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2 EASY Makeup Look Anyone Can Do!


There are different types of makeup look for every occasion. In day to day life, it’s not possible to carry heavy makeup, and as most of us are not a professional makeup artist.

To make it easy for you, I came up with the top 2 easiest makeup styles which anybody can easily learn and apply on themselves.

Are you excited? Now, own wards you will never get confused in your makeup choices while you go outside.

Let’s begin !

What’s in it for me?

  1. Subtle Everyday Makeup Look
  2. Simple Smokey Eye Makeup Look
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

(-) Subtle Everyday Makeup Look 

The main aim of subtle everyday makeup is to enhance your facial features and give a natural glow.

It started by concealing blemishes, darkness and uneven skin tone to give a fresh and awake look.

The subtle everyday makeup look is mostly preferred in the day time.

Before Starting your Makeup Clean your Face and Prep your Skin with a Good Primer.

Step 1 

Apply foundation which is lightweight and able to cover all the facial flaws.

Make sure to take a less quantity and apply all over the face with the help of a good blender or foundation brush.

Foundation will help you to give a smooth surface, even tone, and disappear all the discoloration of your face.

Try to go with a matte and oil-free finish if you have oily skin, the Cream base foundation for dry skin, and scent-free foundation for sensitive skin.  

Step 2 

Use the same shade concealer that you used for foundation under your eyes and on all your blemishes and then use small size blender to blend with a light hand motion. 

Step 3 

Use banana setting powder to set your foundation and concealer.

Use a brush to apply a thin layer on the areas which are prone to oil.

It will help you to give a 2-3 tone lighter look and provide matte coverage which is good for oily skin. 

Step 4 

If you want to add a little color on your cheeks then use a peach color blusher with the help of the brush and blend it into your skin.

Use blusher according to your skin tone like – Peachy shades for lighter skin tone, Apricot shades for medium skin tone, and Raisin shades for dark skin tone.

Step 5 

Add some tint to your lips because it’s important to complete your all-over makeup look with a soft lip shade.

Use natural lip color shade like light pink, nude shade.

It will help you to give tint color on your face which will enhance your facial features.  

Step 6

If you need to make your eyes pop a little too, consider using a touch of mascara to the top and base lashes will never go wrong.

Starting with the top lashes, place the mascara need at the base of your lashes and move the wand.

While that coat is as yet wet, rehash the procedure, at that point do likewise on the base lashes.

(-) Simple Smokey Eye Makeup Look 

Smokey eyes are considered to be an intense eye makeup look, and the look is more ideal for night parties and events.

To achieve this Stunningly look, it requires little practice to pull off this eye look.

Any dark shade from your eye shadow palette can be used to make a smokey eye.

You can use intense shades colored tones. Shades like purple, green, black, dark brown.

Stage 1

Make a flawless base for your eyeshadow on your eyelid.

Blend your eye base well with the help of the beauty blender before starting your eye makeup.

To make your look bold and flawless it’s important to create an eye base. 

Stage 2 

 Pack on dark eye shadow to the external corner and into the eye crease. 

Stage 3 

  Blend out the eye shadow, so there aren’t any visible harsh lines.

Stage 4 

  If you feel that it needs more intensity of dark color then you can pack on more shadow from your palette.

Stage 5 

  Apply a gel or pencil liner on the lash line and try to draw closer to your lash line. 

Stage 6 

  Smudge it out and mix it with the existing dark eye shadow.

Stage 7 

 If you need to make a remarkable look, you can even take the eyeliner in the crease and extend it.

Now, Blend it nicely.

Stage 8 

  Take the liner under the eyes.

Stage 9   

Smudge it out to make the smokey impact.

Stage 10 

 It’s the last step. Apply your most loved volumizing mascara, and you’re all set! 

  The dark smokey is a work of art and is good for a night out at the club!

Click here to see more smokey eye tutorial look.


In the last, I conclude that makeup is an art. Always start with less product and gradually go with your requirements.  

The above looks are the easiest to carry during day and night. If you want the fresh and glow on your face then try subtle everyday makeup otherwise if you want to create a statement and bold look then go with simple smokey makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subtle everyday makeup look?

Subtle everyday makeup look stands for light and fresh makeup look. It’s to hide imperfections and uneven skin tone with minimal product usage.  

What is the difference between day and night makeup?

Day time makeup is more natural and no-makeup look. On the other hand, the night makeup look is a more dark and smokey makeup look.



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