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Best Filmmaking YouTube Channels List


Filmmaking YouTube Channels are great ways to learn about cinema, story, framing, camera angles, and editing tips through essay videos.

It will be the best way to learn for free through essay videos by the best filmmakers and film students.

You don’t need to wait for admission to Film school. It may be prepared for the exam to get an entry into any school. I know this method is too long to learn something.

But you know, one of the great directors Quentin Tarantino who is considered as a master of storytelling and filmmaking. He used to work in the film cassette studio and mostly learned it by watching and studying the films.

Sometimes, it is better to learn something. Then apply it somewhere so that it can be worked as a lesson for you. So, here we are presenting you with the names of 9 best filmmaking YouTube Channels who are out there to teach you about cinema.

What’s in it for me

  1. Cinema Beyond Entertainment
  2. Studiobinder
  3. Every Frame a Painting
  4. Just Write
  5. Lessons from the Screenplay
  6. Tom Antos
  7. Indy Mogul
  8. Premium Beat
  9. Aputure
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQ

See the whole list consists of various channels working in different domains of cinema. Therefore, they will teach you a particular skill. The above list is based on my experience. They are able to surprise me every time I think, “I know this”. 

Cinema Beyond Entertainment

You may ask me. Why I put this channel in the first place despite having fewer subscribers compared to other channels. See, more subscribers doesn’t guarantee you the full value in their video.

The main reason is that this channel is purely analytical among filmmaking YouTube channels on different cinema, movies, and music.

The owner “Vinit Masram” is extremely talented and his videos will help you to build a point of view or way of looking at any movie.

This video “Anatomy of a great actor” will help you make a good actor. Currently, he has 80k+ subscriber and his videos will set your basics related to every aspect of cinema.


This Whole YouTube Channel is totally a professional filmmaking channel covering every kind of cinema and its technical kinds of stuff.

You will find many videos related to writing a screenplay and production design.

Also, breakdown of movies, movie analysis, different technical tips, and “How to” videos on the director’s filmmaking styles. 

Currently, they have 450k+ subscribers and they have their own screenwriting software where they taught you about writing any screenplay.

The best thing about them is they provide different types of spreadsheets and cheatsheets.

Every Frame a Painting

Hey.. hey…..Tony and Taylor are the greatest filmmaking explainers ever on YouTube. The channel is dead from 2017 but they still gain 1.74 M subscribers due to their explanatory Videos.

Well the question is, “How to look at any film and filmmaking style?” What if Jackie Chan is only an action star but also a comedian who is creating comedy through his action stunts.

It is hard to imagine this. All these things need brainstorming and you can see hard work through their essay videos.

They are having various videos related to unimaginable observations you will miss from other channels. If anyone knows him, please tell him to come.   

Just Write

Just write is basically a Video essay channel based on writing, literature, and movies created by Sage Hyden.

The unique selling point of their videos is their level of explanation of the screenplay of different movies.

He doesn’t only explain the motive of the screenplay but also has mastery in extracting the hidden elements of screenplays and writers.

He is deeply invested in film writing. You will get many unknown facts about books and screenplays that may wonder you.

Currently, they have around 576k+ subscribers and we will wish him to grow stronger. 

Lessons from the Screenplay

You will make mistakes by comparing channels just write and lessons from the screenplay. They are not the same channels.

This channel is totally focused on movie scripts. Their essay videos are very explanatory but rather educational stuff. 

They reveal the techniques and depth of any stories and screenplays. They analyze movie scripts to examine why they are good and how they are made.

Their videos work as a storyteller of screenplays. Currently, they have 1.22M+ subscribers and they are focused on creating comparison videos on different screenplays.

Tom Antos

Well, he is an expert. He is a film director and cameraman with experience of 12 years in VFX and animation.

Being a cinematographer, he has so much experience in-camera techniques. He taught the types of framing uses of different lenses, Exact lighting, and camera angles.

He is also best at animation and his explanation creates a sense of understanding to any normal people. In his channel, you will find a variety of videos in their playlist.

Currently, the channel has 346k+ subscribers and he is fantastic.

Indy Mogul

If you are an independent filmmaker or want to be one. then, this channel will suit you the most. This whole channel is created by indie filmmakers. They have 1000+ videos which show their seriousness towards filmmaking.

Their videos are everything about cinema which ranges from directions, cinematography, editing, production design, shoot location, VFX. They explained them in the forms of tutorials, breakdown, live shooting, analysis, observations, and essays.

Currently, they have 1.19M+ subscribers and they are shooting everything live and practical tasks.

Premium Beat

Premium Beat is a YouTube channel created by shutter stock. They provide a high quality of music and tracks by creating curated royalty-free music.

Well, their channel is no normal video essay channel. They are more into the technical aspects of cinema. The channel provides video tutorials on video editing, production, and motion graphics of videos.

They are more likely to cover everything in very creative ways. Currently, they have 170k+ subscribers and they are masters at editing.  


Aputure is totally a “for filmmakers, by filmmakers” type of channels. This channel is started by some of the extremely talented filmmakers and artists. They help beginners and fellow artists in terms of filmmaking.

The aim of this channel is to provide a cost-effective solution to everything related to camera, editing software, location shooting, production design, and budgeting.

They create extremely important video tutorials on how to set up any frame or sustain any light in a shot. Currently, they have 187K+ subscribers and they are future filmmakers.

Honorable Mention

  • Film Riot
  • Now you see it
  • Philip Bloom
  • wolfcrow
  • Indie Film Hustle
  • Cinemark
  • Hurlbut Academy
  • Neumann Films
  • The Writers Guild Foundation


Now, you have a little bit of idea of filmmaking channels out there on YouTube. I don’t say that they are good YouTube channels. Rather the best channels you will find on YouTube.

These channels are mixed but every channel focused on the main theme and aspects of cinema. It may be writing, production design, video editing, VFX, and directing styles. 

I am thinking about what will you do after learning all these aspects. I think you should direct your own stories and show the world “How capable you are?”


Is a film degree worth it?

it’s depends. We have many examples like Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino who never goes to film school and still makes brilliant cinema. You only have put in work.

What are the Five stages of film production?

1. Development = concept, theme and story of movie
2. Pre-production = casting, hiring, set design, budget and location
3. Production = The real movie shooting stage with cinematographer, actor, director, lights, art director and music video
4. Post-production = Editing, music placement, sound designing and mixing
5. Distribution = Promotion, sell movie right, theatre release

What is the cheapest camera for filmmaking?

Canon EOS Rebel T7i — $579.
DJI Osmo Pocket — $349.
GoPro Hero 7 Black — $399.
Sony Alpha a6300 —$748.



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