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Family Planning In India, Ultimate Approach To Boost Financial Health Of Your Family


Family planning is one of the aspect of the financial planning, it make sure you plan your family according to your income and future goals.

The extent to which a person can support his family, a person should always below that extent so that he can make sure every member in the family getting good care and comfort.

Suppose you didn’t plan your family and your calculation of working to dependent is mistaken what result you would expect.

Of course it will hard for you to provide equal necessities to your household members.

This can further lead to domestic violence as the resources are not sufficient and the extra burden will make you fall into stress, depression etc.

What’s in it for you:

  1. Definition, Scope, Benefits of family planning
  2. Family Planning Methods
  3. Family planning of India
  4. Household Finance, Its importance
  5. Working members to Dependent members ratio
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs


It can be defined as,

” A way of thinking and living that is adopted voluntarily, upon the basis of knowledge, attitudes and responsible decisions by individuals and couples, in order to promote the health and welfare of the family group and thus contribute effectively to the social development of a country.”


It is not only birth control it is a wide concept than that. Following are the scope of household planning;

  1. To avoid unwanted births
  2. To bring about wanted births
  3. Care of infertile couple
  4. Premarital consultation and examination
  5. Empowering people and enhancing education
  6. Increased age limit for marriages
  7. Education for parenthood
  8. The proper spacing and limitation of births
  9. Genetic counseling
  10. Providing adoption services
  11. Sex education
  12. Regulate various contraceptive methods
  13. Providing services for unmarried mother

 Benefits of family planning:

The Benefits of family planning are enjoyed by both mother and children.

Benefits to mother:

  • Physical strain of child bearing
  • Reduce the health risk
  • Reduce the risk of ovarian cysts.
  • Below 20y.o. and above 35y.o. At risk of developing complications during pregnancy.
  • Reduce number of maternal death

Benefits to children:

  • Prevent birth defects
  • Promote better childhood nutrition
  • Ensures better chance of survival at birth
  • Opportunity to live better lifestyle
  • Age gap help to reduce the financial burden.

Family planning methods:

There are certain methods followed for a well organized planning. They are generally comes under two categories

  • Spacing Methods
  • Terminal Methods

Spacing Method:

Spacing methods can help in spacing and timing between pregnancies and can prevent unwanted children.

For instance These methods are useful for temporary solution to prevent pregnancy. These are further following types;

Terminal Methods:

Terminal methods are used for delaying first pregnancy or for ensuring a reasonable gap between two children.

These methods are followed for a permanent solution and are surgical that check the reproduction process medically.

Types of terminal methods;

For male:

  • Vasectomy
  • Non scalpel vasectomy

For Female:

  • Minilap operation
  • Tubal ligation
  • Tubectomy
  • Laparoscopic sterilization


Family Planning of India:

The growing population of India generating a heavy burden on the working human force of the country therefore Govt.

Understanding the population explosion and tried to control the birth rates of so that the income is distributed equally to every household and to pull the people out from the poverty level.

However there are certain measures followed by Govt of India to initiate multiple programmes relating to household planning. Following are the actions regulated in India;

  •  1951: Family planning programme adopted by Govt. Of India.
  •  1961-66:
  • Extension education approach
  • Introduction of IUD
  • Integrated approach adoption
  • 1969: Social marketing for Condoms was introduced, lippies loop was introduced
  • 1969-74: Family planning services under PHC
  • All India hospital postpartum programme
  • Medical termination of pregnancy Act, 1971


Household Finance and its importance:

Family finance can be defined as the income, expense, debt, investment that required to upkeep a household.

The budgeting in all cash flows coming in and going out is important.

This is the resource that needs to be there as an assurance for the better care of your household.

As they say you will win with money when you decide that your family’s future is more important than any new toy you want to buy.

Importance of Family finance:

Family finance is very important and is case of a young couple it is a necessity; so you have to be careful while financing your expenses and requirements.

Likewise prioritize your needs rather than wants.

Following are the reasons you should do family finance as soon as possible;

Student loan:

Your child’s higher studies will attract a student loan definitely so better be prepared as early as possible.

Education will eat a major portion of your income so if you prepared enough you can tackle this.

Know more about student loan

Vehicle loan:

Vehicle purchase is also a necessity nowadays so there are installment system that will required a sufficient fund.

That is where your planning plays a major role to rescue you from this.

Meanwhile your strong financials will support your vehicle purchases.

Hobbies and interests:

Expenses related to your hobbies and interests are needed to be covered.

You have to save enough funds for these activities according to you and your folks’ interests.

Activity charges, coaching fees etc. Are some of the expenses included in these expenses?

Jon Stewart says,

“If you don’t stick to your values when they are being tested, they’re not values; they’re hobbies”.

Buying a home:

Everyone dreams to buy a home on their own, the land prices are appreciating year on year and the home loan rates are not that low that wont effect your financial health provided you are saving and planning for this.

For right allocation of your assets you need to learn wealth creation.

Early Retirement:

Early retirement is only possible if your financials are strong enough that you can survive on your saved resources for the rest of your life.

A proper planning at an early age can make you achieve this and you can depend quality time with your folks. Retirement will give you a chance to see your life from a different prospective.

If you have enough resources that will work for you when you are not working that’s the time when you should decide to retire.

The more resources you have early you will retire. The saving and investments should be planned well to get done with it.

Know more about retirement planning

As Ernie J. Zelinski said,

“Retirement is a time to experience a fulfilling life derived from many enjoyable and rewarding activities”.

Working members to Dependent member ratio:

In business our cost should be minimum and selling price and selling amount should as maximum as possible. That helps us to increase our profit and sustainability of the organization.

Likewise if our expenses are above our income how can our household survive, surely impossible?

That’s why they say small family is happy family.

Everyone loves their folks nobody want to starve their family members and financial weakness can make your household condition really bad.

That’s why the dependent members need more care than any other else; it’s your responsibility take good care of them.

The dependent members of a family are most likely to cover a large portion of income.

So it is important there are multiple working members for multiple source of income to upkeep the household.

Therefore the ratio considered to be best where the number of working members is half or more to the number of family members. Mathematically;

WM: ≤0.5FM


In other words if you have a household of 6 members the ideal ratio should be, 3 or more than 3 working members.

However this is the ideal relation where every member can live a good and healthy lifestyle in terms of financial condition.

There are multiple families where there is only single source of income but the number family is very high.

This is because they didn’t plan their household and according didn’t plan their finances too.

Moreover this lead those to poverty and very low class group in a society. So a good planning of family as well as household finances is very important for the better future of your folks.


Firstly household planning and it’s financial stability should be the first priority of the head and primary earning person.

Secondly better future planning can be a focused concern and best possible strategies should be followed.


What is Family finance?

Family finance is the organised budget and planning for the upkeep of the family.

What is family finance planning?

It is the planning of your family as well as their expenses to incur in future.

How to do family financial planning?

You should follow the concept of family planning and accordingly decide your working members to dependent member’s ratio.

Family financial planning and counselling?

There is multiple govt. Initiatives you should consider to counselling of your family planning.

Family financial planning analysis?

You can analyse your family financial planning according to your income and number of family members.

Who can plan family finance planning?

Family finance planning is for all young couples and other couples wanting to grow their family.

Need of Family planning in India?

India is the second populist country of the world so India needs it the most to control its birth rates with the help of Family planning.



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