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Food Culture Of Pune – Famous food brands and restaurants in Pune


Pune is rich in heritage. This city is famous for various things like education, culture,   Marathi, people and also for its food. Today we are going to see various types of food you will find in Pune also which are the famous foods of Pune. We will also see some of the oldest restaurants and famous food brands in Pune.

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  3. Famous restaurants in Pune
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1. Iconic street food of Pune

Garden Vada pav

Picture of vada pav

This Vada Pav was started in 1972. Garden Vada Pav is located near the garden in the camp area of Pune which is exactly behind the clover center. It is one of the famous Vada Pav in Pune. Many people come there everyday and you need to wait at least 10 minutes to get a vada pav but it is worth waiting because the Vada Pav is that delicious.

Cheese bites

Picture of cheese bites

Anarse Samosa wale is one of the famous shops in Khau Galli near Prabodhini and the cheese bite is USB of the shop. You will get a mouth-watering cheese bite made up by the mixture of potato and cheese. Cheese bite are served with two Chutneys green chutney and red sauce. This is personally one of my favourite dishes and I recommend everyone to eat it once and you will go there again and again.

Pandurang Bhel

Picture of bhel

Pandurang bhel centre is located in Khau galli near Gyan prabodhini. This bhel is unique because it doesn’t contain puffed rice. Other dishes at Pandurang are also famous like  chilled water SPDP. Taste and recipe of pandurang Bhel is different which makes it unique.


Picture of Panipuri

Same as other things, pani puri in Pune city is also different and unique in recipe and the serving pattern is also different . You can get various types of pani puri  in the city but Pani puri served with hot daal is common . You can find Panipuri joints all over the city. on every Road you will find Panipuri joints.


Picture of Dabeli

Dabeli is also one of Punekar’s favourite street foods and it is generally served with pomegranate seeds and potato  mixtures which is called dabeli masala. Cheese dabeli is also available at various joints.

Chinese Dosa

Picture of Chinese dosa

Various types of dosas are served at various joints in Pune.  Dakshin davanagiri dosa is commonly served on various food  joints but in  KhauGalli of Gyan prabodhini you will get Chinese dosa which is served with schezwan chutney and other Chinese spices. This food joint is really really good and served a great quality of dosa. The taste of dosa is unique and extremely yummy.

Mataki Bhel

Picture of mataki bhel

Punekar’s most favourite Matki Bhel is available in camp area Pune. The Matki bhel store is just outside the clover centres. Price of mataki bhel is very reasonable. Serving and tasting is so delicious. It’s worth traveling a long distance to eat this mataki Bhel.

2.Famous food brands of Pune

Chitale Bandhu mithaiwale

Picture of Chitale Bandhu mithaiwale store

It was started by Bhaskarrao in 1939 at Bhilawadi village of Sangli district.

Initially they started a B2B milk business. In 1940 they shifted to Pune and started B2C. Now they have 7 manufacturing units and the brand has become international.

Chitale’s products are Punekar’s fevorate. Chitale’s Bhakarwadi is USP. Punekar prefers Chitale’s Bhakarwadi over all other snacks. This Bakarwadi now becomes Pune’s speciality.


Yeole Amruttulya

picture of Yeole amruttulya store

This tea shop chain n punekar considers tea is equivalent to Amrit and that’s why it is called as “amruttulya” .Yeole tea came into existence in 1983. Now they have many franchises all over the city. Standardisation is their USP . You can get the same taste of tea in all its franchisees.

Source: http://yewaleamruttulya.com/

Sujata Mastani

Picture of Sujata mastani product

Mastani is a famous desert in Pune. Mastani is basically shake like drink available in different flavour but mango is most famous among all. This is a lovable desert in all seasons.

Kaka Halwai

picture of Kaka Halwai logo

Kala Halwai is a name synonymous with the sweetness of Pune. They are an Indian mithaiwale speciality brand producing and serving top quality mithaiwale and namkeens in Pune and around Pune.

Budhani wafers

picture of Budhani product

It was launched in 1955 by the joint family of Budhani. Although potato is a common product in Indian market, Budhani wafers has its own market. Just by eating one chip one could know that the chip is made by Budhani.

Source: https://www.budhanibros.com/

3. Famous restaurants in Pune


This restaurant is located at Fergusson College Road. This restaurant was established in 1951 initially it was named as Madras health home loan for South Indian dishes.

It opens at 7:00 a.m. in the morning but people wait outside from 6:30 a.m. to get place. Many people have been regular customers since the last 50 years of this restaurant. People like to start their day by having breakfast at Vaishali.


Sukanta is famous for Maharaja Thali. During the mango season sukanta serves Aamras Thali which is quite famous in Pune. In Pune there are many restaurants which serve unlimited Thali . Dining halls are famous in Pune rather than regular restaurants.

Sukanta is situated near Z Bridge at Deccan corner.


Marz-o-rin is located in the camp area of Pune. It is famous for continental food. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Pune. Infrastructure of the restaurant is quite old and even remembers historical periods during the visit to this restaurant. Camp area is basically built for foreigners most of the Persian and British people were staying in the camp area and the food in this area of Pune is related to their culture.


This restaurant is also one of the oldest restaurants of Pune. Which is famous for its chicken biryani. Dora Buji basically serves non veg food. They have different unique recipes . The taste and thickness of the food at dorabjee is very very different.You should definitely eat dorabjee’s food at least once in a life.

 Dorabjees old store is located in the camp area. This old store is still in working condition and they also have one new store nearby.

Chaitanya paratha

You can eat one of the best paratha of the world at Chaitanya. Various types of paratha and also various Meals are available here but paratha is their usp. Various Stuffed Paratha available at Chaitanya.

Chaitanya paratha basically uses black salt in their cooking which makes the taste of parathas unique. Size of Chaitanya paratha is also too large to fill your stomach.

Main outlet of Chaitanya paratha is situated at FC Road


Wadeshwar is also one of the South Indian dish servers in Pune. The various franchises in different malls and in different areas of Pune. Wadeshwar South Indian dishes are Punekar’s favourite. The first and oldest shop of vadeshwar in Perth area near Swargate.

Katakir Misal

Misal is Pune’s speciality. Diesel is curry made up by Matki which is served with farsan and pav. Katakirr is a famous Misal brand in Pune and also in Maharashtra. Katakirrr has various joints in Pune. You can get a different type of rassa with Nisha Misal. Kata kirr misal with rassa Pav farsan and salad the taste of Katakir’s Rasa is unique and which makes the misal delicious.


We have covered all famous street food along with information of famous restaurants of Pune city and famous food brands in Pune in This blog.


Q1.Which are other famous cities near Pune?

Mumbai is one of the famous cities near Pune also some towns in kokan are famous for sea food.
Also see the nearest places of Pune and Mumbai.
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Q2.How much time one should spend in Pune to explore it’s food culture?

Minimum a week

Q3.What are the other famous things in Pune?

Pune is rich in heritage. This city is famous for various things like education, culture,   Marathi, people and also for its food .

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