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28-Items for Wedding Emergency Kit For Bride And Bridesmaids


A wedding day emergency kit is very important to have every essential item available to the bride and bridesmaids. Here you have 28 essential items for the kit. Which will really help you in making a wedding day emergency kit.

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Below table contain 28 items for wedding day emergency kit.

1. Stain Removing Wipes 2. Wet Wipes3. Clear Pins4. Compact Sewing Kit
5. Super Glue6. Eye Drops7. Lighter8. Pocket Tissues
9. Mirror10. Flip Flop11. Cable Ties12. Toilet Seat Spray
13. Feminine Hygiene Products14. Duct Tape Or Gaffer Tape15. Nail Glue16. Baby Powder
17. Water Spray18. Makeup Blender19. Dry Shampoo20. Bun Shaper
21. Pain Medications22. Water Bottle Other Snacks23. Comb24. Makeup Kit
25. Safety Pins26. Mini Brush & Lint Roller27. Tweezer28. Facial Wipes

Stain Removing Wipes

It is used when if anyone messes wine or they mess anything on themselves this is really handy to have on-site with you.

Wet Wipes

You can carry different various wet wipes. Make sure the size should be small and compact so that it can go in any one of your bridesmaid’s bags or it can go in a little kit that you could have at the venue.

Clear Pins

These are really nice for buttonholes or if anyone dresses is coming down, this is really good to be able to use this it’s not just a normal pin.

Compact Sewing Kit

It is most important to make sure you just have a little sewing kit and in this kit ensure that you got all color threads and all size needles. so, it’s really great to have this and if you can, also buy a sewing kit that ready threaded or Prepare your needles for your wedding day.

Super Glue

This can fix shoes, headpieces, and everything in between.

Eye Drops

A must-have eye drops if the wedding is outside since pollen and budding flowers can irritate eyes and ruin makeup. If the bride or groom wears contacts, it is important to have an extra pair and solution on hand also.


If any fabric starts to fray, you can burn the end to stop it from unraveling. A lighter can also come in handy if any candles need to relight.

Pocket Tissues

Put it in your kit little sashes of tissues help you so much throughout the wedding.


A small mirror can help you fix makeup or stray hairs when you don’t have a mirror near you.

Flip Flop

It is really great to have on hand on your wedding day and it’s good for you if you carry the three sizes with you in your production beg and a bride that might have sore feet, a bridesmaid that might have sore feet.

It’s really not good to have people running around with bare feet, in case there is cut glass or anything, so these are really helpful to have on hand.

Cable Ties

This is the old and trustworthy little piece of plastic that’s been around for years and it’s very common behind the scenes.

Toilet Seat Spray

This is also very helpful in any emergency time if we sometimes don’t have many toilet papers and the seat is in messy condition.

Feminine Hygiene Products

You know things do happen, so in your kit for any emergency time.

Duct Tape Or Gaffer Tape

This is really good it comes in three different colors. If something lying that’s on the floor or if there’s a carpet that keeps lifting and someone keeps tripping over it, someone can tape it down.

If you’re finding that you’ve got a men’s suit that is full of dust. This is really nice you turn it around inside out and you basically use it as a dabbing, almost like the lint roller.

Nail Glue

Can be used in any nail problem you might have false nails put on or extensions, then this is really good instead of nails popping off just before your photoshoot and the nails pop off because you’ve been busy planning with your hair, this is a really great item.

Baby Powder

It’s an item that you need to have on you in case of any emergency. You this on your skin and it actually breaks the staginess of the actual dress against your skin, so baby powder is super good. It’s also really good to stop perspiration.

Water Spray

It’s really great just to freshen up. Also, what you could do if you can’t get this, get your hands on a max fixer a few different makeup fixers or refreshers and they really are good, so whether or not it’s a water one, just to hydrate your skin.

Makeup Blender

It’s really nice to keep on hand for your makeup during the day. If for instance you finding yourself very hot and bothered you can spry on some makeup fixer and take it and debit over your skin, just to settle your skin.

Dry shampoo

For instance, you had your hair up in a beautiful up style and you want to take it down, shake it out and have it down, this is a really nice refresher for your hair and something that you can always use so this is really nice for your bridesmaids.

Bun Shaper

It is so much good for bridesmaids, so keep it in your beg on your wedding day emergency kit its also use to fill up hair, so if you don’t have extensions these are really good to fill up hair.

Pain Medications

Headaches and other body pain sometimes strike when you least expect them to and they won’t hold off just because it’s your wedding day emergency kit. It’s a good idea to carry around some pain relievers in case someone in the bridal party feels not well.

Band-aids are good to have too in case shoes are causing blisters or if someone encounters a small cut or scrape, so in these cases, the medication kit is very helpful.

Water Bottle Other Snacks

Sometimes it will happen in the wedding day excitement and jitters, brides have been known to forget about or skimp on meals before wow time. Although you probably don’t want to get too filled up on snacks before your ceremony and reception dinner.

It’s a good idea to have water and some food item on hand so you don’t have to worry about fainting or feeling sick before and during the ceremony.

Hydration is always key, but a small snack such as a granola or protein bar will also help keep maintain your blood sugar level and won’t have you feeling lightheaded or ill.


As a backup to brush out the hair and then various hair elastics all different colors or may not be but make sure you have for blonde hair brown hair and black hair and then the same that goes with the hair clips.

Make sure that you have various different hair clips so that if for instance you had a down style and you need feel you want to put your hair up this is really nice to have on hand.

Makeup Kit

Makeup kit is so important to have with you for the bridesmaids as I mentioned you would definitely have some makeup options available one of the things & I suggest is lip glosses and the matching lip liners these are really helpful for the bride.

So, you’ve got lots of matching lip colors and lip pencils which is really nice to have on your hand and then to have the eyeliners and your eyebrow pencil and then mascara.

Safety Pins

In everyone’s kit in anyone that works in the wedding industry even the photographers and videographers, some of them carry safety pins and these can really be useful for anything.

You can carry the various amount of sizes around with you. These are super good if someone dress rips, if your tail of your dress where you want to hold your dress up, you can actually use this tie up your dress.

Mini Brush & Lint Roller

Sometimes have animals there or there might be a dog wondering around and you might pick up quite a bit of dog hair, for this, you can have a so these are really handy.

Anything small that you know you can fit in your kit is really great and handy to have on hand. You would definitely have a miniature kit of makeup for you and your bridesmaids on your day.


Tweezer you should definitely be in your emergency kit. It is an important element you know not just for tweezing eyebrows cause that’s not really what it’s about it’s more just about if anyone gets a splinter or if you kneed to pick something out to have small so, that you can able to carry with you easily.

Tweezer is also so much good for your eyelashes If you are wearing extensions eyelashes.

Facial Wipes

We sometimes have guests at all of a sudden if one eyelash disappears and the other eyelash is fallen off so, this really good to give them their eyelashes.

I’m not sure if they will ever ask for it but it’s there it’s also great for you to be able to use and then with this of course as I mentioned earlier on is a wet wipe which you definitely need and then the micellar cleansing water is really good to have because it not only soothes your skin it removes makeup and it’s refreshing.


When we talk about the wedding day emergency kit than being prepared is the best thing that will ever happen on your wedding day. Making this kit will save you a lot of sanities.

The idea of a bridal emergency kit is not only kept bridal happy but can come in handy for anyone who is there that day. An emergency can happen many times on the wedding day and you have to be prepared for all possible emergencies by considering all the above items.



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