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Why 60% of suicide people suffer from major DEPRESSION?


Depression can be described as a mood disorder, which causes you to feel sad and down constantly and lose interest in your day to day life activities. Also, major depression problems and negative feelings may result in various physical and mental health problems. 

This feeling is different from temporary and short-lived emotional challenges in one’s life. When it is long-lasting can lead to various health issues. At the worst, it can lead to suicide, almost (one million) people die from suicide each year.

It is very important to understand that, feeling down or being sad at times in life is a normal part of everyone’s life. But if you are in a constant state of feeling low, sad, hopelessness it may be an indication that you might be dealing with depression.

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It is a very dangerous disease, that can get worse without proper treatment. It is like a hidden enemy that can’t be seen easily, and it can harm you without even being noticed.

People who seek proper treatment, often see improvements in just a few weeks of seeking proper treatment.


  1. Different symptoms of depression?
  2. Ways to fight depression.
  3. What are the different causes of depression?

What are the symptoms of depression?

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This state of mind in different people can occur because of different reasons and can have various symptoms, in different people in different stages of life. 

However, there are some common symptoms often observed in people suffering from this state of constant sorrow and sadness

These symptoms are discussed below:

Feeling sad, empty and anxious

people suffering from it are often seen feeling a kind of mixed emotions of sadness, empty (like there is just no state of thought and you feel blank like a whiteboard on a grey wall with a dim light)

Helpless or Worthless

If you feel helpless like there is no one to ask for help or you are not able to find anyone whom you think, that you can share your feelings with.

You feel like you are no good for any work or you constantly feel like you are always insufficient for anything that you can think of.

This can indicate that you might be suffering from depression.


If you constantly keep on blaming yourself and keep on holding and thinking yourself responsible for everything that is going wrong or any problem, you might be a patient.


Feeling hopeless constantly and for a considerable amount of time, and can’t figure out any way out of problems or always keep on looking towards the negative side of everything, you might be a patient.


You might feel and react more restless, angry from usual situations.

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Less interest in activities

Usually, people find their liked activities or hobbies interesting or enjoyable, but if you suddenly feel less interested in any of your loved activities it also might be a sign.

Change in sleeping patterns

If you have been falling asleep at very unusual times or not able to sleep at all this also might be an indicator.

Change in appetite

Depression often leads to faster weight gain, because of overeating or a constant feeling of hunger. Or it might even cause faster weight loss, because of not eating a sufficient amount of food.

The Problem of concentration

If you have a very hard time concentrating or focusing on your work and can’t be productive of your engagement in any activity can also be an indication.

Aches and Pain

you might also feel headaches, stomach aches, upset stomach, eye irritation, and many such pains or aches all over your body.

Ways to fight depression.

Learn about depression as much as you can.

It is very important for you to understand the state of mind the mental condition you are going through. Learning and understanding about this problem can help you fight it and take correct decisions for your betterment.

It may take some time to get out of depression.

It is very obvious that it may take some time to recover from this state of mind or even find a treatment that is best suitable for you.

The best thing to do is stay calm and not take any wrong decisions that could potentially harm you.

There are other treatments available other than medicines.

It is not a preferred option of treatment to just rely on medicines solely. There are a lot of other physical options available other than medicines.

Many physical mental exercises are available, it is always a better option to apply as many possible ways to find the best treatment suitable for you.

Get social and find social support.

You should not be ashamed to ask for help from your loved or close ones. It is a proven fact that just face to face talking to your trusted and loved ones can help you greatly to fight against this problem.

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The magic of exercise.

Do you know that exercising triggers your brain to release feel-good chemicals and even generates new brain cells?

Exercising can be an effecting treatment for depression as any other costly medicine. So, it is very important for you to exercise.

Maintain a balanced diet.

I can understand that maintaining a healthy diet can be a tough thing to maintain when you are going through such problems.

But it is very important to understand that eating a healthy and balanced diet will both benefit you mentally and physically. Eventually, get you out of it.

Sleep sweet sleep.

Sleep has a major effect on your mood and brain. If you lack sleep or develop bad sleeping patters or habit it can worse your conditions and symptoms.

So, it is very important for you to sleep and maintain a good sleeping cycle. Difficulty in sleeping may be an indication of insomnia.

BONUS Eating a banana can help you reduce hypertension and stress which are also two causes as well as symptoms of depression.

Seeing cartoon.

Seeing good cartoon channels or programs is a very good way to fight and reduces stress, hypertension, and blood pressure.

It might feel or look stupid but it is a proven fact that seeing good cartoon programs can have great health benefits.

What are the different causes of depression?


There are many causes for depression, these causes may be different from one person to another. Scientists are not yet able to find all the causes. But some of the most significant causes are discussed below. 

Family history

If you have a family history of members suffering from depression, then you might be at a higher risk of developing it.

Childhood trauma

Some depressing events like loss of loved once at a very young age and suffering from various depressing events at a young age may also lead to such a state of mind.

As your brain reacts differently to different situations at different ages and events.

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Brain structure

This reason is not in your hand as it is from the natural formation of your brain structure.

The frontal lobe of your brain is less active you might have a greater risk of developing this problem.

Medical conditions

Certain conditions may put you at higher risk, such as chronic illness, insomnia, chronic pain, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are certain medical conditions that may also make you a target for depression.

Drug or Alcohol misuse

People who indulge in alcohol or drug misuse often may lead to depression.

Environmental factors

Sometimes certain environmental factors around you might also be responsible for depression.

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Depression is a major issue that is often taken lightly and has irreversible impacts on our lives. Here I have shared with you about what is depression, what are its symptoms, ways to fight it, what are the causes, and answered some frequently asked questions.

It is always good and also you have an advantage when you know your enemies well so here you will understand different things about depression in very easy words and a short time.

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Depression because of COVID-19?

The outbreak of coronavirus can be a cause of depression in the minds of people due to loss of loved ones and the income rate and many different reasons. But it is very important to stay calm and develop ideas and strategies for our safety and betterment.

Where depression effects the brain?

The three parts of brain hippocampus, amygdala and prefrontal cortex are the parts which are effected because of depression.

Why depression happens?

There are many reasons for depression some of the most common are
Family history, Childhood trauma, Brain structure, Medical conditions, Drug or Alcohol misuse, Environmental factors.

Will depression go away?

Depression is just a state of your mind or mood that can be treated and cured with some proper treatment and care.

Will depression cause headache?

Depression can cause headache it is common symptom of depression.



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