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Easy Brain Exercises and Their benefits


No matter how old you are it’s never too late to start living a healthy life. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. In this world full of stress and pressure, it is very important to keep your brain alert and healthy. Let’s see the benefits of Doing Brain Excercise.

Benefits of brain exercise

A More active and More engaging lifestyle says – Terry Grossman MD a physician with an antigen and complementary medicine practice in Denver and co-author of transcending “nine steps to living well forever”.Even things like walking an extra 10 minutes a day for taking an adult education class can help keep your mind sharp over time he says so whether let these inspiring stories motivate you to cross a life goal of that proverbial bucket list.

In This Article We Will Talk About Brain Excercises and its Benefits

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1.Brain Excercise

2. Neuro Connections

3. Emotional Well-Being

4. Stress Management

5. Neurological benefits of exercise


Brain exercise

We can choose to perform mental exercise that helps us learn to regulate our thoughts, manage our emotions and behaviour focus on how exercises influence our expectations, decisions and memories.

We can train our brain in many ways, firstly from Pranayam and anulom-vilom.

If we do them regularly ,we naturally entertain our brain and practices  of exercises. We should focus in our mind that we don’t welcome any negitive though , if it come we should remove it.

If we sharp our mind in the intellectual way we become a better version of ourself. We can maximize the use of our brain from eating nuts like almonds and walnut.

  1.  According to Baba Ramdev: anulom vilom and Pranayam
  2.  Neurotics.   
  3.  Connect with new people
  4. Learn a foreign language.
  5. Play chess. 

Exercise can help you live a healthy life and according to a new study published in the journal the lens. Lifestyle change can actually affect the way you go. researches from the University of California San Francisco found that small brain exercises can lengthen your telomeres

. the part of chromosomes linked to agents and diseases such as cancer stroke heart disease diabetes and obesity.

Researches now believe that following a dream healthy lifestyle and performing a regular targeted exercise can also increase your brainpower. Real-world brain exercise that works on top of giving your brain it’s on a workout routine. Please exercises produce natural nutrition that dramatically helps memory.

Giving your brain new experience will keep it healthy,

try mini mental workout exercises to prevent memory loss and sharpen your mind. Practice alternate nostrils bidding this admission yogic practice balance the strength of the rain.

Some Advices by Baba Ramdev

according to swami Baba Ramdev, two hemispheres of Brain by taking advantage of what modern doctors call the disease cycle, so we tend to unconsciously alternate The nostril which takes the stronger breath. this effect brain activation back and forth between the two hemispheres that to keep us in balance both emotionally and physically balanced under gravity.

When we practice alternate nostril breathing we are taking control of the nasal cycle. Breath out and then in, the left nostril was more difficult than breathing through the right so if so you are right-handed and right hemisphere dominant but by struggling to breathe through that nostril.

you have actually just activated the left side of your brain. Do the same through the right nostril repeat making sure to put more effort and attention into the week nostrum. If you find it very difficult, try clearing your nostrils on your week site not that you cannot do a lip curl on your strong side it is is already curl all the way.

And You can practice alternate nostril breathing in meditation or whenever you remember trying to do it. Make slow but continuous effort to establish this breathing pattern as a habit take control of your nasal cycle.

You can ensure your equal activation of both sides of your brain.


Neurobics exercises are like cross-training for your brain, Giving new experience that combines physical sciences reason, smell touch taste and hearing with emotional sciences more connections between different brain areas.

It causes nerve cells to produce natural brain nutrition that dramatically helps memory and makes surrounding cells stronger and more resistant to the effect of aging.

Try brain exercises during morning routine for your downtime and see if you feel the difference.

Activities such as learning meditation enjoying laughing being with someone increases the number of new stem cells that change into new nerve cells but nothing does it right More Than exercise .

Look at how exercise programs the brain. As we have seen the brain is capable of producing new neurons, This is in part because of its neuroplasticity its ability to continuously regenerate itself.

When a person learns a new skill, Interconnected neural circuits connect with each other through different points of connecting.

If the person persists in the learning that gives the communication between the neurons will be strengthened.

Neuro Connections

Kolb &Gibb Showed, how a better connection between the neurons means electric signals are traveling more efficiently or using a new pathway. For example, when trying to recognize, New connections are made among specific neurons.

A study conducted at cornfield to articulate how exercise promotes the growth of neurons in the ventral hippocampus so people who exercise tend to be able to handle stress better.

The hippocampus is a part of the brain responsible for learning and memorizing.It seems to be activated during physical activity.

Hippocampus offers a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle consists of younger neurones. We can think of this as neurones as untrained younger neurones are by nature easily excitable and fire easily than confronted with the minor stressors this. In turn, can make situations decisions and even thoughts appear more stressful and make us feel how do we resolve this.

Exercise is part of the equation to strengthen the healthy neural connection in the hippocampus the excitability of neurons evolves from the basic fight or flight response.

we all have for example how would your brain respond if you were walking and Kaun counter a grizzly bear the flood of hormones and neurotransmitters would prepare your body to exercise.

Emotional Well-Being

flee or fight in this response enable us to decide whether we should physically engage in a situation or escape from the perceived set when no concrete that is present this response can be detrimental to one’s ability.

To live a balanced life the lashing of neurotransmitters in the hippocampus affects rational thinking and emotional well-being which can be exhausting during physical activity. Same fight-or-flight system is activated.

This creates the same fight or flight system is activated this creates the same preconditions that overwhelmed the hippocampus That why is exercise good for the hippocampus if it still floods the system with the neurological cocktail.

The difference is that the neural growth that develops during exercise involves the growth of specific neurons that release neurotransmitters also nicknamed by Berglund as the anti-anxiety molecules.

Gaba neurotransmitter prevents other neurons from firing so easily. In other words, they help your brain understand real chats from excessive neuron firing.

Stress Management

Those who frequently exercise manage stress and tend to control their emotions better.

Exercise as a habitual practice enables the reprogramming of the brain.The hippocampus of active people is simply better equipped to handle stress.

Every time you connect with other people you expose yourself to new ideas and other ways of thinking. Doing things this stimulates your mind and widens your world view and thinking process.

Enroll in a foreign language course online or at your local education center, it will help to sharpen and rejuvenate the brain.

Don’t forget to play Azhar brain-boosting strategy games like chess and checkers logic-based numbers games like sudoku.

They can also keep your brain fit. This will also improve your creative abilities which will give you a competitive advantage in your job.

Neurological Benefits Of Exercise

 There are more benefits to exercise with an impact on well being and cognition. Perhaps you have a rough idea about how exercise affects yourweight and energy levels, but do you know about its impact on the brain.

Decreased stress, Decreased social anxiety. Into processing of emotions. Prevention of neurological conditions. Increased energy focus and attention.

benefits of brain exercise

Increased Focus and Attention

Improved memory. Improve blood circulation. Decreased brain fog, play with pear, because power regularly relies on visual cues to distinguish between objects using touch to identify subtly different things, to increase activation in cortical areas that process tactile information, and leads to stronger synapses.

Similarly, adults who lose their sight learn to distinguish Braille letters because their brain develops more pathways processing to fine touch.

Given the current traffic X potential growth worldwide it is predicted that by 2050 around 70% of the global population will be living in cities what does this mean for global health?

Widespread physical inactivity is the cost of concern. Giving yourself some alone time doesn’t look like stupid talking, It allows you organize your thoughts and priorities, your obligations.

You will be relaxed and will be able to grow with the flow of mind it helps you to prepare yourself.

To Know More – https://www.physio-pedia.com/Physical_Activity_and_Neurological_Conditions

Conclusion– Listen to audio of something the same you simultaneously kidding our watching it you will engage more of your senses and help your mind. If we do Regularly exercise our mind stays fit and young forever.

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Q1.How does exercise impact the brain?

Exercise affect the brain in many ways it increases heart rate which comes more oxygen to the brain it adds the release of hormones which provide and excellent environment for the growth of brain cell

Q2.What is brain HQ?

Brain h q the interactive brain training program built by posit science online headquarters for working out your brain. It provides the exercise your brain needs to be at its sharpest.

Q3.What is the best brain training applications?

4.Mensa brain training.
5.Memorado brain training
6.Fit brain trainer.

Q4.What are the best brain games?

3.Fit brains trainer.
4.brain fitness.
5.Brain matrix.

Q5.How can I challenge my brain everyday?

Start with many challenges for your brain first brush your teeth with the and you don’t usually use 2. Take a different route to work for the store. 3. Eat a bite or two of dinner with your eyes closed. 4. Do 60 seconds of jumping Jack or any physical activity.

Q6.Does exercise increase IQ?

The neuro expert say aerobic exercise extremely raises your IQ far more than playing and online brain games plus a swedish study proved that cardiovascular fitness can actually raise your verbal intelligence by 50%.



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