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Here is why you need to become an Influential person


An influential personality

Before understanding what is influential personality, you need to understand what does influence means.

It means affecting other people’s decision making and create an impact in their thought process.

From the meaning you can easily understand that influential personality is a type of personality which acts like a magnet.

It attracts everyone and affect other people’s thought process and decision making, you can convince anybody for a particular thing.

It’s not about thinking for your own self but also about others who gets influenced by you.

So, don’t use it to misguide people with, use it for the betterment of others

So, that you can become the better version of yourself.

This is one of the important qualities that a person should have. It is not that you can become an influential person by developing one skill.

There are many other factors which makes an you influential person like social skills, leadership, communication skills, intelligence and decision making skills.

These skills all together make a person an influential person.

What’s in it for you

What is the importance of having influence on others ?

Importance of having influence on others is, living people that can counted as dead around you gets affected by your decision making.

Your thoughts which can help not only other person but also you to grow in the respective field.

Influential personality empowers other, people to do something big and great.

Now coming to the practical example,

That if you are manager of the company and you are managing 20 employees but you don’t have influential personality.

If you cannot influence others, then the team will not listen and you will be at loss.

But if you have influential personality, then you can inspire your team easily whether they are less productive or strong.

Listen to this podcast to more about becoming an influencer

Due to the influence of yours they will help you in getting the desired results this make influential personality important .

If you are at higher position and a normal person then also it is important.

ecause if you want to do something big then you need people who help you in getting work done to influence them.

But convincing other people is not an easy job, having influence will help you to easily inspire the people.

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What are the ways to become an influential person ?

There are factors important for being influential person and you have to know those factors and its importance.

Because it is very important to have knowledge of the field in which you are going to influence other people.

Focus on learning and gather as much knowledge as you can, and try to apply in your life.

Learn from your experiences become self aware of your thoughts know that what to do and how to do.

Slowly you will start getting better in taking decisions for your own self and you can influence others.

Start taking responsibility of everything in life which will help you in being a good influential person.

Watch this video about improving the personality

A good influential person should know his/her responsibilities and know how to manage it.

Also learn other skills for being rich in management, communication skills, having good relationship, leadership qualities and many more.

Ways to influence others?

Here are some effective hacks for influencing others

  1. Slow down the ego trip

    It is important for you know how to influence others in a positive way being at the higher position.
    Try to develop ego of your teammates so that your teammates does not feel inferior.
    The most important thing is apologize for the mistakes you have committed. This is the greatest quality a person can have to influence others.

  2. Vibrant energy and vibes

    Now coming to the Pro tip that many of people don’t know which is what type of thoughts are going inside your mind, what energy is inside your mind.
    The type of energy you will transfer to the people whom you meet.
    So, remember observe your thoughts, the more the positive thoughts you will have the more people will feel to talk to you and will easily get influenced
    Study shows that our thoughts in our mind contains certain vibration which other people can feel.

  3. Build healthy relationships

    Other easy way of influencing others is building a relationship or an emotional connection between you and others.
    So, you can connect with people at emotional level and influence them.
    This is the most powerful way of influencing others and people will easily follow you by this technique.

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How to develop leadership skills ?

Very few people have this quality in them that is leadership quality.

It is said that leaders are born buy you can also develop this quality by practicing.

First step is that you should take responsibility of your life, do not blame anyone for anything which is happening in your life.

The more the problem you have in life the more opportunity you have, it makes you prepared.

Teamwork is the key, the leader should know how to work with team and motivates it, work with them, gives hope and understand everyone.

Being, a leader you should learn when to take initiative because taking initiative at the right time is significant .

You can learn from other great leaders, their qualities which makes them great.

How to develop communication skills ?

This is the most important skill which a person needs whether he/she is in any corporate sector or a political leader.

Now the question is how can you have better communication skills.

First let’s know the meaning of communicating, communicating means sharing thoughts with other person.

When you are talking to other person you are sharing thoughts to him/her but everybody is busy or waiting fir their turn.

You speak to someone to tell your thoughts and problem but nobody is interested in listening to you.

People only listen to things of their interest.

In order to have good communication skills, one needs to become a good listener.

Understand what other person wants to say it will help you to share that type of thought with them.

When you will listen to people carefully then the other person will also listen to things carefully.

There is a proverb which says that “become a better listener than a tapper”

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At the end we can easily understand the importance of influential personality by this articlefor every person.

Watch this video by Julian treasure about speaking in an attractive way

Also, develop other skills which adds to personality because it is not based on one particular skill.


How one can easily become an influential person ?

One can easily become an influential person by improving and giving an edge to their soft and social skills.

How should we use influential power ?

Use this power for the betterment of the society and share your thoughts and experiences with everybody so that everyone can learn and grow.

What is emotional influence ?

Emotional influence helps by building and emotional connection and relationship with the person so he or she can easily get influenced by their words.

Is it necessary to have knowledge of influential personality?

Yes, it is important to have complete knowledge and information of the field otherwise you will fail to become an influential personality.

You may have good intentions but due to lack of knowledge and information you will not be able to influence them.



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