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6 easy ways to stay physically healthy


Physical fitness in life

Physical fitness is the state where your body is healthy and well treated by you. Being physically fit means you can play sports well, perform your job without being tired by body and loosing energy at high level.

Your body supports you well when it is fit. To keep your body fit you need to nourish it, train it, and take a good care of it.

For example, if you will walk just two mile more than your daily walking distance, you will be tired, and you will be left with no power to do anything, your leg will start hurting and your daily walking distance will be your limit.

Crossing your limits needs power and energy and a healthy state of a body. On the other hand, if you are physically fit you can easily push your limits.

What’s in it for you

How to get physical fitness in life

Being physically fit, and conditioning well your body is very important for you to live a healthy and longer life, staying away from disease.

  1. Make healthy choices

    Doing exercise, eating good food, living in a healthy environment does not only affects your body in a good manner but also your mind. It helps you to stay healthy and fit everyday in your life.
    Making healthy choices and thinking about your physical fitness saves you from the risk of disease.
    You can save your money, as there will be no need of expensive treatments for disease like diabetes and heart attack.

  2. Make a physical fitness strategy

    The more you involve yourself in physical activities, the more the chances increase that you will increase your life expectancy.
    Physical activities strengthens your bones, muscles and body which helps you in recovering fast in case you get injured.
    Make plans for your fitness hours slect the excersices, materials and songs.

  3. Take care of your precious body

    Once you start taking care of your body, you cannot turn back.
    It is always the bright and shiny day for you filled with energy you will feel fresh and active everyday.
    The changes and result will be in front of you, as it your quality of life will be improved with the help of physical activities.
    If you are healthy and string you can take a good care of your loved ones and others.

Balanced diet

Having a diet which is balanced means you are getting proper nutrients from your diet according to your need.

Proteins, carbohydrates , energy and fat all these is involved in your diet to keep you healthy and fit.

Its very important for you to maintain a proper weight and stamina to be healthy.

Balanced diet helps you to maintain a stable weight for your body,.

It leaves behind those junk and sugary food you leave no space for weight gain or loss.

Eating food like green leaves, fruits, pulses helps you to maintain a weight which is accurate for you.

Eating vitamins, carbohydrates in your food stops your frequent craving for snacks at wrong time and keeps you full for longer time.

A balance diet helps you to stand against disease and gives you energy.

Serious problems like infections, stress and obesity will stay away from you if have right amount of nutrients in your body.

Food rich in nutrients get digested easily in your body and provides you energy to stay fit.

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There are number of important advantages that studies have shown that food provides to your brain.

Like omega 3 fatty acids and dry fruits helps to improve our memorizing and reasoning power.


There is a question that if you can exercise at home why you need to go to the gym for physical fitness.

If you can do exercise at home that’s the best thing you can do but if you cannot do it at home then, you need a gym.

As you pay to gyms now you cannot waste your money. Gym provides you with trainer who guides you throughout your process to be physically fit.

There are equipment which are very helpful and gym provides you with proper plan of what to do and what not to do.

Being in gym motivates you as you are surrounded with people who are really concerned and it inspires you.


Exercises like walking, swimming stretching helps you to make your muscle work and burn calories in body with lots of oxygen filled in .

There is no time to do exercise it depends on your schedule and body.

Just remember do not exercise before and after one hour of meal and do not drink water immediately after exercise.

Watch this video by Fit Tuber for more details.

Exercise makes a person happier and lighter, there is this feeling in that everything is fine.

You can do anything immediately and it stays for longer period of time, but there is logic behind this.

While exercising your brain releases many chemicals which makes you feel happy and lighter.

You can enjoy the exercises you do like dancing, swimming running and yoga. Its more of a fun than workout. You makes your muscles and bones stronger while just grooving on songs.

The advantage of exercising is it helps your skin to stay healthy, and bright by just spending one hour daily in exercising.


Yoga is one of the many exercise forms that you can attempt to stay fit.

It is ancient and is a first step to spirituality while you stay fit. It is a set of poses go maintain a healthy body, mind and soul.

Yoga strives for perfect mechanism which will connect your mind, body and soul in one.

It will provide you with comfort and the reality of life.

Yoga provides you with many mental and physical benefits out of which higher immunity, beautiful skin and body, higher level of metabolism and peace of mind are very few.

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Dancing could be another alternative for exercise, people who do not want hard exercises end up joining dance classes .

It is also one if the most enjoyable and easy exercise you can do. If does not love dancing, you can be fit while just grooving and moving on your favorite songs.

It helps in improving the health of heart and lungs, makes your muscles and bones strong, and shape body.

Dancing makes you attractive, flexible, you can balance easily, helps in reducing stress and depression.

Because you express yourself freely and be yourself which has a great positive effect on your body and mind.

Watch this video by Sandeep Maheshwari for more details.

You can dance while cooking, washing the clothes or take a week for dance class to be healthy.


Put up your headphones and just start running. Running is the best and easy exercise you can do.

IF you run 15-20 minutes daily it’s enough for your body. As running helps you to be fit both physically and mentally.

Because it is a form of aerobic exercise and gives you many benefits, it helps in reducing stress and depression.

There are less chances of heart disease and your digestive system stays strong.

Running helps in building up strength and burn calories.

As a result, studies have shown that running is not only beneficial for body parts like knees and back but also helps in sleeping better.

The immunity system and cognitive functions also gets better when you run on a daily basis.

Watch this video by Sandeep Maheshwari for more details.

It is the most enjoyable exercise as you can run anywhere, you want even at your home on treadmill.


Physical fitness is very important in life because we need to keep going on, in this world were you do not know how many disease can kill you.

You need to take care of your body for saving yourself from any kind of risks.

Physical fitness means you need be healthy in the aspect of your body, Its not about looking beautiful or being in a perfect shape.

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Definition of physical fitness

Physical fitness is defined as the state where people have or want to achieve the sets of attributes which help them to relate to the ability to perform and carry out daily physical activities.

What is health related physical fitness?

Health related physical fitness is the exercises performed to achieve prevention from disease and illness and achieve functional health.

The five components of health related physical fitness are cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, body composition and body flexibility.

What are the three main types of physical activities?

The three main types of physical activities are cardio or aerobic physical activity, bone strengthening physical activity and muscular strengthening activity.
Each type have its own benefits to your body in specific aspects.



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