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9 Easy and Unique Business Ideas in India.


Most of the business and startups are formed in this way only. If you don’t have
an idea right now then it’s, not a problem we have discussed some unique
business ideas or these can be a future startup.

Finding a business idea might be tougher at times but what if it can be done easily? You need to just analyze the problems around and figuring out the solution
for that problem will give you a new business idea.

Table of Content

  1. How do I generate unique business ideas?
  2. List of 9 Unique Business Ideas.
  3. Magazine with a new theme?
  4. App with original content.
  5. Extra income for Kirana stores.
  6. A movie or a web series.
  7. Promoting awareness of plants( with a cafe).
  8. No time waste in shopping.
  9. Blog or YouTube channel(Superstitions).
  10. Affordable Massagers.
  11. Removing waste.
  12. Final Words.
  13. FAQ.

How do I generate  a unique business ideas?

It’s and although ideas are all around us we just need to see them analyze them and it’s done. Remember for generating ideas sometimes brainstorming is important it is just an occasional productivity test. It should be done as a daily habit

You can beat your competition or create A USP for your business

 Focus on collective skills: In today’s world, everyone is talented and skilled. A new product in the market stays new only for a couple of weeks. Competition always adapts faster.

For example: If you hire an artist to develop a new style of customized paintings and start selling them online. Your competing brand will hire another painter to adopt a similar style of painting while tweaking it a bit. The chain will Follow and even if it becomes a trend,
no one will be able to find the brand who actually started it.

Hence you need to make your products hard to adapt and copy But How?

Focus on collective skill example:

Don’t hire a painter to develop a new style of paintings. Hire a photographer, painter, graphics designer, writer, and a new filmmaker to develop a new product.

This brings everyone’s best inputs to the table. Design a system and a unique flow of production. Unique and Efficient: Enough, to confuse your competition. It’s always hard to copy a product, which is developed by collective skills.

List Of 9 Unique Business Ideas.

Idea Number 1: Magazine with a new theme.

What are the most common types of magazines you have seen till date fashion
magazine, décor magazine film magazine, business magazine mostly categorized
by professions right.

But what if there is a magazine which is common to almost all the professions
like colour imagine a magazine with its every monthly addiction dedicated
to different colours, for example, January whites, February blues, March greens, etc.

Now January will have the trends related to the white colour from last months like famous white gowns worn by a celebrity, a white coloured famous painting or a
new white coloured unique gadget, etc. Basically this magazine would have a
wider niche of the audience as it is not focusing on one single profession.

This unique business idea will help for magazines.

Idea Number 2: A app where original contents posted.

Yes, it’s a true blue tick on Instagram and Facebook is overrated let me tell you
basically mean that social media App conforms the legal existence of the person
but it does not necessarily mean that the content of the person is valuable to others but what if there was a different verified tick for original and valuable content because currently most of the blogs on internet adjust sharing photos of other blogs and not creating original content and it’s high time.

That we individually verify every post and content that is original and not one
the whole account and also there is a transcript created behind every photo
video article on the Internet if the content transfer does not match with any other
course for content by a certain percentage it gets verified.

There was an app by the name very fit or maybe this feature can be used by the twitter
to fight again fake news or maybe on Instagram to push new great content.

Idea Number 3: Extra income for Kirana stores.

All of us know that placing your product in a good spot in a retail store can help
In boosting the sales and big and big companies to pray for good sports in
which supervision Store but what about small?

But honestly, a pan parlour owner as Coca-Cola company to play his bottle in the better fort and give rent IT companies on abusing you know there are more than 10000 in parlours in Gujarat even 10% of the new right and ask for rent together the company will have to pay so my Idea is a platform that or connects all of this fun colours together create offline or online important is unite them and capitalise this opportunity of placing FMCG products the same model can be applied organised Kirana stores in India. Have you ever thought of some unique business ideas for Kirana store

Idea Number 4: A movie or a webseries.

Casteism dividing people by their caste and religion on going and old age system going on almost everywhere and divisions are mostly done by peoples surname right But what is this system of the surname was changed completely or reboot for example what was your star sign like Hulchul Sagittarius or hurts sag Point

I know it’s impossible but my specific idea is held of a book or a web series based on this contract there would be so many interesting questions to explore in a success story like would there be a religion would there be discrimination with friends would stars sign dominate and why everyone from same star sign be different or similar professions will also be paid on star sign would it be a  Utopian world or a  dystopian one.

Idea Number 5: Promoting awareness of Plants( with a Cafe).

The demand of organic food is growing day by day just like the awareness for Planting trees avoid global warming years What is there was a cafe that promotes awareness of both the agenda together Where you order an orange juice you get orange  seed  and plant pot  with the discount,

Maybe the Cafe is plantation friendly and if you plant the seeds in the pot there and then you get a free meal or discount meal maybe you can donate plan or maybe you can bear seeds of plants or maybe you can bring interesting or rare plants of skills in art exhibition promoting plantation as an art. Do you know such a cafe who has implemented this unique business ideas?

Idea  Number  6: No time waste in shopping.

It is always fun to go shopping using clothes overfilling your Close carry bag Unless you see use light in front of the trial rooms right all the problems of finding correct size correct colours heavy carry bags and standing in the long trail line  this problem can be solved  by one Digital solution.

Imagine entering a shopping shop and seeing a dress or a shirt you like Now you don’t have to look for your side there is a digital tag on the cloth and you simply how to open the brand app on your phone and tap on the clothes and your size will be pre-saved in the app on the phone so whenever you tap on the digital tag of the clothes your size will be ready at the trial room.

So this  idea can  reduce the required  display space for the clothes hence more tials rooms can be made this will attract more customers there will be minimal time in front of the trial room.

Idea Number 7: A blog or a YouTube Channel(Spuerstition).

Superstition some people are afraid of them some people are irritated but what if money from them there is a popular superstition in India which says if a black cat crosses your path it’s bad luck really is it logical scientific or is it just a rumor that grew over years Woman stabbed really started it every culture has its own set of superstitions and these superstitions tell us a lot about the people following that culture.


Most Popular WeirdInteresting
AgraTajMahal is Haunted
Above one is just an example it is not

what if you could research is categorized most popular superstitions weird interesting superstition city-wise country-wise culture wise cross observe patterns in the sculptures and tell them like stories this information can be compiled and presented as a travel blog page or in a book for general or a weekly magazine article imagine shocking superstitions around the world.

Learn how to create YouTube Channel.

Idea Number 8: Affordable massagers.

Go search body massages on Amazon you will find plenty of options to choose from but today I am going to tell you design which with which could possibly the the world smallest massager ever well it is scientifically proven that there is specific points all over the body which can be massage for relative benefits for example this points for headache and this.

Is for stress apart from pressure method a lot of researches say that vibrating method is a better way that the points now imagine there is there one cm square rubber pad attach your finger with a strap and under that rubber pad there is a micro vibrator with the force touch sensor, in short, you can carry a portable micro finger.

Massager in your wallet which works on basic principle the harder you press the harder it vibrates imagine having such 10 massagers on your 10 fingers and being able to control the intensity of the vibration without any options while massaging head or body.

Idea Number 9: Removing waste and Reusing it.

 A very simple Idea and creative solution to motivate people for removing all the waste kite thread even after Uttarayan sends have you ever seen a string art where the drawing is made by piercing pins on a board in a way that where strings are tied between them they look like a drawing.

what if we do this at a large scale whatever a lot of artists collaborate to make a huge but rough of a kite art installation in a way that when more and more strings are tied on the board by people passing on the road the drawing gets more detail and better basically we are turning the Boring job of collecting based site string into the fun job more and more kids can be motivated to take part in this one activity to contribute to use the artwork for social cause if not in Real-world maybe there can be an advertisement based on this concept.

Final Words

Guys these are some unique business ideas comment down and do let me know which one is your favorite business idea from the list of unique business ideas.

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1.How to create a unique business idea?

Creating a unique business idea is tough but it not impossible you need to put some efforts and you can use SCRAMPER Technique.

How to find a Unique Business Ideas?

If you want to create a unique business idea then think of solving problems of people there are n number of problems which need to be solved just look around, do some  market research.



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