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Know how Spiritual Health can change your life

Spiritual health in life

You must have heard about spiritual health and people claiming about achieving it in life.But do you really understand the meaning of spiritual health.

Spiritual health is a very important aspect of life which everyone should keep in balance with other aspects.

Most of the people achieve everything that normal people could not think of achieving in their life.

Meditation with jnana mudra hand position

The lack of spiritual health makes life meaningless and every thing that matters never gives satisfaction.

The truth is materialistic things cannot provide peace and satisfaction in their life.

It is the basic of life which everyone should know and learn about . For a period of time it is basically disappearing among people.

Basically, it is found that India is the place of spritiuality was originated.

Most of the ancient books where found in India about spiritual health.

It was taught as the main subject in old gurukuls.

It has moral values to a person’s life, which makes his/her ethics so strong that it makes their life easy to live.

Young generation thinks spirituality as a sage culture or superstitions but it is not all about this. It is altogether a different aspect.

There are less number of genuine people who have complete knowledge about it and can give right guidance.

So, you don’t want to understand it but spirituality solves many of the problems of your.

You will be happier and satisfied in life just by practicing 15 to 20 minutes daily.

What’s in it for you

What is spirituality ?

Spirituality is a way of finding the ultimate purpose of your life, having a direction and understanding of yourself.

A life without meaning and direction is nothing but useless. At a certain point of your life when you will have everything, whatever you want to achieve in your life.

But you will find that something is missing from the puzzle, and find that materialistic things are useless.

It means living life with some ethics which makes your way of living more better.

Knowing that there is a supreme power who is governing this world whether its God, energy or nothing.

Many people calls themselves spiritual because they are wearing saffron dress, wandering, shaved off their head.

But the truth stand apart from all these people in reality.

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Being spiritual means applying spiritual values and ethics in your life, being spiritual and clean from inside is important.

Spiritual health practice gives you peace of mind, makes you more happier and free of chaos.

There is a famous quote which states that

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but our spiritual beings having a human experience”.

How can one achieve spirituality ?

A chart showing the key elements of spiritual health
  • Internet and guidance- Now Internet has grown so much that you can learn from it the basics of spirituality and have the basic concepts by following many people and articles. Researches and journals are also helpful. If you want to reach its higher level then you should have a mentor or take guidance from others who had achieved spiritual health and practicing it for years.
  • Religious books and autobiographies- If you are at beginning level and had just started learning about spiritual health then you should read books of other spiritual leaders like Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda Paramhansa. itis a recommended book and its every chapter will change you in a certain way, you can also read teachings of “Swami Vivekananda” who is known to everyone he was also a great spiritual leader. The other spiritual book is “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta” many people will say that it is a religious book but it is the best spiritual book you will ever get. You can also read religious books like Bible or Quran, which are the best spiritual books. If you only read the books and does not implement in your daily life then It is just a waste your time
  • Kindness and exercise- You need to be grateful for everything you have, writing gratitude log, treat everyone with respect, practice sharing and giving back to the world and meditation. You can practice yoga which helps in mindfulness and being aware and spend more time with yourself and understand your thoughts, emotions, feelings and observe the surroundings. These are the basics of spiritual practices which will give you great results and will have great impact on you. A Spiritual mentor can teach you in better way or you can take guidance and learn from books or internet.

What effects does spirituality have on life ?

The effects of spiritual health will be seen within 2 weeks as soon as you start practicing it.

The results you will find that your mind will be more peaceful, you will become more visionary, creative and intelligent.

Listen to this podcast of Gaur gopal das on life lessons

You will feel more happy and will learn to live in the present moment and enjoy it.

It helps in experiencing less number of thoughts in your mind with clarity, and helps you in focusing.

This helps in building solution oriented mindset which will help you in solving most of your problems.

It will give you enhancement in other areas of your life like work, health and relationship. The perspective regarding things will change and your thinking will become more broad.

Is there any age for spirituality?

There is a myth that spirituality is for elder people which is not true.

The more you learn about it in younger age of life the more your life will become sorted and easy going.

You will have a deep understanding of everything. Then there will be satisfaction, gratefulness and life will become more interesting.

Mindfulness image the biggest effect of practising spiritual health

It happens with many people that at a certain level of life, they are just living without any meaning.

The most important thing you will experience is now you have all the will and intention in life.

The ups and downs in life will not affect you internally anymore. There are many other advantages of spiritual practicing that will change the way of living.

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Has anyone achieved spirituality ?

There are many spiritual leaders who has achieved spirituality. Many of their teachings are used by everyone like Buddha, Mahavira, Yogananda Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda, Rumi.

They were the great leaders and many people follow their teachings till present date and will continue to follow.

At present time, there are so many people around the who are practicing it and living a great life.

There are some other special mentor who are the part of organization making people aware about it and provide teaching.

In many of the corporate sectors they are training and providing sessions.

So that their employees learn about it because it is a very important part of life that one should learn.

Watch this video of Radanath swami on TedX talk

Many peoples are sharing their experiences on internet so that other people get help from their knowledge

Like blogging, articles and journals are available at every site.

Many other organizations teaches the meaning of spiritual healthand have monks who has achieved it.

They are spreading awareness about it like Iskon, Isha foundations.

You can learn from everyone who has experienced it. It is not rocket science until start practiced.

There are many studies which shows that after practicing spiritual health many areas of your brain gets developed.

All about meditation

A boy doing meditation on a rock

What is meditation, in simple words it is practicing of bringing your focus at one place.

Many of you has read about it or practiced it somehow but find it difficult to practice it regularly.

Because you are living in a world where you are focusing on many things at a time.

Like eating and using your phone and multitasking which makes it difficult for you to be focused.

Practicing meditation and enhancing spiritual journey is the only purpose of humans. There are many types and ways of meditating which can be practiced to achieve spirituality.

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Types of meditation

There are two types of meditation one is meditating as sitting in a quiet place and bringing your focus at one place.

Another is meditating while doing some work.

This is like when you are working and your focus is on your work and you are not dreaming.

This only happens when you do the work and have interest in it without getting distracted.

Value the time while doing this type of meditation you may get lost in your work sometimes.

You may forget about almost everything and this is the real meaning of meditation.

Now coming to the wheels there are many ways of doing spirituality. It is up to you but there are five basic ways of doing it.

In every way the common thing is that you have to sit in a quiet place with your back straight.

Watch this video to know more by Sahil khanna

5 ways are as follow :

  1. Chanting mantras

    This is the most basic way which many people practices where you have to chant mantras like aum or some other mantras, or any type of mantra of your religion.

    It helps in bringing your focus on mantra which makes it easy doing it.

  2. Monitoring your thoughts

    In this way you have to just sit and monitor your thoughts, emotions, and your mind without thinking or flowing with your thoughts or other things in your mind.

    Just observe your thoughts as they come on your mind do not get obsessed with the thought, otherwise you will be in a state of continuous thinking.

    It helps in understanding the way your mind works and also in focusing.

  3. Listening to sounds

    You can listen to some sound, music which only contains instrumental sounds or chanting of mantra but not any other type of sound which distracts your thinking.

  4. Observing something

    The other way is that you can sit and just observe anything around you. You can observe your surrounding and focus on some object like, flame of fire or on the drops of the rain.

    Your full attention should be on the object and just focusing on the object, which can be anything but does not distract your mind.

  5. Just being aware

    You have to be aware of your surroundings or you can listen to the silence and just focus on between your eyes by closing it or you can focus on your breathe.

    You have to be conscious about everything, it is up to you whether you focus on breathe, surrounding or silence.


It depends upon you that which way suits you better and more effective for you.

You can practice anything from the above but doing meditation should be bringing your focus at one place.

A man meditating on the side of river bank

It may be harder when you begin but after practicing it, its the easiest task you have accomplished.


What are the signs of spiritual maturity?

You will find that you are not having expectations from something you are not attached to materialistic things anymore.
Your focus and perspective will change you will see both the part of situations but will choose positive, peaceful mind, self love and many more changes you will see.

Is spirituality a religion?

No, spirituality is not a religion but a practice of knowing the supreme power and understanding your life deeper and deeper.
It doesn’t discriminate by religion but it unites us as human beings.

How can improve my spiritual health?

You can improve by practicing and consistency and putting more information in your mind regarding this topics.

What are spiritual values?

Spiritual values are like gratitude, self love, being grounded, sharing to the world, detachment not on outer level but also from inside and many


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