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8 hacks for extraordinary conversation skill being an introvert


Introverts may seem quieter than extroverts but it does not always mean that they are bad at communication. However, if you are an introvert and feel shy while talking with others, then also do not worry about it. You can improve your conversation skill at any point of time in life.

There are many people who were introverted but still developed the best communication skills. In fact, as an introvert, you have an added advantage. Introverts usually listen carefully, take time to think through problems and then they do speak. A little learning, observation, and sufficient practice can sharpen your skills like anything.

There are often moments when you might not know how to initiate the conversation or how to keep it going. Also, introverts are often labeled with negative comments like you are quiet. This is the reason that some introverts have poor conversation skill.

In spite of all these things, the good news is you can improve your communication skills even if you are an introvert.

Here are a few ideas which you can follow:

  1. Analyze key strengths and weaknesses
  2. Gain knowledge for effective conversation skill
  3. Observe people with good communication skills
  4. Learn from other’s mistakes
  5. Practice with your loved ones
  6. Learn from own mistakes
  7. Gain confidence for effective conversation skill
  8. Achieve mastery in communication

We will learn from base to improve the communication skills being an introvert. We will also learn some tips and tricks to practice when you are alone. This way, you can protect yourself from embarrassment in public. So, let’s begin with the article.

1. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

Every person knows themselves better than others. They know their strengths and weaknesses well. In the same way, you also know your key points and weak points. So, take a pen and paper and list down the points.

Introverts also have a few or more skills which they also didn’t know. You may be bad at conversation but good at listening. Also, you may notice non-verbal cues better than others. You can make use of these strengths to enhance conversation skill.

These skills may help you to understand the feelings and emotions of people better than extroverts. Communication skills are not about talking continuously but it is about knowing where to stop and where to speak.

Communication skills have many benefits and are very important. You can read our blog on the ‘importance of conversational skills‘ to know the impact of communication on various aspects of life.

2. Gain knowledge for effective conversation skill

After you have noted down your strengths and weaknesses, look for the things which you can improvise. Introverts may face problems to initiate the conversation. You can initiate conversations with unknown people to resolve this problem.

For instance, you can talk with the people you come across while traveling on local trains or buses. You can ask things like what’s the time to initiate the conversation. As you are talking with unknown persons, you will not think much about the consequences and gradually will improve conversation skill.

This will slowly help you gain confidence. As a result, you will start communicating better with your colleagues or loved ones.

3. Observe people with good communication skills

There are always some people who possess nice conversational skills. Everyone enjoys talking with such persons in a group as well as personal spaces. This is because these people know how to communicate well. They respect everyone and understand every person. As a result, people feel comfortable while talking with them.

Also, you can learn many things from these people. A few traits of good communication skillsets include active listening, confidence, respecting others, empathy, friendly behavior, etc. Moreover, you should look over how these people communicate in diverse circumstances.

Also, you should keenly observe their skills and implement them while you communicate. The one thing which you should remember is you should follow these people and not copy them. Also, you should always try to explore your creativity and stretch your abilities. This way, you can improve conversation skill to next level.

4. Learn from other’s mistakes

No one is perfect in this world. Even good communicators make mistakes at some point in time. It is good to have a learning attitude every time. You can learn from the mistakes of these people and avoid making those mistakes. When you learn from the flaws of others, you grow faster. It will make you wiser than before.

5. Practice with your loved ones

Furthermore, it is important to practice the things after you learn them. Also, mere reading and watching new things and not implementing them in real life is just a waste of time. As an introvert, it may be difficult for you to communicate with others directly.

Therefore, you can start developing conversation skill with loved ones. These are the people who will not make any negative opinions even if you fail sometimes. This will slowly boost your confidence and you will become fearless.

6. Learn from own mistakes

It is necessary to keep attention on the way you communicate. You should observe the words, tone, pitch, and other non-verbal cues used by you. Whenever you make any mistake, try to make it better the next time.

This is the sign of a smarter person. Every time you learn from your mistakes, you gain something from it. Subsequently, you will start communicating effortlessly.

You can also refer this video to improve communication being an introvert.

7. Gain confidence for effective conversation skill

Moreover, confidence is important in every aspect of life. This confidence will be achieved when you will practice more. You should not pressurize yourself but try to go with the flow. This will slowly lessen the chances of making mistakes. As a result, you will automatically start believing in yourself and become more comfortable. Everyday practice can help you master conversation skill.

8. Achieve mastery in communication

Besides this, you should always try to achieve expertise in whatever skill you are learning. You can also take the help of mobile applications like Grammarly for that matter. This way, it will give you a sense of pride and inner satisfaction. This also helps you to stand different from others. When you do something extraordinary, people start recognizing you.

Consequently, you will start speaking nicely with everyone around you. It will flourish your personal as well as professional life.

Want to learn more about communication skills, kindly read our blog on ‘types of conversation skills’. In this blog, you will get to know about verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written cues of communication skills.


Communication skills are an essential part of life. The earlier you learn these skills, the more beneficial it will be for you. These skills are important at managerial levels as well. You can achieve great heights in your career with excellent conversation skills. Also, it will grow your relationships.

As an introvert, it may be difficult for you in the beginning. But as you will practice the above-mentioned things, it will seem easier to you. Everything is difficult in the beginning. Practice makes things perfect.

At first, you can talk on phone calls to grab a pace. Later, it will be easy for you to talk face to face and connect with others. Gradually, you will master the overall communication skillsets and change your identity for the better.


1)   How to practice communication skills alone?

Answer: Many times, introverts feel shy while talking with others. Well, you can improve communication skills at home as well. You can spend time alone and try to think in English. You can do it at any time of the day. Also, you can practice these skills with your loved ones.
You can observe people with good communication skills and learn from them. There is no need to attend any event, you can find many people on the internet as well. You can watch videos or read blogs you like. In blogs, you can find out tricks to enhance skillsets.
In videos, you can observe speaking styles, non-verbal cues, tone of voice, pitch, and similar things. It will give you an idea to communicate well.

2)   How to develop confidence while speaking?

Answer: You can speak slowly to avoid sudden pauses while talking. This will provide some time for you to think. As you are an introvert, you have some added advantages as well.

You have a little extra time to think before speaking. But this does not mean you should take long pauses. There should be a balance.

3)   What qualities of introverts are useful in communication skills?

Answer: Many extroverts tend to listen less and speak more. This is not a good sign of communication. On the other hand, introverts who listen more can properly understand the conversation.

Whenever there is any conflict, introverts tend to listen to another person and then arrive at the conclusion. As a result, they quickly resolve the problems.

4)   What is critical thinking?

Answer: Critical thinking refers to examine the consequences of a certain action. Critical thinking involves a detailed analysis of the problem to arrive at accurate conclusions.

It includes observation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and the final decision. You can achieve great success in the workplace as well as in personal life by practicing critical thinking. It helps in leadership and benefits at managerial level positions.

5)   How can introverts improve social skills?

Answer: You do not have to talk much when you are meeting someone for the first time. You can start with a simple hello. Also, you can ask general questions like ‘How’s the weather?’ or communicate something common for all.

This will build rapport between you and another person. Slowly, you will also start feeling comfortable. You will become socialize every time you communicate. This will improve your confidence as well.

6)   How can introvert improve their communication skills?

Answer: You need to believe in yourself. Some people are introverted but still, have excellent communication skills. You may find it difficult to communicate in a group. So, You can start one on one conversations in the beginning.

This will help you to initiate conversations. Also, you will learn to speak clearly and concisely. You will become a little confident. Thereafter, you can communicate in a group.



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