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11 Different types of Mehndi Design -According to your function and dressing


Do you know how many types of designs for Mehndi? There are many types of pattern exist for Henna. In this blog, we are discussing distinct types of Mehndi designs.

what in it

  1.  Indian style
  2. Floral Design
  3. Rajasthani patten
  4. Shaded designs
  5. Arabic Design
  6. Indo Arabic Design
  7. Pakistani Design
  8. Dulhan Mehndi
  9. Bangle designs
  10. Moroccan design
  11.  Mehndi Designs for Legs
  12. Conclusion
  13. FAQ

Indian style

Indian style designs are advanced and thick simultaneously. Here we are discussing some well-known henna structures. Specifying is near expertise, and each component of the structure holds extraordinary importance.

These plans are well known during conventional festivals like Indian wedding, Diwali and Karva chauth. They are additionally a most loved with ladies.

Indian Mehndi plans highlight lovely workmanship propelled by the earth, nature, and feelings Birds and creatures, the sun, Kalash, lady of the hour, and lucky man figures are included regularly in Indian.

Floral Mehndi

This is a floral henna pattern that you can try wearing these types of henna designs easily.  You can also try different types of flowers. You can practice these simple Mehndi design formats at home with cones. Its is easily available at the markets.

You can wear these for your hands, and also you can try these patterns. If you do not have the time to make this yourself, then you can take the help of family members who know how to do these.

It is suitable for family functions and festivals.

 You can apply this Mehndi on your palm and back of the hand.

You can Pair it with Indo-western outfits.

Rajasthani Pattern

Rajasthani pattern looks thick and attractive. This design is artistic and has very heavy patterns with floral and other elements you can try this pattern for your family ceremonies like a wedding or engagement. You can apply this design on your palm and back of the hand. You can pair it with traditional Indian outfits.

A genuine impression of a full hand Mehndi arrangement established in India is a Rajasthani Mehndi plan that is packed with peacocks, mango leaves, and blossoms, all of which reflect each other on two hands. I know conventional Indian ladies to go all out with full hand Mehndi and who’s to state that you shouldn’t?

Shaded designs

They use shading work in this design. Each flower is shaded inside and the finger pattern is muddled and simple. On the palm, flowers are drawn and there are many gaps between designs. 

The design effectively fits the palm and is a much simple design. It is suitable for family function and festivals. You can pair it with indo-western or casual outfits.

Arabic Design

Arabic Design is the ideal plan for any and each event. The designs are flexible to such an extent that they can be changed with simply the adjustment in the situation of the themes. These designs are referred to be regularly utilized as an extra on ladies from the Gulf nations.

Like the name proposes this sort has its inceptions in the Arab world. This design is limitlessly not the same as its Indian partner. Arabic Mehndi plans which are progressively spread out, generally include cashew designs and a great deal of concealing.

This rich plan is increasingly well known among young ladies and has effectively caught a huge gathering of admirers in India, rapidly!

Arabic style henna design is occasionally known as Mughlai design

Indo Arabic Design

This is an extremely overwhelming customary Arabian and Indian wedding mehndi plan. You can evaluate these sorts of examples effectively from rumored salons.

On the off chance that you host a gathering to join in, at that point you should attempt these out. These are regularly very masterful and are normally done in obscurity hued glue.

You can wear overwhelming Churidar, Ghagra choli or Anarkali suits with these. These should likewise be till elbows or till upper arms.  You can choose this pattern for a family wedding or engagement.

It is preferable to apply this on your palms and back of hands.  You can combine it with traditional cloths.

Pakistani Design

Pakistani henna design (design does not feature traditional Hindu elements like the Bride, groom, and Kalash which are replaced by Domes, Flowers and Leaf-like patterns)

Dulhan mehndi

Every wedding is just incomplete without the Mehndi ritual. Those hands and feet look so beautiful with those Mehndi stains of elegant designs.

Dulhan Mehndi is an amazing professional Mehndi. In this style, Dulhan is drowning on hand. To do this type of design, we need Professional Mehndi artists.  These designs come from many different types of figures drawn on hand. In this pattern side face, the front face of the bride or groom drawn. Sometimes the whole ceremony function picture is drawn on hand.

Dulhan design is a superb choice for you. In Indian traditions, we apply henna a day before the wedding. It is an important part of the solar Srinagar of a woman.

Dulhan Mehndi has all the exceptional and imaginative Mehndi plans to offer you. They ensure that the henna they use is comprised of simply natural items so it doesn’t hurt your skin with any kind of response. Regardless of whether it is a wedding function, Roka, Teej, karvachauth, pujas, or some other event, the whole group of Dulhan Mehndi is consistently at your administration.

They use the compound free items that normally transform into a striking red stain Their cost relies on your request for the hands or feet you need to get henna applied on. They offer you with wedding plans which decisively mirror your customary qualities.

In the event that you are into moderate love, at that point they offer you with best imaginative moderate plans for your unique event. They additionally offer present day Mehndi with some in vogue turns.

Bangle type designs

This Design primarily follows an example as bangles. It would be with the end goal that it follows over your hands and wrist like bangles, Bangle style Mehndi Design glances beautiful in two hands and legs.

Moroccan design

Moroccan henna designs are origins from the Middle East. These designs are popular among both the gender. Men who wants henna goes for this pattern. These designs include diamond shapes,traditional diamond shapes zic zac lines,and geometric curves.

This design, look like western tribal tattoo art. Girls who want to show simple goes with this design. Neither peacock nor flower shape includes in this pattern.

 Mehndi Designs for Legs

A lot of brides don’t want too much on their feet, a lot of them do. So, here are our favorite Mehndi designs for legs so that when you lift your Lehenga and put a step on to the stage,


There are many more types of Mehndi designs apart from the ones listed above but these are the ones that are always trending around the globe. Check it some designs and style are in trend.

We hope you found this guide helpful and are now confident enough to choose the one that would suit you the best.


Q-1How long Henna last

A-! Henna stain remain 1 to 4 weeks but It looks fresh for about a week

Q-2 How long time take to henna dry?

A-2 It takes 30 minutes to dry

Q-3 Are any preparation required prior to Mehndi Application?

A-3 Sufficient lighting, Two chairs and a table required.



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