In this blog, we will talk about how you can grow your business with the help of digital marketing, what is digital marketing, and how it is used to grow business. We will tell you all in this blog today and how from modern platforms like YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, OR FACEBOOK you can grow.

Now following are the points which we will cover in this blog:

  1. What is digital marketing
  2. Benefits of digital marketing
  3. Know your business
  4. Marketing and business strategy for open mic
  5. Conclusion
  6. QnA



Before understanding digital marketing, we have to understand marketing. In simple words, the advertisement which comes o,n TV or we see a poster or pamphlet anywhere, these all are an example of the marketing and the same is seen on the other side, on the internet. Every step has to be kept gradually.

The trend of digital marketing has also increased. Digital platform means that all the platforms on the internet world will run their advertisement and you can call it Digital Marketing.

For example, an advertisement that comes on YouTube is part of digital marketing. FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE AD, or on whatever platform is all digital ad on the internet then this is called digital marketing in this internet world.


The benefits of digital marketing are much greater than traditional marketing. Let’s have a look at that too.

  • Digital marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing.
  • It can target the audience that was not possible before.
  • Accuracy is too much.
  • Track customers.
  • It Can contact permanently.
  • Easy access to more people with less money investment.
  • It can reach more people in less time. Time investment is less.
  • By using digital marketing a person can contact personally with the business provider and their members.


Before marketing, it is very important to know some things about your business which will make it a little easier to do marketing.

So, here we take the example of the open mic, you can take any startup or business here, so now the business has been decided that is an open mic.



What is the target audience of whatever business we are doing? Like we have taken an example of open mic here, so what is the target audience in it? Now how do target audiences decide

What kind of people like to come in your business, people of which age, people of which gender, only mail comes in them or even what is their qualification.

Now see the target audience of the open mic, it is between the age of 14 to 26 years. They come and like to watch, they include both the male and female and most of them have college students. So in this way, we can run our advertisement to the target audience.


What is your motive for getting digital marketing done? You just want to bring people to your web site. You have to get SEO for your website or you need more customers or you just have a lot more people in your open mic, the answer to these questions is to find out on


Whatever be your business or startup, the website of your startup should be like, we take an example of open mic here, then there should be a website of your open mic, which contains all the information about your open mic.

You can easily create your website on WordPress by taking domain and host. So these were some things that you have to keep in mind before doing digital marketing, hope you have understood everything, now we will see how we can spread the open mic to people through social media


Now we will see by following which strategy we can expand our open Mic and which marketing tools can reach more people. Now let’s talk about some business strategy that you can adopt to expand your open mic.


The open mic provides services to people, giving them a platform to show their talent and story. So, when your services will be good only then people will come to take your services again and again.

Take yourself as an example, if you go to your open mic late on your own, you will make people wait to sit or speak. If you do not provide a good service then who would like to come to your open mic.


Use social media as a good platform to connect with peoples. Create your own page on every social media account such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube everywhere.



Whichever people come to your show, take their phone numbers and Instagram ids and make a separate WhatsApp group of them, in which you keep posting related updates from the show, this will also give you free marketing.


Consumer behavior is how consumers take decisions or actions to fulfill their needs, desire, or what they want.

You have to do well with consumer behavior, you have to talk to people in a way and well-maintained manner. You can also hire one of your team members just to talk, to deal with people who have good communication skills.

Learn CRM (Customer Relationship Management), take care of your customers, then there will be more chances of people converting.


Always keep in mind that the show will be started on time. This will let people know that the show starts here on time so that they will not be brought and those who come on time also don’t wait for them. Value the time, it will help in the long term plan of your open mic.


Always keep yourself updated and people are kept up to date. Keep organizing some activity, shows, events, or contests related to your show. This is most important to keep updated. Upload videos on time, wherever you have to upload.


Sometimes it happens that things do not change or happen in our favor, sometimes things change oppositely and the whole market in the field in which you are working is changed. Be ready for the change in advance so that you do not have further trouble and manage smartly.


Do not make things complicated. Like how do people contact you, without making it complicated, put a link in your website on each of your social sites and to register and try to make the website as simple as possible so that people do not have to search for more things? Because people can take services from anywhere else, so try to keep things simple.


Price is an important factor whether people will come to you or not. Fix that price which is acceptable for both audience and team.



You should always appreciate the performers that come in your open mic. Everyone likes it when someone appreciates someone for his work. Even if you can give him /her a certificate, it’s the cost is not too much.


All the terms and conditions should be clear and simple related to your services and should be known by the performer coming to your place so that you do not face any problems later.


Get events and competitions scheduled. Everyone likes competitions and events, try to have an event and competition at least once in a month, in which people give prizes or some appreciation.


Always learn from your competitor how big he is and how he fell down, which mistake you should not repeat, then always keep learning.

Always keep in mind the above point. Now it is possible that your competitor has put these things before you and he has more experience than you, then why would people like to come to you, the new company does not know how?

If you do not give service, people will go to the old one, then you can try something else like that



Who does not like free things, there will be such a difficult person who does not like a free thing. If you also see it written free, then for 1 second your attention also goes to what is getting free.

So you can also use this power to your open mic. You can use it in an open mode like you can keep the registration charge 200 and do video shoots and edits you can free. You can also mention these things on your poster, which will attract people towards you.

So there were some things that you can follow and grow your open mic.

Now let’s talk about marketing strategy-



Social media plays a very important role in growing any business mainly Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, and Facebook. Now we are assuming that you make good quality videos and just post it regularly if you can not do it every day, then keep a time that you have to do alternative days or you can keep the day fixed and post it on every social media page.


It is very easy to run ads, you can run ads easily on Instagram, Facebook. It is also starting from just 60 rs. Like we talked about the target audience above, you have to put ad keeping in mind your target audience. There is an option on Instagram and Facebook that what age people you want to show this ad for open mic, set it between 18 to 24, and select the city in which you live by setting the location and your ad is on. Then your ad is started.



You can also go to your customers through email marketing. Keep their details with them, message them, wish them on their birthday, make them special, so that they stay connected with you.


So, I hope your friends have understood how to do digital marketing and how to plan and grow your business, you can take the opportunity to open any small business. If you still have any doubts regarding anything then you can ask in the comment section or inbox. THANKYOU.


1. Is digital marketing is secure or not?

Digital marketing is secure it should be done from an authorized agency or company.Firstly, check the background details because Some people also do digital marketing in an illegal way like Black bat SEO. Always avoiding such people which is not good for your business

2. Can digital marketing be done in fewer fees?

Many institutes offer the course of digital marketing. Digital marketing can be done with fewer fees. This is much more cheap and easy than the traditional market.

3. Where can we learn the digital marketing course?

There are many institutes that offer the course of digital marketing in India. If you are from Delhi then, Lapaas is the best institute for digital marketing in Delhi.


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