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Fitness Tracker Homogo Smart Band Honest Review


Perfect Fitness tracker homogo smart band who tracks your health regardless of whatever your fitness level may be and,

This Fitness tracker homogo smart band is ideal for you and your health too

Because this Homogo also tracks your daily activity such as going to the gym and burning your calorie etc.

It doesn’t care you are sporty or not or day or night. This always shoes you accurate calculation.

Its OLED screen display will blow your hearts and the best part in it is its long-lasting battery life which works only charging for hardly one hour.

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  1. Fitness tracker homogo smart band review
  2. Honest Review of Homogo Fitness Band Tracker
  3. What is a fitness tracker and How fitness tracker works?
  4. Fitness tracker homogo smart band instruction manual?
  5. Cheap and best Fitness tracker homogo smart band
    5.1. Lintelek Fitness Tracker
    5.2. TOOBUR Slim Fitness
    5.3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

Fitness tracker homogo smart band review.

It has multiple meters such as tracker of distance, calorie, pedometer, reminder, remote control, and many more options in it.

I know you have so many doubts and before buying, that’s why you are confused and you are exclusively research before buying band and you have doubts like these.

  • What are the great homogo smart band available in today’s market?
  • what is the simplest homogo smart band of 2020?
  • Factors do you have to consider before buying the simplest homogo smart band?
  • What are the benefits of shopping for a homogo smart band?
  • Is a homogo smart band well worth the purchase?
  • Why is it important to take a position during a homogo smart band, especially the simplest one?

Here I’m providing you full details review about homogo fitness tracker band so hold your hand ready to buy it. For Apple user must check this Apple smartwatch for women.

Before I start reviewing homogo fitness smart watch you should know a little bit about fitness band,

What it is and how it measures our daily life activity and least but not last is What is homogo fitness tracker instruction manual.

Honest Review of Homogo Fitness Band Tracker

I can understand the problems that you are facing during to buy fit band,

Because there are so many products or fit band and all are too competitive to each other and they are overwhelming over charming stylish and luxurious too.

The technological aspects of all fit bands are similar to each other. All different fit bands have different specifications.

So don’t worry instead of the figure of all products I had done it for you with lots of honest reviews should you buy it or not with lots of information, so that you wouldn’t get stress.

Even according to me the fittest also athletes need motivation at the simplest of times.

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For the typical one that enjoys getting to the gym and dealing out, it’s tough to remain on target. Being human means we’ll lack of motivation sometimes and that we will need some help.

Rather than making it harder for yourself to succeed in your fitness goals and dreams, rather invest during a fitness tracker which can assist you to remain on target. Some features of homoho fitband.

USB charging no cables neededVery easy to set upThe battery life may be insufficient
Recognizes your sleep patternsHighly functionalDifficult to read the display when you are in the sun
HD display screenMultiple FeaturesDoes not contain a heart rate monitor
Records all your health dataHighly adjustable band 
Comes in different colorsReadings are very accurate 
Includes a pedometerLong lasting battery 
Comes with a user manualSleek design 
Remote camera control functionEasy to pair and synch 
Compatible with most smartphones which are blue tooth enabled  
Records all your daily activities Notification alerts  

What is a fitness tracker and How fitness tracker works?

If you are want to know about fitness watch it is a small smart wrist watch which monitors our daily activity like a daily walk, calorie consumption, sleep monitoring, health condition and much more

Basically it is a smart well managed smart wearable computer which has lots of benefits.

Wearable sensors are widely utilized in medical sciences, sports and security.

Basically, the  Wearable sensors can easily detect abnormal unhealthy and unforeseen situations of human, and track physiological parameters and his daily symptoms through these trackers.

This technology has widely impacted healthcare by providing continuous monitoring of patients and track their health without hospitalization.

Medical monitoring of patients’ blood heat, pulse, brain activity, muscle motion, and other critical data is often delivered through these trackers.

Moreover, in sports training, there’s an increasing demand for wearable sensors.

For an instant, measurement of sweating rate was possible only in laboratory-based systems before few years only,

But is now possible by using wearable sensors. And all this is possible through sensors that are integrated into it.

Fitness tracker homogo smart band instruction manual?

Setting up the Fitness tracker homogo smart band is not a big deal but you should also know about the packing items, how many items are you getting?

You are not getting too many products but yes you get 1 pice of Homogo smart bracelet, 1 user manual to read about its uses and specification and 12 months warranty card.

Some very important instruction you should know before using a fit band so that you couldn’t get stuck at middle.

When you buy it first time make sure it is fully charged if not then make it to completely charged to enhance battery life and boost up smoothly.

In this fit band has lots of features like SMS reading, sleep monitor, calorie burned measuring, pedometer, distance, call reminder, incoming call reminder and,

Show up, camera remote control means you can control your smartphone camera remotely, AAP messages, sedentary reminders, find your phone, anti-lost sport target remind.

All these functions are enabled in this fit band but one thing isn’t in this fit band which is heart function rate.

Now I’m are going to discuss how to setup homogo fit band setup. First of all turn on the fist band or boot and turn on the Bluetooth of fit band and smartphone both,

After that scan for the nearby Bluetooth device and connect both and then follow all the instructions shows you on the smartwatch and fitness band.

Cheap and best Fitness tracker homogo smart band.

Does buying the simplest Fitness tracker homogo smart band get stressful for you? these confusion rolling over your mind and very confusing you?

We all know how it is; we’ve been through the whole journey of homogo smart band research.

As we’ve suggested a whole list of the simplest homogo smart band available within the market lately.

We’ve brainstormed a couple of questions that the majority of you would possibly have in mind.

According to your need, I made exclusive research on cheap and best homogo fit band that made you buying and I provide an honest and unbiased review.

Actually, I focused on brand value, features and specification, product value, customer review, rating, quality and durability of homogo band.

You should also check out all these bands, these bands are amazing and superb in their all assecepts

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

For your all-day heavy schedule, activity tracking. It will accurately record all data as distance traveled, calorie burner, step walk, sleep mode.

Also 14 sports modes enables mean it helps you to be better and better everyday.

Heart rate and sleep monitoring with realtime tracking accuracy that help you enhance your health by giving you daily report.

Also it comes with 12 colour variant


If you have any problems to miss call many times don’t worry lintelek fitness helps you to never miss your important calls and messages.

You can receive calls, messages, calendar notes, SMS, WhatsApp notification, Facebook and Instagram too in Fitness tracker homogo smart band.

Multi sports mode that helps you to record and understand better activity report with 14 types of options.

It also has GPS so that you can track yourself and route to.

With IP67 waterproof technology that protect your from rain and water.

It has upto 7 days battery life which takes hardly 90 to 120 minutes to fully charge.

TOOBUR Slim Fitness

If you are a teenager then this is the best buy for you, lightweight 18g stylish and slim with all-day tracking control that keeps the record for your calorie burn, distance travelled, etc

Sleep tracking system that detects your behaviour and activity and automatically analyze,

You are sleeping, your quality sleep and when you wake up, this fit band keep your all record and help you to live a healthy life.

It also manages your calls, messages, social media handles that you never miss your important information.

This device is work well with almost all android and iOS.

It comes with 3 colour variant

Black 1BluePink

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

Stainless steel and TPE material made fitband LETSCOM which comes with 7 colour variants.

It comes with almost all wrist sizes. If you are an adult or teen and searching for cheap fitband then this is the best watch for you.

Well, design fit and compatible with very fit pro app that you get all detailed matrices, function, exercise in your smartphone with update date and time.

And the main part is it automatically screen up when you turn your wrist towards your face and it is chargeable without USB cable and dock.

You can access your smartphone’s camera through remote camera shooting, alarms and many more features are enabled in it

Colour varient



These Fitness tracker homogo smart band are perfects to use in your daily life and according to your fitness level you have.

These fitbands which I suggest you are best for exercising gyming, running.

If you are choosing a fitband then you can starts with all these and all these fitbands comes with a different color that enhances your smartness and beauty too.

So don’t worry you can go ahead with all these fitbands.


1. homogo fit band safe for children?

Of curse this fitness band is completely safe for children, in fact, some fit bands are designed for children only. You can check this blog, here is some fit band specially design for children only.

2. What is starting price of Homogo band?

It generally starts from ₹ 1000/- . You can also go higher according to your budget.

3. Is Homogo also comes for women?

Yes, Homogo specially design lots of their product only for women.



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