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Top 6 Practical Ways to Develop Self Awareness in 2020


Self-awareness seems to be so self-explanatory & simple to understand at first glance is that the one who have awareness about themselves. But being aware of yourself is it really that simple?

 Let’s see how most of the people think about being truly aware of themselves by a little example.

One day a wise person asked a guy that- Do you know truly who you are? & then he replied instantly…Well my name is…& I’m good at sports & I’m good at studies I’m good at everything & then the wise person thought to punch that guy, but that wise person remind himself that he’s wise so he shouldn’t …jokes aside, this is the state of most of the people who are not truly aware of themselves.

It’s a surface-level awareness, the real meaning of it is pretty deep & all the answer related to it is within you.

And you will get to know about it more as you read further.

Table Of Contents:

What is Self-awareness?

Self-awareness is nothing but one who has conscious knowledge about his/her every aspect of life whether it’s their personality, behavior, emotions, desires, motives, they are aware of the fact that who they are in real.

In simple terms, it’s the journey of finding your true self, not that self which is the product of being conditioned due to the environment in which that self lives in.

How you live your life without Self-awareness?

In reality, our way of living our life is just go with the flow attitude. Mostly we are in auto-pilot mode. We are getting so used to this auto-pilot mode that we don’t even bother to look at our life decisions which we are taking like-

Playing that Call of Duty Black ops4 for continuous hours instead of reading that which you’ve told yourself yesterday that you going to read today), our habits (like being awake at late nights to just scrolling through Instagram posts for no reason), our reaction to a certain situation(like getting distracted when that girl text you), basically life is happening with us & we have lost the control on our own life.

I’m not demonizing the auto-pilot mode that helps us to save energy on smaller things like how to brush teeth, how to drive their habits which we’ve learned over time by putting conscious effort & now it’s become natural, it’s become the part of our life.

Each every being forms both good habits & bad habits & if we are not aware then the no. of bad habits will dominate more than good habits.

You can witness it by yourself by self-analyzing it right now.

Self-awareness is essential for every aspect of your life, you want to choose your profession, you want to improve your public relations or you want to become successful, for all self-awareness is the answer.

If you know what you truly are then you’ll be able to find all the answers to these questions.

Why is Self-awareness is Important for Your Life?

Let me ask you one simple question, How you’ll fix something when you don’t even know what’s broken? You only be able to answer this question when you have Self-awareness.

 Our brain always strives to protect ourselves from danger or any uncomfortable situations, because our brain is there to help us to survive.

And, What if I tell you that this over-protective & survival nature of your brain is the reason that you’re not growing in your life. It’s not your brain fault, it doesn’t know that some uncomfortable situations need to be deal with, it only cares to make you comfortable & make you safe from any harm.

For better understanding I have provide  two examples below :

a. Emotions

A guy who admires those who put a show in front of the audience in stage & soon there’s an opportunity pops up in front of him for anchoring a show.

In that anyone can participate & now this guy excited at the same time got nervous, feeling anxiety he’s feeling this because he has Fear of public speaking then the brain kicks in by feeling that this guy is feeling uncomfortable & I must protect this guy.

The brain is pretty good at playing tricks. Now to protect this guy, the brain puts a show that you’re good at sports, good at the study you don’t need to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you don’t have to be good at everything. And now that guy has justification or an excuse that why he didn’t participate for that anchor role.

b. Actions-

A guy who make plans for the whole day & he started to work towards it. And then after some time he thought let’s take a break for 5min & he started to scroll through YouTube, Instagram feeds then 5min becomes 50mins & then hours.

See, how this very friendly brain of ours capable of doing such playful things which you don’t even aware of. Brains intention is to protect from any uncomfortable situations & to comfort us by distractions.

But it’s our duty to analyze ourselves by developing self-awareness & to recognize the deep-rooted cause of emotions like- fear, guilt, sadness, anger & certain actions like- being distracted all the time.

“And when you know what’s broken, then you have something to fix”.

6 ways to Develop Self-Awareness

There are numerous ways to develop Self-awareness but I’ll tell you how I build it.

1. Observe:

For me to develop self-awareness, the first step is to observe. Start observing every small action you take & also observe your nearby surrounding & by building this habit you’ll become more aware of the environment & you’ll be able to minute details that everybody misses.

2. Make Time for Yourself:

People get so much busy with their chaotic life, family obligations, office commitments & especially their online world that they don’t have time for themselves.

So you need to make time for yourself at least 15-30 min to spend time with your thoughts & feelings only, there should be no distractions at all even no phone is allowed.

Analyze your whole day experience, How you feel? How you deal socially? What problems you’re avoiding for a long time? etc.

3. Stop Lying from Yourself:

I’ve already told you what the brain is capable of, it has a defense mechanism that doesn’t want us to be in an uncomfortable situation. But to develop self-awareness it is necessary to stop lying to yourself & get settled in less in comparison to what you actually capable of.

Suppose you wanted to ask for a raise in your organization, but you didn’t because you lack the courage to ask for it & you’re ready with your justification that I don’t deserve that raise, that guy deserves more & blah..blah..blah…the truth is you lack courage & you’re running away from the truth. You are very much capable of achieving everything, now stop making lame excuse in your mind & get it what you deserve.

And it’s time to tell yourself the truth & work on your weakness.

4. Practice Mindfulness:

Now I’m not telling you to become a monk or something, it’s a simple fact that it helps to become aware. While doing meditation, first find a calm & total silent space & then just sit back & keep your eyes close & focus, try to be present.

For beginners– focus on your breathing & don’t resist other thoughts to come, it will come just accept it & let it pass, just try to focus on your breathing as much as you can.

By doing meditation your minds become clearer day by day & you’ll start noticing Ah! That’s why I’m upset & when your mind is clear you will know how to deal with it too. For beginner level, 5 min is fine, to begin with. And slowly you will start to develop self-awareness.

5. Daily Journaling:

This is a great way to develop self-awareness, just start putting your thoughts, feelings, or emotions into a diary. At least once a day. Like how you deal that situation is it good or I could do better? I shouldn’t get angry on that simple joke, I did my best today at my office or anything you have.

Just put out your thoughts on that journal. By doing this you’ll get more associated with your thoughts. You will have your own progression report that how far you’ve come.

6. Ask About Yourself from Your Closest Ones:

This may be the hardest one because it can hurt your fragile ego, but in the long run, it will be beneficial for you only. Ask from your family or from your friends those who are close to you that tell me about my strength, weakness, positives & negatives & give assurance to them that you’ll not knockout them if they say some harsh truth that you can’t digest. At the end of this, you’ll get to know what aspect of yours to proud of & what aspect needs a fix.


Self-awareness is also a form of a habit the more you practice the more you’ll get better at it. If you are successful to inculcate this habit in your life, then you’ll behave like that wise man which I’ve mentioned earlier in this blog. Basically you’ll have more control over your emotions, thoughts & feelings.


Q. What Self awareness really is? Why Self awareness is important?

Self-awareness makes you aware of the inner you. The more you get aware, the more you know about your strengths, weakness, habits, emotions. When you truly know yourself then there will be no insecurities & you will be a confident person.

By being aware you will also be able to understand others which will help you to connect with people more easily.

You will be able to set goals of life according to your strength & weakness.
You will know your self-worth & you don’t crave for others approval.
It will also help you to build leadership qualities as well.

Q. How self awareness can be developed?

1. Observe your surroundings

2. Spend time with yourself & your thoughts

3. Daily journaling

4. Meditate

5. Ask about yourself from closed ones your kith & kin

And if you want to know in detail then give it a read to this blog.

Q. Why self awareness is important at work?

Self-awareness is pretty much necessary in every aspect of life.
By being truly aware of your emotions, strengths & weakness, you will be able to handle the pressure at your workplace, you can connect with your colleagues easily, you can work on a team & can lead your team as well, you can put your opinion confidently in meetings.



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