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Top secrets of living a Balanced Life


Keeping balance in life

Do you know how peace and happiness is gained in life? A simple answer is by keeping balance in life.

Keeping balance between all the forms of life, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual. The idea of keeping the balance and what does it really means differs from one person to another.

It may be having time for oneself or fulfilling the dreams.

For keeping the physical aspect balanced you need to exercise, sleep well and eat well.

At the same time the intellectual aspect to be in balance you need to learn new things, have knowledge as per our limits.

But in this world where change is the ultimate truth and is permanent, adaptation to the changing situations around you is only the way to keep a balance in life.

As Frank Herbet said, “ There is no secret to balance, you just have to feel the waves. “

Balance is not something you achieve to have a peaceful life, balanced life itself means a peaceful life.

For example, you have a great relationship and earns good enough to have a decent living.

Contrarily when it comes to physical abilities and having satisfaction in life you do not know where to start and what to do to have balance.

You can have everything still be unhappy if you do not know how to maintain balance in every aspect of the life.

The Spiritual aspect needs satisfaction and peace for the soul to be stable while the emotional aspect needs happiness, stability and control over reactions.

Keeping life in balance does not necessarily means eating balanced life, have balanced relationships and enough wealth.

It is not about seeking balance but to create it.

What’s in for you

Intellectual part of the life

The intellectual part of life plays a very important role, it gives identity in life.

It means engaging ourselves in creative and mental activities.

Learning new skills and gaining knowledge is the right way to keep balance and maintain the intellectual part of the life properly.

Your academics, personal hobbies, habits, involvements in groups and activeness helps you growing intellectually.

To achieve a balanced life intellectual wellness is important.

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Intellectual wellness helps in learning and to be mindful you need to explore new ideas and expand your brain for understanding.

Being intellectually balanced means having right understanding, curiosity, have the ability to learn and develop.

All these things are very important for you self-motivation and self-belief to maintain everything in a right way.

Be open for everything, for new ideas, new ideas, new culture and different opinions and different understanding.

This way you can approach life as a person who is problem-solving, creative, thoughtful and a learner.

Emotional part of the life

Being emotionally balanced is the first need of your life because emotions not only affects your mood but slowly and steadily it can degrade you mentally and physically and spirituality does not stand a chance.

Being emotionally unstable either makes you the person who do not want to feel anything or the person who feels everything and let it consumes you.

Both are the signs that your emotions needs a balance to be maintained.

On the contrary, your emotional health will be in worse condition.

Emotions such as joy, anger, kind, sadness makes you, this is what you feel every time.

There cannot be a human without emotions as good as a corpse.

Feel everything in life

To keep a balance you need to feel everything but not be overwhelming because of emotions.

Every feelings needs to be accepted and processed in a right way.

The harder someone tries to avoid emotions or keep feeling the same emotion the more he suffers from pain which is inevitable.

Emotions needs to be expressed, solved, and to be heard.

However, to be emotionally balanced know how to express and process emotions.

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Being emotionally stable is the biggest power you have.

Withstanding, control the emotions rather being controlled by it.

You need to be consciously aware and need to identify your emotion before taking any action on it.

But what you need to know is you cannot achieve a perfect balance emotionally and even if you do it cannot stay for longer period as per the research and studies.

Physical part of the life

The struggle for physical wellness the seems impossible to be performed.

Because not just a part of the body but the whole body is at work and needs efforts to maintain a balance.

For example if someone says you to control your anger for five minutes more or less you can do it but if someone says you to run for 3 miles daily that is something which will take months to give it a start.

Keeping balance physically is important to keep balance in life because if the body will not support you then there is no use of keeping balance in other aspects.

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Spiritual part of the life

What makes disappointes and frustrate you is attachments towards this materialistic things.

You need to have detachment with all things, this is not the right approach to have a spiritual balance.

To be achieve spirituality enjoy everything but when everything is gone know how to survive.

What matters is peace and happiness which materialistic things cannot provide to a human.

You need to know the right values and morals to be spiritual and not just leave everything and become a sage.

Being spiritual means seeking peace not forsaking the world.

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How to keep balance in life

To achieve balance you needs to focus on both external and internal issues. Everything heart, mind, health, work and relationship needs care and balance.

  1. Observe and notice life

    Notice everything and be honest, take time may you notices problems which you never thought would be the cause of your unbalanced life.

    Analyze what has been done by you to improve your life, what was the issues you always neglected. Is there a big issue or you need to work little to keep everything in balance.

  2. Define goals in life

    Define your goals before imagining a balanced life. Know specifically what you want from life, what is your priority not for present situation but for long term.

    Make a list or a map of things which needs to be solved and which is already at a balance, remember look both the sides of coins, positive and negative.

    Have plans that needs to be implemented and goals which needs to be achieved on daily basis. Look things with different perspective, try new measures to change your life.

  3. Know yourself and life

    Learn from past. Remember that you have come a long way and survived, try recollecting how did you manage to achieve things, how was your focus and the way you lived in past.

    Remind yourself every time you feel like you are losing it, is you can have a balanced life and you deserve it. Say positive things to yourself, believe in yourself. Keeping faith with right efforts will definitely provide you success.

For example choose running and dancing over dieting and yoga.

Try showing gratitude instead of just noticing the shortcomings of everything.
Learn from past.

These measures motivates you and fills you with self-belief.

You are already an extraordinary man fighting daily to keep balance.

Have faith in life

Take small but effective steps towards balanced life.

Keeping faith with right efforts will definitely provide you success.

Sharing your inner process gives you strength to achieve a balanced life.

While all these process goes on and changes happen in your life be patient, things take times to happen and when it comes to a human, you never know what is going to happen next.

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Importance of balanced life

The world is moving so fast that it is difficult for us to keep a pace with it.

Having a balanced life which provide wellness in every aspect is important to survive in this stressful world.

Taking care of yourself and your loved one is important.

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A balanced life gives you peace, satisfaction and purpose. A balanced life means reduced stress and anxiety, improved health whether its physical, mental or emotional.

It gives you a total new perspective towards life which not only changes your life but changes the surrounding environment of your too.

Master everything in life

Humans have so much to master, so much to manage then why you should not be mastering and enjoying every aspect.

The nature works in balance and so do you need to. You need to understand how much a balanced life can change your whole life.


“We need to be happy today, for being happy tomorrow “ , worrying for future happiness can ruin your present happiness.

The basic nature of a human is to be happy .

So sometimes if you do not have a perfect balanced life, you can still be happy and have peace.

You can find balance easily with just happiness.

There are many sites and organizations working and helping people to achieve balanced life and making them understand what does they really need.

Is it a perfect life or a peaceful life.

You need to focus on today to keep balance tomorrow.


How do you balance work and life ?

Its very difficult to focus on balancing the life when your work schedule is so rigid, and does not give time you to take breaks.
The best way is to enjoy your work

What does a well balanced Life look like ?

There is no such thing called a perfect balanced life, everyone lacks in one or other aspect of life, but when you are taking right decisions, have a control over emotions, have money to survive and few relationships which means everything to you that is a balanced life you are living.

How to regain balance in life. ?

When you lost balance in life and feel lost, its very difficult to get back on track when you were living a perfect life.
Sudden loss of balance in life can shock you.
At that point of time, you need to understand that it happens to every one and accept it, without acceptance and understanding it you cannot work on it.
This is the first step to regain your balance in life and rest you can follow tips mentioned above.



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