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(English Language) History and Importance


Hello there! This is Vivek Bhatia and I will talk about the English Language and its history, origin, etc so that you must know all the basics regarding this.

As you all know the importance of the English language in today’s Era, So today you will get to know much more about it.

What’s for you?

  1. About English Language
  2. History of English Language
  3. Why the English language is important?
  4. English as a global language
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQS

About English Language

It is the most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese language and is conjoined with Latin, German, and French languages. Although the Latin language is not commonly used but it has a high influence on it. Also, German and French language has a great influence on it.

It is an Indo-European language and belongs to the West Germanic group of the Germanic languages.

There are a total of 26 alphabets used in the English are as follows:

  • small or lowercase alphabets
  • a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
  • Capital or uppercase alphabets
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

It is an open and flexible language in every country and can easily be used for any type of communication. As per research, about 4000 words are added to the oxford dictionary each year as changes have continuously occurred in the English language from time to time.

History of English language

In today’s world, hundreds of millions of people speak English either as their first language or a second but hundreds of years ago the English that we use to speak today did not exist at all. So we are going back and have a look at its timeline, how the English language came from?

Anglo Saxons migrated to England in the 5th Century and brought many languages with them, English is one of them. Although, that English is too different as compared with today’s English.

Until these Anglo Saxons used to live in England, old English was commonly used at that time, and before Anglo Saxons sovereignty, the Latin language was used in England and we have had the Latin influence many times on the English language.

The natives of England started using Latin words and it became integrated into the language. The Bible was also written in Latin language and later translated into the English language.

In the 11th century, Norman conquest was held in England. After that middle English language culture came in, that was the time when it was influenced by french means when some french words were also added in the English language. Now just have a look at how the English language interacted or conjoined with other languages.

As the English language has been influenced by the Latin language by 29%, french language by 29%, Germanic language by 26%, Greek by 6%, and others by 10%.


Due to its flexibility, It has a great dominance in international communication and considered as a global language.

Changes mean many words have been added in it from many commonly used languages. For example, words like Jail, jungle, karma have been added in it from the Hindi.

Why the English language is important

Itis a very easy and flexible language, not rocket science and anyone can easily learn over the internet.

It is very important to learn English in today’s culture for getting a good job in MNCs. It is considered as an international communication language despite your region, culture, etc. Even if you meet any person anywhere, the chances are high that you both communicate in English.

How’s Important is it?

It is also helpful in accessing the internet because most of the websites on the internet are in English only. It actually gives you access to almost more than half the content available on the internet.

Spoken English is very important in the modern era and practice it to improve your English skills as you know how important this it is.

I suggest you learn English ASAP if you want Jon in MNCs.

As many Corporates provide free training to their employees to improve their English speaking skills. If you are preparing for the government job then the basic knowledge of English is enough for getting the job and if you want to use a laptop, computer or a smartphone you just need to know English.

Many of the youngsters from India go abroad for higher studies so they must have a good knowledge of English. An entrance exam known as IELTS is being conducted to check the knowledge of candidates applying for higher studies abroad. You must crack the IELTS ( International English language testing system) exam to be eligible for higher studies abroad.

English learners should keep in mind four skills i.e Reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills, and Listening skills. These four skills are necessary for learning the English language.

English as a Global Language

As per data, more than 350 million people use English as their first language and over 430 million people use it as an official language in Asian Countries like India. There are more than 50 English speaking countries across the globe.

These all are native speakers and non-native speakers also Preferred English. English is much better and easy to learn as compared to other languages such as Japanese, Chinese or Spanish, etc.

It also gives us access to the world of entertainment as most of the books, novels are published in English. As almost all authors are native speakers and the most entertaining part is to watch movies as almost all hit movies and series such as spiderman, Avengers, game of thrones, etc are produced in English only but we can also watch in our language after dubbing.

As a global language, it has many accents such as British accent, Canadian accent, Australian accent, Irish accent, etc.

These all accents are quite different from each other as the tone is quite different from the other one. As you may have noticed sometimes how Britishers and Americans’ English tone is quite different from the Indian English tone.

Now the question is Will English Always Be the Global Language?

First is the power of the British Empire and the later in 17th century, the power of industrial revolution as it was the language of science and technology and after that in 19th Century with the Power of money as Americans and Britishers, both used were using it so it became as a global language.

They want to shake hands and do business with them and they have to use English so it will remain as the global language as long as these nations retain that kind of power.

On the other hand, just take another scenario where for whatever reason if these powerful nations like America diminishes the power and other nations like china become dominant, then people may go for Chinese because they will want to be like them as powerful and it may cause of Chinese maybe the global language but it may also depend upon other factors as well.

You can also read our another blog on Importance of Spoken English.


So in this blog, we learned about the history and origin of the English. Anyone can learn easily. At last, I will say that English can be learned in any stage of life.


When was English first used?

Old English started from German dialects originally spoken along the coasts of Frisia, by Germanic tribes known as Anglo Saxons.

Why is it important to study the history of English language?

As you know, English is very important language and spoken worldwide as either first or second language. It is not much important but you should know the the basics and history of old, middle and modern English.

Who is founder of English?

DJJ THOMSON is known as the founder of the English language. This language is developed over the course of more than 1500 years.



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