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Fashion Design is an Art

For me, fashion design is an art. Designer makes a dress from their thought process, not only dress, they make footwear, jewellery, handbags, accessories, small goods etc.

So a point of view made into a product is a process of fashion designing. A Designer can make a product graceful or total disaster.

How! Check below.

Then what do you think, who are designers?

A designer is someone who makes the dress, handbags or any other goods and work on a big brand, that’s it.

No this is not the ultimate definition of a designer.

Did you ever see your mom made a dress, sweater or stitched some clothes to make something new house goods and for you?

Don’t you think your mother is a designer? Of course, she is not a fashion designer but somehow she is also a designer.

Now you might think why I need to know the designer? It’s not about the fashion design.

Let me tell you if you don’t know the process of design you can not understand the fashion design.

Do you Want to know more? Obviously, You are.

Then let’s go. I’ll try to make sure that you’ll have clear information.

So you will know:

1. What is Fashion Design
2. Qualifications of a Designer
3. What do Fashion Designers do
4. How do you become a Designer
5. Is Fashion Design a Good Career
6. Conclusion
7. FAQ

1. What is Fashion Design

Design itself a large topic and Fashion design is a part of the design. When someones inside ideas come out with a form of dress or any other usage good he or she is called a fashion designer.

But today I mostly talk about design dresses. However, if you know the basic you can make anything just like fashion designers do.

Fashion design has many parts like design garments, handbags, footwear, luxury goods

Men dresses in a shop

Product Development


Textile design

Knitwear design

Graphics design

Jewellery design Sewing and many others.

When a designer makes such an amazing, gorgeous couture or avant-garde dress then the dressmaking process is called fashion design.

There is a difference between fashion design and costume design. Although both are same but one can choose to be a costume designer only.

Fashion Designer making a dress to express their thoughts on the runway or the dress is especially for celebrity, high-end party people, special events etc.

Similarly, costume design is to express a thought made into regular wearable dress. Both costume and fashion design is very important for us and that makes an interest in some people.

Fashion design illustration

Now you must be looking for what are the qualifications, you need to be a designer? Then keep continue reading.

2. Qualifications of a Designer

If I say, you don’t need any degree to become a designer, what would be your reaction! “Umm, it’s not possible”. I’m here to tell you the reality of this fashion industry.

Firstly, I’ll tell you the traditional way to become a designer and later on, I’ll tell you another way to become a successful designer.

If you want to work on big brands, big garment manufacturing companies, couture house then you really need degrees to get into theirs.

If you don’t have degrees but you are excellent in your design still the company you apply for a post, they don’t know you so a degree is important for job seekers.

Degrees and Schools

You can study design from popular design institutions like National Institute Of Fashion Technology(NIFT), JD Institute Of Fashion Technology, Pearl Academy Of Fashion, Indian Institute Of Fashion and Animation in India or any foreign countries or from online design courses.

So take a quick look at the design degrees, there are 3 main types of degree courses are available,

Which are diploma,


Undergraduate degree courses in fashions Design or Msc, Bsc, M.Des, B.Des and many more etc.

Those courses are not only for dress styling, it’s including textile design, leather design, accessories, fashion technology, knitwear, fashion communication, apparel design, fashion management, interior design and lots more.

According to your interest, you can choose any of these design courses. Most of the design courses are in between 6 months to 4 years.

If you don’t afford those courses, you simply learn it by yourself. You can check below for more information -in the “how can you become a designer?” section. If you are seriously interested then you need to listen to this audio in the video form about the Secret of Great Designs.

3. What do Fashion Designers do

Now I’m going to say very straightforward, designers simply have a point of view of anything.

Their point of view then made into products, it can be anything dress, handbags, leather goods, shoes, small goods etc.

A dressmaker or designer making a dress sample

Check below, how designers make products. It is not only for cloth making step but it can be applied to make anything.

Fashion designers working steps infographic

Those who think designer only do sketches of products, let you know that a good, famous designer expert in every work.

Fashion designers can work on any small to big manufacturing company or any other couture, avant-garde luxury house, according to their choice.

They can be a freelancer, product developers, textile designers, personalized advisors or can open a boutique business.

Now you might have a query, can I become a fashion designer without a degree!

The answer is yes and no. umm, confused? Then keep continuing

4. How do you become a Designer

If you are good at drawing and you have a good thought process you can manage your time (time management), a good understanding of colours and for clothing design; fabrics and fibre construction, you can be a fantastic designer.

Preparation steps for design

Most important if you are really interested in becoming a designer, All you need to do is collect the right information from the right source. Internet is the king of everything, it has a large number of educational content, you just need to be sincere and have patience.

You already knew that the designs of products is an art. No one will become extraordinary without hard work and practice.

I know, again you are thinking, it’s still not possible I might have good drawing skill but I don’t know the fabric construction. Fabric might not be understood only watching videos on the Internet. Yes, you right.

The problem is most of the people always think the traditional way, no one thinks out of the box. But I’m always thinking out of the box. So you have a lot of options here.

Inspirational quotes

Follow these steps

1.You can check designers video on the internet and learn from them.

2. You can find books on fabric, Fabric Construction, design, pattern making, you simply buy those book and understand( which book is good for starting, maybe I’ll talk about this any other article). Know more about the construction of fabrics.

3. So learning is earning. More you learn more you understand. Designs is a vast part so before you start; chose your niche, it will help you to find a direction.

Secrets tricks

At last my secret, no one will tell you this. This is the method of learning design without school ( I had learned it in the same way).

As per the process, I tell you to follow the steps, so if you also do those things. It will give you success.

You can see and learn from the texture of the Arts and Architectures, you also can go to museums and learn designs.

Beautiful design in Architecture building

If you don’t have a degree in fashion design, you simply apply back office, front office, data entry or any job in the small manufacturing company (check the background and the atmosphere of the company before you go especially for girls).

Boys and Girls both can apply for any job. When you get into the inside of the company you can learn design from that company.

I know you might think again, how can I learn design if I get into there?

When you start working in a small company, you see their working process and involve in different works. You can friendship with a good designer of that company and simply watching the process of design and learn.

Also, you have an option to understand fabric. Manufacturing Company itself a fabric mall, you can also understand the pattern making, sample making and lots more.

Still, you thinking!

Okay, then I’m going to give you examples of self-taught famous designers…Coco Chanel, Lucy Bea, Maxie James…
Tory Burch- present creative director of Louis Vuitton etc.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” -Coco Chanel

5. Is Fashion Design a Good Career

It depends on you. What do you want to become?

If you want to be a successful fashion designer, you don’t need any degree. Your passion will give you success with your hard work.

If you are creative also punctual and passionate about fashion, then this career is for you.

Fashion is a growing industry and it relates to many industries like graphic design, garment industry, footwear, jewellery, so those are the broad industry to grow your future.

It has good sides( glamorous, fashionable) and bad sides(Hard work, tough competition).

6. Conclusion:

At last, I must say that fashion is for those who are really passionate about this industry. A designer can be anyone a woman or a man, age does not require to become a designer. Money does not restrict anyone’s dreams. I’m pretty sure that the above process will give you success. Go ahead and fulfil your dreams.

Also, we are starting this blog with a question, which is can I become a successful fashion designer without a degree? I hope you got your answer.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I learn fashion design for men online?

School or online both have the same structure. In the design courses, everyone can learn both the men and womenswear design techniques. Also, you can find men design tutorial videos on YouTube.

2. I want to become a fashion designer. I haven’t got much money to learn how to sew. What should I do?

You can start working on any garment manufacturing company and learn sewing from that company, you can also go to a local tailor shop and asking them to teach you to sew with a few cost.

3. Can I learn fashion design in two months?

Depending on your passion. How much effort you can do to learn fashion design. School have a course with a minimum of 6 months. Only you can learn within 2 months by yourself.

4. What are some good online free resources to learn fashion designing?

Youtube or any other search engines like Google have good online resources. You can learn from there.

Inventory specialist • Blogger • Designer

Rasmi Mondal
Inventory specialist • Blogger • Designer

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