Do you know spices export of India? Indian Spices export 2020-21

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Do you know the spices export business of India?

India is one of the highest spices growing and exporting country in the world. Around 70% of worldwide spices export done from India.  And the remaining 30% from other countries.


India is the largest spices exporting country in the world

Quality of Indian spices is best in the world

Richest countries like America are the top customers for Indian spices

Government implementing some new dedicated policies for spices export

What’s in it for me?

  1. Introduction to spices export from India
  2. Top exportable spices
  3. Top customers countries for Indian spices
  4. Cumin export of India
  5. Turmeric export of India
  6. Contribution of spices board In the export of spices
  7. Contribution of Indian spices in the overseas market
  8. The demand for Indian cumin in ovaries market
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

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Introduction to spices export from India

As we know India is one of the highest spices exporting countries. India exports about 70% of total market. India grows nearly all types of spices and we export it to all the countries. The world’s top countries like America are the customers of India.

History spices export from India to the world is too old. Researchers say that the maximum rulers comes to India first for doing the spices business best example is British, 

Today Indian spices are well known in the world, for their, best test, aroma, collars, and shape.


With this, all the important one more importance of Indian spices is its medicinal qualities. The medicinal qualities of indicia spices are world known. It’s one of the reason is the farming of spices done in India is by an organic way.

By the data of ISO (International Standards Organization), India grows about 75 types out of 109 types of spices.

If we think about the data of the last few years, it shows very clearly that the quantity and the value of the Indian spices increasing day by day.

Some Stastics

The best example is the export of the financial year 2017-18 and 2018-19 in which it increases from 1.028 million tons to 1.1 million tons it is nearly 7% higher.


Top Exportable Spices

Do you know which are the top exportable spices? Which spices have more demand in overseas markets? As India is the top spice exporting country, and we export nearly 75 types of spices.


Then it is necessary to know which are the main spices we export to the world are. Or which spice has a very big demand in the overseas markets. For the answer to all this question, we see this picture.

By all data shown in the above picture, it is clear that Cumin is the highest exporting spices of India. In India, Gujarat and Rajasthan are the highest cumin growing and exporting states.

As an exporter nearly 40% of total spices export from India, we export the cumin. In the year 2019, it came on the second number and exported 180,300 tons.

The second highest exporting spice is red chili. India grows the Chili in very high quantities in the different states of India, like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka & Orissa.


Chili grows in Andhra Pradesh has a very high demand in the overseas market, the Guntur chili has a very high demand for export. In which Teja is one of the important chilies which has very high demand not only oversees but also in Indian.

In the year 2019, it reserved the first position and exported 468,500 tons.

Other top spices

The third highest exporting spice is pepper. As India is the third-largest Pepper producing country in the world, in the year 2018-19 we produce the 62,400 tons of pepper on 138,000 hectors. But with the change of wither in future their will a very big chance of reducing production.

The fourth-largest exporting spices are turmeric, India is the world’s largest Turmeric growing country, and not only the producer but also we are the world’s largest exporter of the spices. Indian turmeric is the world’s best turmeric.

High Demand

That is the reason behind this big demand for Indian turmeric, in the richest countries like the USA. If we think about numbers then in 2018 India exported US$236 million. In 2019 turmeric exported 133,600 tones.


Some Competitors in us market

In overseas markets, there are some competitors for us, and while discussing the export of turmeric then it is necessary to discuss the competitors in the overseas market. The competitors of turmeric in the overseas market are as follows.

  • Indonesia ($11.3)
  • Burma ($10.6)
  • China ($5.58M)
  • Peru (5.47M)

The above data shows there is no competition between India and other exporter countries. In future there will be the production of some competitor country will reduce, and one of the most reason behind this the industrialization, this will make the turmeric market easier to survive.

The fifth-largest exporting spice is Green Cardamom 3.17% shear of total spices export is of the cardamom, this is one of the reasons behind the taking the cardamom in this list.

And the second reason for taking cardamom in this list is India is the second-largest cardamom producer and exporter in the world.

Some Competitors in overseas market

If we think about the competitors in overseas markets for India cardamom then the following are the top cardamom exporting countries in the world.

  1. Guatemala
  2. India
  3. Indonesia

The above data shows in the world’s top cardamom exporters India is on second and Guatemala is on top. And if you think about the third number then this is reserved by Indonesia.

Export percentages of remaining spices are very less that’s why this is not added in this list.

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Top customers countries for Indian spices

India is one of the highest spices growing country, not only growing but also top exporting countries in the world. But if we are exporters then there will be some importers also. And to make the business success full then it is necessary to know about the customers in detail.

Chart of the top customers for the Indian spices are.


The above data shows that the U.S.A. (United States of America) is one of the biggest customers of Indian spices. Quantity of import of Indian spices by the U.S.A is increasing day by day.


In the economic year, 2018-19 America imported 82,202 metric tons of Indian spices and the value of the same was ₹2,83,059 lakhs. The second-largest importer of Indian spices in China.

China was imported 93,649 Metric tons of spice of value ₹2,73,054 lakhs from India in the financial year 2018-19. Chinese import of spices from India is increasing in the multiplication of two per year it is very good news for India.

Because of the last some year’s Chinese dumping to India lots of goods but only in the agricultural field, India exporting a good quantity of products to china.

The third top customer for Indian spices is Vietnam. In the last financial year, we have exported them 1,23,673 metric tons of spices of value ₹1,68,959lakhs in the financial year 2018-19.

The quantity imported by this country is more than others but the value is less, also no big increment in the quantity.

Other top importers

The fourth top importer is Thailand. In the financial year 2018-19 Thailand imports 74215 Metric tons of spices, the value of this spices was ₹92242lakhs. If comparing with previous years it shows the reduction in export, or we can say the graph is unstable.

This are the top four importers of Indian spices there is a long list of spices importers who can import spices from India as shown in the table above. 

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Cumin Export of India

As we are discussing the spice export from India, then it is necessary to discuss the cumin because cumin is one of the highest exported spices from India, and India is the leader in the export of Cumin. Nearly 35% of total spices export from India, we export the cumin. The highest cumin growing states of India are Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Competitors for Indian cumin

Now if we talk about top competitors of Indian cumin then they are as follows.

  1. Syria
  2. Turkey
  3. Spain
  4. Egypt
  5. Iran

After discussing the above data it is clear that India is the highest cumin growing country in the world. After India, Syria is on the second number, and remaining export coms from Spain, Egypt, and Iran.

Top cumin importer countries

If that many countries exporting the cumin then, there will be some customer countries that import the cumin in high quantity. Then following are the top importer countries for Indian cumin.

  1. United State
  2. Europe
  3. china
  4. Vietnam
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Egypt
  7. United Arab Emirates

These all are the importers of Indian cumin’s as we think about the US. The US is one of the biggest customers for Indian cumin. Not only cumin US is one of the biggest customers for all types of Indian spices.

After the US, Europe is the second-largest customer for Indian cumin, also other countries in the above list are the good customers of Indian Cumin.

Turmeric export of India

As we know India is the highest turmeric exporter in the world, not only exporter we are the highest producer of turmeric. The botanical name of the turmeric is ‘Curcuma Longa’. And in India turmeric called as ‘Haldi’.

Turmeric is well known in the world not only as a spice but also for its medicinal qualities, one chemical is known as curcumin is obtained from the turmeric.

Important verities of turmeric

Currently, India exports turmeric in the form of dry turmeric, turmeric powder, etc. in India there are five important verities of turmeric which are. As follows.

  1. Alleppey finger of Kerala
  2. Erode and Salem turmeric of Tamil Nadu
  3. Rajapuri and Sangli turmeric of Maharashtra
  4. Nizamabad bulb of Andhra Pradesh
  5. Waigaon Turmeric of Maharashtra (GI Tag No. 471)


In the economic year, 2018-19 Indian turmeric cross all record of export and exported turmeric of ₹1, 41,616 lakhs it is highest till 2019. Now we are the global leader in the export of turmeric and North America is the biggest customer for us.

As we are discussing the export of turmeric increasing day by day then it is important to know the data of the last five economic years. The export of last some economic years are.

Economic Year Wise Export of Turmeric

Economic yearQuantity of export in tonesValue of export in lakhs

This is the data of last clearly shows that the export of Indian turmeric increasing day by day.

Top customers countries for Indian turmeric are

  1. North America
  2. All European countries
  3. All Asian countries
  4. Brazil
  5. All the Lamea countries.

Top competitor countries for Indian turmeric.

  1. Myanmar
  2. Indonesia
  3. Netherland
  4. UK
  5. Peru
  6. Germany
  7. China
  8. France
  9. United State

This above all countries is the competitors for the Indian turmeric. But the total export of this all countries is not even 40% of turmeric exported by India.

Contribution of spices board in the export of spices


To study the contribution of spices boar of first of all we need to understand the basic concept of spices boar. Spices board form in the year 1987 on 26th of Feb. and act to form the board was, spices board act 1986.

This board was found by the merger of spices export promotion council 1960 and erstwhile cardamom board 1968.

The above data shows that the spices board was dedicatedly formed to imp row the export of spices.

Important functions of the spices board

There are some important functions of the spices board to improve export

  1. Promotion of organic production, processing, and certification of the spices.
  2. Development of spices industry in the northeast region.
  3. Provision of quality evaluation services.
  4. export support to spices industry by providing
  5. Upgradation in technology
  6. Upgradation in quality
  7. helping for brand promotion
  8. Doing great R&D

Responsibility of the spices board

There is some responsibility of the spices board which are as follows

  1. Quality certification and control
  2. Registration of export
  3. Collection and documentation of trade information
  4. Provision of details of export and documentation to the central government

Spices boars launch lots of new programs to improve the export of spices like they organize the customer-supplier meet, to establish mutual contact between them.

Board Identify the genuine supply source and send them inquiry coming from foreign organizations.

Contribution of Indian spices in the overseas market


                Do you know what the contribution of India spices in the world market is? India is one of the top spices exporters of the world. Not only in a total bunch of spices but also in individual spices.

We are the top exporter of turmeric. In which we export turmeric to the richest countries like the USA, And Saudi Arabia. If we talk about cumin we are also the top exporter of cumin in the world, and again the USA is one of the top customers for Indian cumin.


In the year 2018-19, we exported a 1.1 median tone of spices and spices product. The value of exported spices was 19,505.81 crore (USD2.80bilian). And this number is increasing year by year.


In the export of cardamom, India created a new milestone we exported 5680 tons of cardamom for the value 609.08 crores. against the last record of 3,850 tones for the value of 421.5corore.

In the export of the chili, we have exported 468,500 tone chili for the value of ₹541,117.5lakhs. This is constant. In the field of Pepper, we have exported the 13,540tone of pepper for the value of ₹56,868 lakhs.

Kashmiri saffron is one of the best saffron in the world. Its aroma makes it defer than others and it is also one of the contributions of Indian spices in the overseas market.

Details of the Indian spices export

                For the details of the Indian spices export, we need to see the table below. In which the data for the last five years is shown. (Spices Export Board)


The demand for Indian cumin in ovaries market

                India is the world’s largest cumin growing country if compared with another country we grow around 77% of the globule production of cumin. And the remaining cumin grows other countries which are as follows.

Another country which are.

  1. Syria
  2. Turkey
  3. China
  4. Iran

These all are the competitors for Indian cumin. This all is the very small producers of cumin but we are saying them as comparators reason behind it, the countries like Syria exports around 70% cumin of their total production.

By some old reports, Syria and Turkey consume only12 to 14% of domestic production.

If we think about customer countries then UAE is one of the highest importers for Indian cumin. And also other countries like the USA, Nepal, etc. are the top customers of Indian cumin.

If we see the last five years data of cumin export then it shows that the export of cumin by quantity is increasing slowly or very little fluctuation in the export quantity, but the value of the cumin in rupees is increasing day by day.

In the economic year 2014-15, we exported a 155,500 ton of cumin for the value of ₹183820lakh but in the year 2017-18, we exported cumin 143,670 tons but the value of cumin increase to ₹241,798.78laks.

Top importer countries for the worldwide exporters

For the worldwide exporters of cumin, the top importer countries are Vietnam, Bangladesh, united State, Egypt, for complete five years data see the table below

  1. Vietnam
  2. Bangladesh
  3. United state
  4. Egypt

As per the above list, Vietnam is one of the biggest customers for Indian cumin. After Vietnam, Bangladesh, US are the top importers for Indian coming for detail we need to see the table below.


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  1. India is the world’s largest spices growing and exporting country
  2. Top exportable spices are Pepper, Cardamom, Chili, and Turmeric.
  3. Top importer countries for Indian spices are the USA, China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.
  4. India is one of the biggest cumin exporters in the world
  5. India is one of the biggest turmeric growing and exporter countries.
  6. Spices Board of India helps to export the spices from initial to end
  7. All the countries in the world depend on Indian spices
  8. Indian cumin has very strong demand in the overseas market
  9. It’s time to empire the Indian farmer to grow more and more spices.


1. Which country is the largest exporter of spices?

India is the largest exporter of the spices.

2. Which country import spices from India?

Vietnam, China, USA, Bangladesh. Etc.

3. Which countries are the king of spices?

India, Bangladesh, Turkey, China.

4. Which state is the largest producer of spices in India?

Andhra Pradesh is the largest spices producing the state of India.

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