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Education Loan: Shocking Facts To Finance Your Higher Education

Educational financing is the activity which allows the authority to plan a schedule for the educational development in order to reach the highest productive manner of an individual’s education.

No it is varies from person to person family to family accordingly but end goal is same to educate their family members.

Education is the major factor that takes a high portion of your income so as to plan every step where there is a need of right allocation of funds in various stages of education.

So we can say that educational financing is the application of rational, systematic analysis to the process of educational development with the aim of making education more effective and efficient in responding to the needs and goals of its students and society.

Education is essential and you know it so think what if your children are in their 12th standard and next year they are going to pursue higher studies.

Their admission fees to hostel to Food requirements all these will attract a huge amount of money and you are not even considering it as an expenditure.

So what will you do, suffer to manage or apply loan isn’t it.

Debt is something that will slowly dig into your wealth without informing you and you will struggle life time to repay the loan.

So better be financially prepared for this, yes or no?

What’s in it for you?

  1. What is Education and Why it’s important
  2. Components of Education
  3. Why education is the best investment
  4. Financing Education in India
  5. Educational loan and abroad study
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs

What is Education and why it’s important

Now to finance our studies we have to first know what education is.

Education is the curiosity to learn something and channelize it to become a good person in the society and using the knowledge for the betterment of human kind.

Education builds a sense of confidence and develops the intellectual ability of a person to question everything that is difficult to understand.

In simple words it is the basic element of human development that gives access to better civilization.

In the words of Aristotle,

“Education is the process of training man to fulfill his aim by exercising all the faculties to the fullest extent as a member of society.”

Importance of education:

Education is the basic right so it is as important as other natural elements to survive. Education gives you the following qualities that are important for you and people at large in a nation.

Education Importance

Rational Thinking:

Education gives you the power to analyze things from both aspect of pros and cons.

One can’t follow things blindly, he has to consider every outcomes possible in future circumstances.

So education here plays a key to unlock your blindfold from your eyes of your brain.

Rational thinking help you choose between what is good for you and society.

This way you can work on your own thinking establishment for a more focused behave towards your work.

Further you will try to react more responsibly against your challenges.

Sense of Responsibility:

Remember how kids blame each other for every worst thing that happened to them but growing up you realize that was wholly your responsibility to accept the blame.

Ever question yourself why, because you are no longer in illusion.

You know when to take the responsibility and when to accept your mistake.

This quality means this sense of responsibility to take on your shoulder is given by educating yourself.

Self Dependent:

After hitting a certain age you tend to realize that you have to be self dependent and explore things on your own. You no longer want to be a burden on your parents; this is called self dependent that is acquired by intake of healthy knowledge that is education.

Self dependent make you strong and enhances your psychology towards life; you became flexible for whatever circumstances throw to you.


Have you ever noticed when you first ever used computer; you are simply blank at how this thing works but after getting the knowledge of different short keys.

The functions of the computer you can use it religiously and way fast that before that’s what your increased productivity that gained through your computer learning.

So education really helped us lot to increase our productivity in a short span of time.

Economic Growth:

Now consider if everybody gets adequate education their productivity and rational thinking and responsibility towards their nation shall be increased.

In result the entire human force of a country achieve quality work that directly affect our economy and make it grow way faster and that will help the society to live a better life than before.

Components of Education:

Process of components of eduaction

Now to indulge fully the knowledge these components are important:

Concrete Experience:

This is the first and foremost stage where one first time understanding the knowledge and processing it to acquire in any of the action, maybe its reading or writing or visual experience etc.

This is where one’s curiosity at its peak to know the concepts according to their respective curriculum. In conclusion the fundamental construction is done in this stage.

Reflective observation:

In this stage one analyze the objective of the education and hidden causes of it. This helps to create a visual memory in one’s brain to thoroughly acquire the knowledge.

However Your brain is the most powerful machine in the world, the more information you store in it the better it will react for crucial situations  where your knowledge help you to get away with it.

According to Bruce Lee,

“The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks and observes. “

Abstract Conceptualization:

This stage belongs to the deep research on a specific subject to get command on it. The specialization of that subject like PhD and other Occupational courses included in this stage.

As Aristotle said,

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. So complete involvement in the specific subject gives you a sense of content.

Active Implementation:

Now once you gain the knowledge it is important to use it in the betterment of human kind. What is the knowledge if it is not explored to the fullest?

So actively using your knowledge makes you an expert on that field and you also play your part to the society for this many years of investment in your education.

Family planning is also an important component of active implementation of a desired plan, so learn more about family planning.

Why Education is the best investment:

educational investment

Some people might consider education demands an ample amount of money but believe me you hardly get any investment instrument better than education.

Because all other instruments depends on market performance but education is something when you get it you are on your own can establish many income sources for yourself.

Therefore the investment on health and knowledge are considered most essential. It depends on your higher studies planning and how you manage to execute it. So never back out spending money on knowledge, providing you are actually interested to that field of education.

Know more about investment

As Benjamin Franklin said,

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

Financing Education in India:

In India Education up to matriculation is somehow supported by the govt. for the lower class people for building their basic foundation.

But after that the govt. as well as private institutions’ course fees is out of the reach of normal middle class people.

So that’s why students bind them with a student loan to peruse their course in result get stuck in the loan trap for the rest of their life.

However the Govt is trying their best to control the loan interest rates and providing merit students a scholarship for the continuation of their course.

know more

Educational loan and abroad study:

Now we know that education is really important and we should make a higher studies planning.

This is where educational loan plays a big role; there are some courses that offer you very high career opportunities also with a high amount of fees. This is where your education planning and administration matter the most.

Moreover you shouldn’t be blindly taken on any course where the ROI is not good enough that you would have a lifelong burden of payment of loan.

You should consider where the loan amount can be repaying maximum in 3-5 years, Or else you would get a high amount of loan to study and interest is eating your wealth slowly.

Educational loan

The interest amount should be low and if possible keep a combination of maximum portion of fees payment done by your savings fund and rest you can loan.

Now many of us dream to study abroad but choose wisely the college and their fee structure and compare it with your educational plan and loan repayment process of banks.

And yes there are some college offers less fee compared to that course in Indian in that case study abroad is really beneficial.

Lastly educational loan is not bad at all providing you have a full proof higher educational planning.

Learn more

According to Malcolm X,

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


Education is the biggest strength you can have to achieve anything in your life it is much more important invest in the brain to develop new skills and learn everyday, that’s the way to sustain in this world.

So planning helps you to finance your educational expenses and you can analyze the student loan.

In conclusion better education leads better future


What is education finance?

It is the preparation of finance to support our education.

Why financial education?

Financial education is important for improvement of you money management.

How to finance higher studies?

Your higher educational [planning and administration can help you to finance your education.

Is financial knowledge important?

Yes, it is very important.

Education Finance in India?

Yes in India education finances are done.

Education financing trends?

Well you can finance your education for post graduate and professional courses.

Education Finance debt?

The minimum debt in education finance is better for your financial health.


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