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Easy Eco-Friendly products that can be made at home


Over the years it’s been said that Eco-friendly products are expensive and to be honest that’s true, because they are. But there are valid reasons behind that as manufacturing these products includes complicated procedures from sourcing the raw material to delivering it to the customer.

We can agree that these products are heavy on our pocket, but be assured that all of it pays off in longer run.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the importance of an Eco-Friendly lifestyle?
  3. List of homemade Eco-Friendly DIY Products
  4. Conclusion


So what if someone wants to turn Eco-Friendly, but don’t want to burn a whole in the pocket? Certainly the answer to this question is easy, start making those products at home. Yes you heard that right and above all it’s very much possible.

How you may ask? Carry on with the blog and we will guide you at least halfway there and for the rest internet is your friend.

With making your own products not only you will be contributing towards the cause, you will also open your doors to the world of business opportunities in the Eco-Friendly world.

Before we move there I would like to shed light on “Importance of an Eco-friendly lifestyle?”

What is the importance of an Eco-Friendly lifestyle?

Mountains built out of toxic and harmful wastes, polluted water bodies and as a result innocent animal living in water bodies paying the price of waste generated by us, creation of landfills just to fill it with plastic etc.

The list is long and harmful, but thanks to the age of internet people are able to witness the damage done to this planet. It’s not possible to completely redo what’s already done, but we can have the opportunity for creating a better place for the coming generation.

The answer and remedy to all the problems mentioned above is to turn into an Eco-Friendly human being.I believe that the change should start within us.

With such a lifestyle we are not only helping our planet, but we are helping ourselves too in living a better quality life.

Without further ado allow me to introduce you to few homemade Eco-Friendly products to start your journey.

List of homemade Eco-Friendly DIY Products


Thinking about throwing your old clothes? Wait! How about you turn it into for example a reusable bag.     

T-Shirt Bags: T-Shirts are lightweight and elastic; hence they make a wonderful raw material. These bags are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are able to lift heavy weight too.  However one issue which gets ignored easily related to these bags includes its hygiene and storing procedure.




Ok what if you are not willing to throw your T-Shirt. ? Throw a pair of jeans instead.

Jeans Bags: Denims always look cool and a denim bag more cooler. We all are aware about how sturdy jeans are. And yes do not forget the hygienic part you just read about.




Going Eco-Friendly necessarily does not mean parting away from all sorts of luxuries, moreover it’s a gateway to one. Scented candles not only add to the decoration of home as a luxury item, but it also helps in aromatherapy.

So no need to shell those extra bucks, just make your own luxury candle. Making your own candle gives you an edge as you can choose the ingredient material as per your choice and most importantly you can control the Scent of the candle.

Did I mention that you can play with shapes of the candles too? Yes add that to the list.





Makeup Removing Wipes

How would you like if every time you remove the makeup from your skin, you need not to expose your skin to chemicals like isononyl isononanoate, pentaerythrityl and use some essential oils instead?

I am guessing it would feel great, so gone are the days when need to buy those expensive and chemically loaded wipes.




Recycled Planters

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” remember this phrase before you plan to throw away the old teapot or that old basketball or coffee tin. Living in the concrete jungles today we hardly get to interact with Mother Nature, but what if we can invite the Mother Nature to our home.

It’s very much possible and above all without breaking the bank.  The possibility to paint your house green with flowers, plants etc. is endless. For example you can use a mason jar or the used tire and even your old sneakers too, open your mind and let the imagination flow.




Cleaning Products

Let’s agree on one thing that cleaning products are expensive and on the other hand a necessity as well. It’s no brainer that these products contain harmful chemicals. You will be amazed by how easy it is to make your own home cleaning products that too with items which costs next to nothing when compared to their supermarket counterparts.

As a result you will save a fortune with homemade cleaning products. Most importantly keep in mind that there are some minor precautions that need to be taken care of.






Fabric Snack Bags

Plastic is toxic and if not necessary then why store your food in one ? Before you are planning to throw your old bed-sheet or pillow cover, just remember what can be achieved with it. 

You through the plastic bags every time once you are done with it, but these cloth bags won’t end up in a bin as they are reusable.  Not only these bags are environmental friendly, they look very cute too. Just imagine being a kid who has the coolest snack bag in the class.







The feeling of plucking fresh veggies from your own grown backyard garden is amazing and above all serving it as dinner to family members is one of the most satisfying feeling in the world. However there is someone else who loves those veggies just like you, any guesses?

You are right those pesky bugs, they will destroy your crops before you even think of harvesting them. Personally I don’t like bugs eating my plants and one more thing I don’t like is covering the plants with harmful chemicals form head to toe.

I hope you share the same thoughts as me. But you need not to worry as there is a homemade solution for all the problems your plants face and the best part is that the ingredients required for making such insecticides can be easily found in your home or can be sourced from local market at an affordable price.





Body Wash

Have you ever wondered about what you put on your body from the moment you wake up? So, I would like to suggest that take some time out and read the labels on some cosmetic stuff like soap, conditioner and body wash etc.

I am quite sure that you will have second thoughts about using them again. This is the reason homemade skin products are trending and they are here to stay for long time, so participate and see for yourself that why it’s the future.






Well the opportunity is endless and as you dive deep into this field, more and more ideas will come to you, but if you want to save the hassle here is a list of 10 Eco-Friendly products to buy in 2020.

In conclusion I hope that this will help you to enter the world of Environment-Friendly products. There are endless numbers of products you can make at home and this is just the beginning.
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