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Effective steps to become emotionally stable

Emotions and its meaning

Emotional stability is important for life. Emotions are the strong feelings we get, like joy, sadness, anger, disappointed.

You all think that we are good at handling our emotions but do you.

Emotional stability is the state where you have control over your emotions rather than emotions controlling you.

Emotions instability can be a very difficult state and sometimes can lead you to mental illness.

Anime showing different emotions

For example, you get angry on small things and vent out the anger without even thinking.

But at the same time you are afraid to be happy because you think it is not worth it.

Emotions running all over your body can make you a insane person with vulnerabilities.

What’s in it for you

How to be stable emotionally

Its very important for you to be stable emotionally to live a healthy life and to see focus on other things in life.

  1. Stay away from drama

    You need to stay away from unnecessary issues and dramas in life, it does not feed your mind and make you stressful, whether you are not the person who is creating issues but if you listen to it, it will definitely affect you in a negative manner.

    Accept that you have emotional issues and you need to work on it, this will help you to fight.

  2. Live in the present moment

    The main key to have control over emotions is that you forget the past and do not worry for future, live the present moment because once it was your future which you thought about all the time and the next moment it will become past.

    You should not live the past and bad experiences again and again to hurt yourself. People do not remember past they hang on there to live the emotions again and again.

  3. Respond to feelings

    Do not think that everything bad is going to happen with you, in your imagination you put yourself in the situations where you will suffer and thinking about that makes you upset and stressed.

    Choose to respond to things instead of reacting to it. When you are unstable emotionally you tends to react upon everything without any reason, try to calm yourself and talk. By

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How to maintain emotional health

Emotes showing different emotions

Let go and try not to control emotions

You should not avoid any feelings and pile it up against the walls of your heart. Do not blame or accuse others looking for mistakes and fault of others fills you with thoughts which are harmful and causes you stress and pain.

No one is perfect not even you let go of things and concentrate on your peace Feel happy and satisfied every minute.

Watch this video by Sandeep Maheshwari for more details.

Trying to control yourself and others too will reduce your self-esteem and there is no chance you will be happy about your own self.

Trying to control yourself and chance you will be happy about your own self.

This can cause irritation to you and probably you can loose your cool or just break down emotionally.

Take responsibility of your feelings

Be responsible for your own feelings, this is the fact, you may blame others for making you feel the way you are feeling, but is not them is you who is responsible for the feelings.

Accept the responsibility do not let anyone hurt you make yourself happy. Do not Expect too much from everyone, people are doing things that they can feel happy.

You need to expect from yourself to be emotionally healthy.

Focus on your life, try to make others happy, start feeling everything mediate, respect and be kind yourself

If there are emotions which are natural for example you feel devastating over someone’s death, feel the pain process it think about it and then let E go, the pain and love both will be there but you need to accept it not let it control you.

Know and understand your emotions

Knowing and understanding the emotions. The first step towards emotional stability is that you know what you are feeling and understands it properly to process it

Emotions are the central part of your consciousness and tells you about your goals and needs. Its very difficult to process and understands the emotions as sometimes no one can see your emotions or everybody knows about it.

Reaction is important

You are in a bondage of reacting patticularly about specic emotions like crying when you are sad, punish someone when you are angry and run away when you are scared.

But its you who needs to decide what reaction and response your emotions reeds

Understand that somethings make you angry and irritated and something makes you happy note down everything and try to act differently every time and then observe what suits your emotional health best

Process your emotions

Process your emotions by noticing and paying attention to the emotions, name the emotions say that you are feeling like top of the world or just crashing down.

Feel everything, stay with the feelings ever it is hard to stay, see whether its worse or uncomfortable or you can bear it.

Find peace and relaxation in feelings, take few deep breaths notice the shifts in your emotions, and do not try to judge what you feel.

If you want to just achieve emotional stability write how you feels, and burn it, throw the piece of paper.

A chart showing how to control your emotions

Move your body, express your emotions through running, dancing, or yoga.

Keeping balance and difficulties in emotions

Emotional issues are very sensitive once you feel something you can never forget the experience.

Emotional stability

It’s a trap if the emotions are giving you happiness and please you, you want to relive it all over again and if the emotions are uncomfortable you want to avoid it.

Both the actions will not help you in keeping balance in life in aspect of emotions. Emotions can change you as a person, your experiences can change your nature, attitude and perspective.

Never let any emotions impact you deeply or stay unresolved, get rid of it. Forgive others and the best you can do is forgive yourself, embrace your feelings and emotions to keep balance.

Watch this video by Sadhguru for more details.

You could face many difficulties while surviving the whole chaos, there could be anxiety and panic attacks.

ou might not sleep, you can have a breakdown in middle of anything and the worst part of it is you cannot control it.

Remember that emotions are your part of life which needs to be the best of yours.

There can be days where you might not able to get out of the bed, but you need to face the day.

How to control your emotions

There is no argument that you are more powerful than your emotions but sometimes its opposite, emotions become powerful and controls you.

How you react to things depends upon your mood or any recent even or because of what you feel.

To control your emotions try to experience every feeling and never say that you will never feel this way.

You are not appreciating the feelings, you are avoiding it.

As a human you have got the gift to feel everything and have emotions so, discover every part of it.

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Do not frame your thoughts according to your emotions, for example you are excited for a party and feeling happy.

You are thinking of having so much fun but the party was not amazing and everything makes you sad.

A image showing a mother's balance in emotions

Practice emotional regulation skills, try to attach your every emotions with things, like play with your fingers when you get upset, rub your head when you get angry, this helps in controlling emotions.

Try to connect to people and ask for help, travel if it requires, take rest and see the changes.


Emotional stability makes your life. You can achieve it with many steps followed. As a human you feel many emotions, you need to understand the emotions and process it.

But sometimes there are feelings which cannot you might not know what you are experiencing like sonder.

Watch this video by Sadhguru for more details.

It is a sudden realization where you understand that you do not know a person very well.

May be you know about their story till they have told you and what if they are never going to tell you.

Other experiences like, hanker sore, subtle form of jealousy.

Emotions like lachesism, ellipsism, gnossienne, and many more this feelings are not describable to others.

So even if you try to understand you cannot because you do not have proper knowledge.

Even if you cannot do anything about it try to embrace it.

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What are the emotional stability characteristics ?

The characteristics of emotional stability is that a person is calm, he/she does not react but respond to situations, does not experience constant negative feelings and thoughts and low moods.

Also he/she is not always experiencing positive thoughts and always excited. A proper manner is maintained and every emotion is understoodand processed well.

Am I emotionally stable ?

Everyone thinks that they have no emotional issues and have controlover their emotions, but in fact everyone faces difficulty in facing emotions and overcoming the issues.

If you think that you are stable you might have not acknowledged your issues and one day it will bother you. There are very few people who have total control on their emotions.

Is there any emotional stability tests ?

Neuroticism or emotional stability scale shows you about your emotional traitsIt is based on big five personality theory.
If you are high on the scale you are stable and calm emotionally and iflow you need to work on your emotional issues.


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