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10 Exclusive resources from where you can learn Video Production.


According to Wikipedia the complete process from ideation stage to the post-production of creating video content is called video production.

In recent time the video industry is rapidly growing. There are a lot of reasons behind it. The main reason is that videos are engaging and entertaining and that’s why everyone loves videos.

Videos are getting popular every single day. Today, videos are everywhere, on Youtube predominantly, on Facebook, on TV, on LEDs, everywhere. But, what is the reason behind this video production industry boom? People love to watch videos because they are engaging and entertaining.

Learning things watching a video is a lot easier than learning by reading text. Videos touch our emotions and can describe complex things in simple ways.

So, as both the consumers and business owners are loving video the video industry is thriving. Only in USA the video production market of worth of $33billion. So it’s worth learning video production.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Script Writing
  2. Videography
  3. Video Editing
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

But where from should we learn video production?

First things first. What is video production? The entire process of creating video content from planning and ideation to post-production is called Video production. Scriptwriting, videography, cinematography, video editing, these all fall under the process of Video production. 

I will recommend some great resources for learning each one of these individually.

Script Writing

Script writing is the art of writing scripts for mass media, such as films, web series, tv shows and yes, reality shows. The responsibilities of developing the story, writing narratives, screenplay and dialogues go to the script writers. Now the question is how to learn script writing.

First of all, to be a good script writer you must have sound knowledge on literature. Art is incomplete without two “I”s, imagination and imitation. To be good at any field of art you must have the power of imagination.

You should start reading books, novels and watch good movies and then analyze them in order to sharpen the power of imagination. Now let’s come to imitation. I am not saying you to copy ideas, but without imitations, you cannot move forward.

You have watched a lot of Alien movies. Right? But, do you know what the first alien movie was? It was French director George Melies’ A Trip To The Moon, based on a novel with the same name by Jules Verne. Then many other directors and novelists have imitated the idea of aliens. After that, they started making films on aliens.

Then came a movie like Avatar, where human beings were shown to be aliens on another planet. This is how ideas evolve from simple imitation. So next time don’t hesitate to imitate.

Another way to learn script writing is, simply head towards the reverse direction. Let me explain it. First, watch a good movie, not a movie where physics and story have no role. Then write down the story, narrative and dialogues. Practice makes a man perfect. So take a target to daily watch a good movie and write down the script.

Then, when you feel that, you have improved your writing skills than before go one step further. Watch a movie. Keep it in mind. Imagine how different it could be and write down a script based on both what you watched in the movie and your imaginations. Go through this entire process again and again.

For further improvement of your skills if you are ready to spend a few bucks then go to Udemy or Coursera. You will get thousands of good courses there.  If you want to go even further take admission to a film school. 

But for being a good scriptwriter you don’t essentially need a certificate. So even without going to films schools or Udemy or Coursera, you can learn it in details on Youtube. Whatever you do keep in mind, you should never stop reading novels and watching films if you really want to pursue scriptwriting as your career.


The process of capturing moving images with electronic devices is called videography. Once upon a time videographers had limited jobs at news and broadcasting media and film industry. But the arrival of the computer and the internet changed everything.

Today videography is widely used for educational purposes, video games, vlogging and many other fields. With this growing demand, many people now are looking forward to learning videography. But, how to learn videography?

People often say, “Cameras don’t matter. If you are good enough you can capture breathtaking videos with your smartphone.” Well, that’s a partial truth. Yeah, you can capture good enough videos with your smartphone, but cameras do matter.

Get a good video camera. The price of cameras are dropping and you can start with a not so costly video camera or even a DSLR. You may follow a few steps to be good at videography.

  1. Search “How to use….” on Youtube and then type the name of your camera. Know all the functions of your camera. If you don’t know how to use your weapon then how can you fight?
  2. Join a group of videographers. These days a lot of young guys are into videography. Most of the time 3 or 4 of them make a team together and get works at wedding, events and sometimes indie short films. Go, meet them. Tell them that you want to work with them for free. First learn, then earn. So, keep it free. Who doesn’t love free? They will accept you and you just have to follow them.
  3. Learn the basics of editing. Editing videos get really tough and boring for editors if the videographer doesn’t have any sense of editing. Know about different scene transitions, cuts and how to execute them properly on Youtube. Communicate with your editor while shooting the videos.
  4. Get a stabilizer or a gimbal. Please, get one. Electronic gimbals cost nearly as much as the camera. So to save money people often get into videography without having a gimbal. But it’s a hard truth, without a gimbal you cannot shoot a professional video. Our eyes don’t love shaky footages. So keep it as stable as possible.
  5. The last tip is to start capturing whatever you see. If you are good at videography you can make even the most regular things look attractive in a video. Tell your friends you want to make a short film. Get a short story. Don’t bother too much about their acting skills. Just do focus on videography.
  6. When you feel the improvement in you capture videos of anything, cars, people, crowd, clouds, anything and make a good portfolio. You can also use the wedding videos you have shot together with that team in your portfolio. Open a Youtube channel. Put your videos there. Share the link to all of your friends and known ones. This is how more people will know about your skills and gradually you will start getting clients.
  7. Now, when you are getting clients, you are earning real money. Keep a small portion of that money for you and spend the rest to improve your arsenal. Get lights, tripods, chroma keys one by one. The more good gadgets you will have the more good quality video you will be able to make. Improve your portfolio.
  8. Start mailing professional videographers. Always try to connect with successful people on your field. You may use Facebook or LinkedIn or anything else to reach them. Tell them that you are into videography and you want to work as their assistant. Show them your portfolio. If you mail 50 videographers and if your portfolio looks promising then definitely at least one or two of them will be interested to get you as their assistant.
  9. Never stop learning. Nowadays everything is changing rapidly. What today is a new technology will be replaced by better technology tomorrow. So, to survive you need to learn new things every single day.

Video Editing

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. There was a time when editors used to use real scissors to cut the films in order to edit them. Then came big costly machines which were used for the sole purpose of video editing.

But in recent years video editing has been democratized because of affordable video editing software for personal computers, like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro etc. But how to start learning video editing?

Okay, let me be honest. You can’t learn video editing with Microsoft Movie Maker, you need to subscribe a professional video editing software like Premiere Pro. You also should have a computer with high specifications for having an uninterrupted editing experience. Unless for rendering a two-minute video it will take two hours. That’s not desirable.

First, before spending money on paid courses straight head towards Youtube. There you will get some really good tutorials. If you use Premiere Pro then it will be even easier to get Youtube tutorials. Don’t get nervous seeing the interface of Premiere Pro. I know, there are a lot of things, but you will eventually know all their functions and soon things will seem to be easy.

Learn the basics of video editing from Youtube. Then, if you think that editing is for you, go ahead, or if you feel like this is not working, then leave. Because if you want to edit videos like a pro then you must have a lot of technical skills.

After learning the basics of video editing and about the functions of different buttons of your video editing software you can spend a few bucks on paid courses. You can go to Lynda.com, Udemy.com or Coursera.com. You will get good video editing tutorials at affordable prices, even at Rs 400 or Rs 600.

I would recommend you to again visit Youtube after completing a few paid courses. Search “Copycat Friday.” Video from a youtube channel named Cinecom.com will pop up. What do they do? They actually teach video editing for free. On every Friday they post a video recreating some of Hollywood’s epic scenes. They even provide links to stock footages so that you also can recreate those scenes.


In this article, I have described how you can learn Scriptwriting, Videography and Video Editing. These three are the pillars of the video production industry. Rather than learning all the 3 skills, I will recommend you to learn just one or two skills. But whatever you learn, learn properly.FAQ


Q1. What is the definition of Video Production?

The process of producing video content is called video production. This includes everything from ideation, script writing, videography, editing and post production.

Q2. How can I learn Script Writing?

Art is incomplete without two “I”s, imagination and imitation. To learn first you need to read books, a lot of books, novels and watch good movies. Take inspiration from all these and start writing. Start like this and you yourself will learn how to write good scripts. Don’t lose patience. It takes a little time to learn anything.

Q3. How can I learn Videography?

The easiest way to learn videography is to join a group of local videographers. Tell them that you want to help them for free. Follow their steps.

Q4. How to learn video editing?

To learn video editing, first, choose a pro video editing software like Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas pro. I will recommend Premiere pro because they have a large amount of detailed documentation. Then hit YouTube. Search “Premiere pro tutorials for beginners.” You will get a lot of videos, from which you can learn video editing. Believe me, I learnt video editing solely from YouTube.

Q5. “Cameras don’t matter.” Is it true?

Well, that’s a partial truth. Yeah, you can capture good enough videos with your smartphone, but cameras do matter. Get a good video camera. The price of cameras are dropping and you can start with a not so costly video camera or even a DSLR.



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