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Failure to Success-The Journey from Failure to Success 2020


What is the ‘journey from failure to success?’

To reach success, you need to walk forward on a road called ROAD OF FAILURES. Is called also ‘JOURNEY FROM FAILURES TO SUCCESS.’

Success is not a thing, that you can achieve it and then relax, it is a journey, the journey of failures, sacrifices, smart and also hard efforts, perseverance.

To get succeed, firstly you need to start.

You need to sacrifices many things, you need to work harder and smarter, you need to consistent at your efforts and also you need to have patience,

You need to fail again and again and also bounce back from it.

There is no shortcut or blueprint for success. After all, this is a long journey. But this the only way that rich to success.

Sometimes you get success easily but it is difficult to retain your success. After all, it’s a whole long journey.

You will get success when you are eligible for it. So, don’t focus on success, focus on improving yourself.

If you really read or watch or listen you know that every successful person has their own great failure story. In fact, there is a different story behind a successful story.

Greatest basketball player Michael Jordan famously said that “  I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games and also 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed, I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life.”

But we know about his success. In other words, it takes lots of failures to make a great basketball player. This story also highlights, “Winners never quit and those who quite they never win.”

If you want to know detailed about failure. Then check our blog.

What’s in it for me?

  1. The Journey from Failure to Success  
  2. Get Out from Comfort Zone      
  3. Just Start       
  4. Fail
  5. Keep Trying   
  6. Success
  7. Retain What You Get
  8. Conclusion
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

The Journey from Failure to Success

Success is a journey of failures, sacrifices, smart, and also hard efforts, perseverance, confidence, consistency in efforts.

If you do that all things then no one can stop you from getting success.

“95% of peoples are busy proving, while 5% of the people are busy improving” Dr. Vivek Bindra, Motivational speaker, and also a business coach.

In our society, 95% peoples are dreaming for something, out of that 50% peoples decide for their dreams but out of 50% only 10% are started trying for their dream, out of 10 % 5% are giving up too early, and remaining 5% are consistent and they only become successful.

Keep trying also keep falling then and then you will succeed.

Important to realize, most of the Unicorn companies in the world are started from zero.

For example, Apple started in a home garage, Amazon started as a small bookselling website. They just stick to their goals.

The journey of Apple

Some time changing strategy is good. Many start-ups are started as one idea and end up with another idea.

For example, Amazon started as an online book store but end up with the world’s biggest e-commerce company.

They improve their idea. They learn from their old mistakes and also correct them. Overall it is a part of the journey.

“Change the strategy, do not change your goal.” – Dr. Vivek Bindra, Motivational speaker, and also a business coach.

So, improve yourself is the key to living a successful life.

I am excited about success stories and also about how they become successful from failures.

So, I started reading and watching videos, and then I got some stepping stones on a journey of success.

I wanted to share with you so, I started writing this blog. I hope this helps you a lot.

1. Get Out from Comfort Zone

This is the starting of your journey. If you want to achieve something big, firstly, you need to think big.

We all have a comfort zone, which means where we feel safe. Also, we all have a fear of failure. So, we don’t get out from our comfort zone, Take risks. In other words, without risks, there is no success.

Thinking big, taking a risk, and also getting out of your comfort zone is the first stepping stone in the journey of success.

But sometimes, we made a mistake with taking a risk. It is ok to take a risk. But some people take huge risks which makes them cry. So, important is taking calculated risks. 

2. Just Start

You might don’t know most of the peoples are fails because they don’t start.

To get the success firstly you need to start.

Getting started needs courage. It is more important than anything. Because only thinking of your dreams is not enough to live those dreams.

A big tower stands on only their strong base. In other words, a good start makes things easier.

3. Fail

Our society is attracted to only light of success, no one wants to see the darkness behind that light.

After you started doing for your dreams also you may fail, fails many times. But don’t afraid. Failures are our teacher.

If you want to achieve something, then you need to improve yourself. In short, failure helps us to improve ourselves.

Fail. But learn from failures, try to understand why you fail, Then try to correct those mistakes. 

This is the main part of the whole journey. Successful peoples know the true value of failures so, they admire that ‘great success needs great failure’.

If you want to know about why we fail? Then check our blog.

4. Keep Trying

The main quality of successful people who helps the most in their journey is they fail but constantly keep trying. By all means, constancy makes all things easier.

Many people stop at their first failure. by all means, they are afraid of failures.

If jk rowling stops after her 11th rejection as a result if she lost her hope. Then we are not able to see Harry Potter.

If the Nobel prize winner, Albert Einstein stops at him the first failure, then we are not able to learn the Theory of Relativity.

If Henry A. Ford stops after the failure of his two automobile companies then we are not able to drive stunning Ford cars.

They all also fail but they just keep trying and improving themselves, which helps them to get success.

This makes your journey easier. In other words, Constancy is the key or blueprint for success.

5. Success

After lots of starting, lots of effort, and also lots of failures you get success. Then you get what you want.

Success gives a lot of happiness, a lot of relief, positivity, and also motivation to you.

Remember, it is not the end by all mean it is just the start of new a chapter of your journey

It is the happiest part of the journey and also part of life.

6. Retain Your Success

Sometimes it is easy to succeed but it is very difficult to retain it.

Many people are not able to handle their success. Therefore they lose what they get after some time.

After all Retaining is the key to long term success.

After you got success, you may set a new goal and keep productive. This will show you a new version of you.

These all are stepping stones of your journey and also this journey doesn’t stop. The journey will keep going.

“Success is not final, failure is fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”Winston Churchill.


Life is a journey, Journey of emotions, failures, success, and many things. It is a beautiful thing. This is a gift from God to us.

Failure takes us to the next step. It is part of success. Failure helps us to achieve something big in life.

Whatever, you want to do, Do it. Fight for achieving goals, fail, learn from experience, but keep moving forward. Keep trying to find who you are?

It is a soul of life. It is life.

Enjoy your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is failure to success?

Failure to succeed is a path.
Failure to success is a journey of life.

2. Why failures lead to success? 

Yes. Failures lead to success.
Every success gets from failure. It teaches us lots of things. Failure is an opportunity to improve ourselves. It also motivates us to achieve our goals
Failures make our lives valuable. So, don’t be afraid to fail. It is a part of success.
Fail, again and again, fail in a better way is the sign of great people.
Failure is an essential part of success.

3. Why failure is key to success?

We all see only the negative side of failure.
Failures motivate us to learn from mistakes. And only this makes smarter and stronger.
Failures push to improve ourselves. That’s why failure is key to success.

4. Is failure important to success? / Why failure is essential to success?

Yes. Failures are important for success.
Through the failures, we get important lessons for success and life. Without failures…we are not able to succeed.

5. How failure breeds success?

Failures are painful. But it is part of success.
If you are not able to handle your failures then you are not able to handle your success.
Failures are teaching how to get success. Failures generate success.

6. How failure brings success?

Failures are come because of our mistakes. It motivates us to improve our mistakes.
And improve ourselves is brings to success. If there is no failure there is no success.

7. Are failures stepping stone to success?

Yes. Every successful person admires that success gets from failure.
Failure takes us to the next step. It is part of success.
Failure helps us to achieve great success and also live a real life.

8.  Reasons of why failure leads to success?

1. Failure makes us stronger and smarter.
2. It teaches most life lessons.
3. Failures push us to improve ourselves.
4. Failures motivate us to achieve our goal.
5. These are some reasons of failure leads to success.
These are 5 reasons of failure leads to success.



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