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Easy Introduction to Android Development-3 Main Factors


Do we all feel crazy for android apps you see on your mobile, then you make sure you can make them after learning android development.

Android Development is the development of mobile apps that runs on android platforms. All apps which can are displayed on play store are developed by some developer only.

So, In this blog we will be introducing android and how you can start developing apps

What’s in it for me?

  1. Why we should use Android?
  2. Languages of Android Development
  3. History of Android
  4. Perquisites for starting Android Development
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Why we should use Android?

Android is the leader of the global smartphone market share. the Android operating system (OS) is found on nearly 70-75% worldwide as on march 2019.

Moreover, the Android platform is open source (one can browse the code through some google software such as Google Play. With this Android has made an ecosystem of it.

And the Android platform has also made the tutorials for learning the android development.

And Learning platform is also easy to use.

Languages of Android Development


It is one of the vast languages used in developing android applications. If you want to be good at developing apps then you have to learn this language thoroughly.

To be successful in Android Development and begin the journey of android development .

You’ll need to be comfortable with java concepts like loops, lists, variables, and control structures.

It is one of the most popular programming languages used by software developers today, learning its ins and outs will easily stand you in good stead for work (back-end development anyone?) even beyond the Android Platform.


You will need to understand the basics of SQL to maintain the databases within Android apps. Once You can write it, you can easily manage  


It is one of the advanced languages designed by Google which has made android development super-efficient.  It has some benefits which are discussed as under-:

  • Greater readability with less code-  The amount of coding has been reduced here as compared to java and readability has been increased with which it is easy to understand the code.
  • New language with the mature environment- Since its creation, it is developing continuously not only as a language but developing as an ecosystem with great tools embedded in it, and big companies are using it for android development.
  • The support of Jetpack and other libraries- Kotlin supports Jetpack with some libraries along with it, which enhances the productivity of the app.
  • Code Safety- Less code and have better safety is the main feature of this language. The compiler easily detects the error.
  • Easy for learning- If you have learned all the concepts of java, it becomes very easy to learn for you.
  • Big Community- The community of Kotlin is very big and increasing day by day. Maximum of apps which are now placed on play store are made with Kotlin only, that’s why their productivity is high.
  • Support for multi-platform development- This language is not only used for android but it can also be used for IOS and Web applications.


For a description of data use XML.The basics of the language will be used in android development in various tasks like designing the layouts, feeding the data from the internet.


The latest entry in languages is dart which is also used for android application development.

Dart is used in flutter named software which has one of the advanced tools for developing applications as compared to other tools.

It is still in his testing phase as Google is trying to adjust it and remove its bugs and provide an excellent UI and UX for the users.

For all android developers I will say that it will be the future of android developers.

And It has also one more benefit that the flutter developed applications can be used on all software like Android, IOS, Windows, web, Mac, and much more.


Now all will be looking at how android development has been started and now become that much kind of boom in this modern era.

Android was born by the introduction of the Open Handset Alliance, which was led by Google.

In the Early-stage, many issues were faced by the developers of the Android platform like many bugs, lack of documentation, no feedback system linking with the public(It was created by Google during 2008), which led to poor initial feedback. In the beginning it was more or less looking like a failure.

Preview of android sdk

A preview of SDK was released at the end of 2007.

Just After the mid of 2008, android 0.9 SDK beta was released. This release provided an updated and extended API with improved deployment tools and an updated design for the Home Screen.

In the same year after the mid of September 2008, a new version of SDK was released named Android 1.0. In the improved release there were small bug fixes and some small features were added. It also included several API changes as compared to the previous version. And from thereon the real game of Android Development started on.

During the last month of 2008 Google announced the first Android Dev Phone, a SIM-unlocked phone, and hardware- unlocked device that is designed for advanced developers.

After that the market of Android development speeded up very quickly all around the world,

if we move 5 years forward to 2008, then statics of Android are like more than 1.5 million applications have been developed and 20+ billion downloads.

And the numbers are still growing very rapidly all over the market and it is leading over IOS now time as it is very cheap and give the almost same functionality as compare to it. 

And now if you will look at the history of the Android in the beginning you will smile about it, that there were many stages in which it was looking like that Android will be shut down or it will not replace the demanding IOS software at that time.

But Now you will see about it that everyone is using Android first then shifting to IOS due to many benefits of it.

Perquisites for starting Android Development

Up to this moment you should be looking that how should I start with it as I am damn sure you are looking for just starting it but wait, you have to understand that there are little perquisites which one require to get deep into it which are-

1. One should have basic knowledge of java or kotlin (I prefer java) to start with it.

2. One Should be familiar with the OOPS concepts and loops which we use in the basic java.

These 2 are basic perquisites to starting android development.


The above matter concludes that one can become a proficient android developer but he/she has to dive into it and develop a mastery in it, which is a must for any career you want to pursue in your life.

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Now below I have taken the questions which every person wants to know before starting a career in android development.

1. How should I start learning Android Development?

In the present era there are a huge number of resources where you can learn it-
1. Android development documentation-: It is the most useful site in which the Android platform has build-in which each tutorial is there in which you can go and learn it step by step.
2. There are various platforms you can learn through them.
3. YouTube -: Various Tutorials from which you can learn it.
And much more. I assure you I will cover this topic in detail in some other blog as it is one of the questions which a beginner has in his/her mind.

2. If I encountered a problem where should I ask?

There are a various platform which is related to answering the problem related to coding-:
1.Stack Overflow-: It is one of the most recommended websites by me for solving any query related to android development and any other coding query. There are experts here and students also which answer the query and 99% of times it is valuable.
2. Quora-: As we all know how the much bigger source of all questions is Quora, it also answers your question related to your query.
And there are also many sites which you can visit but I will recommend the above 2 with 1 as the primary one.

So I think I have taken all the questions which one should have thought.

I will be preparing more blogs in a detailed manner and then remaining questions would easily be answered there.

Happy Coding…



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