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4 Effective Ways to Manage Your Time Better – Time Management


In my words, Time Management can be simply defined as “A process to plan and control your time in the most effective and efficient manner, and to get best utilization of it”.

What’s in this blog for you?

  1. What is Time Management?
  2. Why Time Management is Important?
  3. How to Manage your Time?
  4. Simple Daily Ways to feel active
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Time Management?

In a simplified way, we can define it as “Time Management is the process of managing how much time you spend on different activities in a day”.

Most of you people might several times feel like 24 hours are not enough for them in a day to carry out all their work properly. But, since we all know that each and every person in the world gets the same 24 hours in a day, then why there is this difference that some people can achieve so much in their life with the same 24 hours in a day and others cannot?

The answer is proper Time Management. Those people understand the real value of time. They utilize every hour rather than wasting their time.

Why Time Management is Important?

If I ask you that “How much important your time is?”, then most of you people will say that my time is this much important, this much special, this much precious. But if I ask you that “Whether you are able to utilize all 24 hours of your day?”, then only a few of you can genuinely say Yes.

Everyone heard about the importance of time in life, but only a few people can actually stop wasting their time and manage it properly. And that’s all that makes the difference

Value of Time

I’ll try to explain you the value of time with an example. I hope this example will make you better realize the importance of time. Suppose I’ve given you Rs.86,400 to spend. How you use this money and where you spend it is up to you, but the condition is that you have to spend all of this money in a day, i.e., in 24 hours only. Otherwise, all this money will be disappeared the next day.

So now you have two options: First option is that either you think of spending this money in buying what you wish for, eating what you like, or going where you want to go. The second option is that you might think of investing this money somewhere in gold, securities, etc. so that  this money will give you better value and you can even use this money in future.

Now if I ask you to select any of the two options, then many of you will go with the second option as you’ll obviously gonna use that amount for a longer period as per your needs.

In the same way, every day you get 86,400 seconds to utilize in whatever manner you like, and you also get only a day to use this time. But even then, most of you spend this time for your temporary pleasures like doing unnecessary chit-chats, getting stuck in social media, and in other unproductive things.

Although everyone knows that the value of time is much more than the value of money, but even then people spend their time rather than investing it. It is because very few people really know about Time Management.

One can invest his time in learning new things, developing new skills, and improving his personality. These investments will also give him better results in future. So everyone should know how to stop wasting his/her time and start managing it in a productive manner.

How to Manage your Time?

Prioritize Your Work:

You must prioritize your works that you have to do. Prioritizing your work is a very essential part of managing your time. You have to think and understand that which of your tasks are more important and urgent to be done, and which ones can be set aside to be done later.

Set your limits:

In this method, you have to observe yourself to realize those works in which you spend most of your time. After that, you have to put limits on your time killing habits. You should also tell about such limits to your parents, friends or roommates, so that they can remind you of those limits also.

In most cases, using a smartphone is the most time killing habit. Even earlier, I also used to spend so much time on my smartphone. After realization, I’ve set a limit over it. I planned to charge my phone to 100% in the morning, and I have to use it for the entire day. Then gradually, I restrict that battery charging to 70% and even to 60%. Then I have to use that 60% charged phone for my entire day.

This method slowly put my that habit to an end as I only start using my phone for working purposes so that the battery lasts for all day long. You also have to put such limits to your bad time killing habits in order to get rid of them for effective time management.

Draft Your Plan:

You should do the scheduling of your 24 hours and divide it in different time slots as per your work. It’s like a time table that we used to follow in our school times.

Preparing your time table might sound a little childish, but it is a very effective way to manage your time. And by organizing your time wisely, you can use it in best manner.

Planning out all your work and following the schedule makes all your work to be done on an easier note because the timetable always keeps you remind about your time, work, and deadline.

Breaks Management:

Drafting your schedule and following it is very essential, but having proper breaks in your schedule is also equally important. Otherwise you’ll get frustrated with your schedule in some time and then stop following it.

As per the source, a human brain’s concentration limit is for about 90-120 minutes at a time. While doing a lot of work, if you do not take proper breaks, then you might feel burnout after some time. It even decreases your productivity.

So you have to take proper breaks in between in order to maintain your efficiency and productivity. You can listen to music, take a nap, meditate, or do whatever makes you feel good, and makes your mind relaxed and charged-up.

Simple Daily Ways to feel active

Along with these time management techniques, there are some tips that you should follow in your day-to-day routine to feel fresher, charged up, and active, which assists you in following your daily schedule that you’ve made up. Those day-to-day tips are:

  • Do Exercise: Physical activeness is very much required to keep your brain active. You should also look forward to get involved in physical exercises and other sports as such activities are a great kind of stress reliever. So, on a daily basis, or if not, then once in every 2-4 days, you should do physical exercises to be more productive.
  • Sleep Well: Having a bad sleep affects your efficiency a lot. Involving yourself in different activities without taking enough rest makes no sense of your time management planning. So, in order to relax your mind as well as your body, you have to take a sound sleep every night. It is advised to have a good sleep of eight hours a day.
  • Get up Early: If you want to feel like you’re getting so much of time for your work, then there is no better way than this. Getting up early in the morning always seems like getting extra hours for your day. Also, you’ll feel very charged-up and motivated in the morning, which boosts your productivity. Along with this, the morning calmness and silence improves your focus as well.


Conclusively, to manage your time in the best manner, you should follow the ways mentioned above. Gradually it becomes your habit, and then you don’t even have to be conscious every time about the effective utilization of your time. You should also follow the simple ways described and add them in your daily routine in order to feel more active for the entire day, as when you feel active, you’ll get the best yield of your time.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is time management important for students?

Time management is important for everyone, including students.

Why is time management necessary?

Time management is necessary as it gives more so that every minute of the day can be utilized in best manner.

Is time management important in business or workplace?

Yeah, it is important in every aspect of life and everywhere.

Is time management comes under Self Improvement?

Yes. time management is an important element to be considered in Self improvement.

Is no wasting of time is time management?

Avoid wasting time is a part of time management. Time management is even wider.



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