfort, choice of leather material use in custom jacket. So that’s why it is more reliable than leather jackets.



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