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Food For Weight Loss:Journey To A Healthy Life (Free Diet Plan Included).


Food for weight loss? Can food help you lose weight?

All the food that we eat has different amount of calories.Not only the calories but the macros are also present in different quantities.

Some food may be high in protein while some may be high in fats.

Thus,it becomes very important to have a proper combination of food in our meals.

Apart from calories and macros,our food also includes other elements like various nutrients and vitamins.

Each and every fruit and vegetable includes various types of vitamins and nutrients.These vitamins and nutrients are very important for various parts of our body.

Some vitamins may be good for hair some for skin while some vitamins like vitamin C may actually help in weight loss.

All this makes it very important for us to understand the food that we consume.

Because if we consume food without the proper knowledge we can end up eating high calories and improper macros.

Therefore,further in this article we will discuss about the food science and various foods that you can consume throughout the weight loss journey.

What’s There?

  1. Proteins Carbs and Fats
  2. Weight loss diet
  3. Which food to avoid for weight loss?
  4. Fat burning foods
  5. Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Proteins,Carbohydrates and Fats.

Before we get into a diet plan,it is very important for us to understand macros or macronutrients.

Every bite of food that we consume is made up of three macronutrients that includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

These macronutrients make up the calories.

The science of weight loss is pretty simple.

In order to lose weight you have to be in a calorie deficit.

Being in a calorie deficit means eating less than the average amount of calories that are required by the body for daily maintenance.

You can calculate your daily calorie requirement online (just google search daily calorie calculator).

Now since you know how much is your calorie requirement,you need to figure out how much calorie deficit to maintain inorder to lose weight.

Ideally maintaining a deficit of 500 calories per day is a healthy way to lose weight.

Say for example my daily calorie requirement is 2000 calories,then in order to lose weight I have to maintain a calorie deficit,let’s say 500 calories per day.

Now the remaining 1500 calories that I will consume,it is important for me to understand from where these calories are coming.Here comes the importance of macros.

How much calories should come from each of the three macronutrients?

As important as it is to calculate how much calories we should consume in a day,it is also important to understand how much of these calories come from which source i.e which macronutrient.

Each macronutrient contains different amounts of calories.

These calories are calculated per gram of macros that we consume.

As a general consumption proportion,the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the ratio of each macros in the daily diet which can help us to determine a proper balanced diet. 

Approximate calculation of calories per gram and WHO recommended ratio for each of the macros in your daily diet is given below.

Carbohydrates which should form 55-75% of your daily diet contains 4 calories per gram of food.

Proteins which should form 10-15% of your daily diet also contains 4 calories per gram of food.

Fats which should form 15-30% of your daily diet contains 9 calories per gram of food.

Weight Loss Diet 

Below i have shared a diet plan for weight loss.The main focus of the diet plan is on Indian food and healthy food.

Also it will help you feel full throughout the day.

As you wake up, drink 2-3 glasses of water with an empty stomach. It will kickstart your metabolism.

7:00 AM-

 1 Banana with black pepper sprinkled

8:00 AM-

 2 Besan Chilla with Curd

11:30 AM-

 Any fruit 

12:30 PM- 

Semi Brown Rice + Chole + Salad + Buttermilk

5:00 AM-

Green Tea

7:00 PM-

Mix vegetables curry + Bowl of dal + 2 multigrain chapati

[ 1 glass elaichi milk before sleep (optional)]

Keep drinking 1-2 glasses of water between every meal.

Avoid eating anything after 7 PM.

Which food to avoid for weight loss?

There are various foods you need to completely avoid inorder to lose weight efficiently.

We often think of fruits as low calorie and healthy option to fulfill our sugar cravings and short term hunger.

Also sometimes we often replace our meals like breakfast or dinner with fruits.

Honestly this is not a good option we should have fruits but in a very limited quantity if we are on a weight loss diet.

As there are many fruits that contain too much of sugar which is not good for weight loss diet.

Considering these factors in mind below are few fruits you should not completely avoid but eat in an appropriate quantity in order to lose weight effectively and efficiently.


Pears are a good option but they lack at one place they can disturb the intestines because they have very high constipating effects.

Instead of pears you can go with watermelons and muskmelons as they are very rich in water content which will help you stay hydrated and full for longer period.


It is a very high calorie fruit.You should avoid avocados specially if you are on a weight loss diet.

if you still want to consume avocados due to its property of weight loss you should consume it in a very less quantity or else you will have to cut on other meals to remain in a caloric deficit.

“They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and are very low in sugar”.


Grapes can be the worst choice of fruits when it comes to weight loss as grapes contain a lot of sugar and they are very difficult to digest.

Instead of grapes you should go with the all time favourite fruit of doctors an apple.Apple is much better than any other fruit in the market.

100 grams of apple contains only 52 calories.It also contains various chemicals which can help you fasten your metabolism and also get you whiter teeths.

Apple when consumed empty stomach early in the morning shows better results.

Fat Burning Foods


Eggs are a great source of protein and helps in boosting metabolism.Eggs have the property to make you feel full for a longer period of time.

Though yellow part of the egg or the yolk is high in fats we should consume 2 egg whites and one whole egg every day.

Eggs can actually help you with eating less calories as it keeps you full for longer hours because of the protein content in it that takes time to digest.

Also eggs boost the metabolic rate which is the no one weapon when it comes to weight loss.

Having eggs for breakfast is a very good option.

Whey Protein

It is the most impressive for of protein as compared to other sources of protein.

Always combine Whey protein with workout.

Most importantly it helps in muscle growth and prevention of losing of muscles during the weight loss process.

Also consumption of whey protein helps in boosting the metabolism and keeps you full for a longer time period.

Whey protein shakes are much better option than other snacks to fulfill short term hunger.

The most important property of whey protein is that it helps to boost up the fat loss process,As it helps you to feel full for a longer period of time, you eventually end up eating less calories.

Apple cider vinegar

Adding 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in your diet can brink a very drastic change in your fat loss journey.

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which is known to help you lose weight by increasing the fat burning and reduction in belly fat.

It is considered great for people with diabetes as it helps in reducing the appetite and lowering the blood sugar levels.

Olive Oils

Olive oil is considered to be the healthiest fats on earth.

Just replace your day to day oil consumption and you will be amazed with the results.Olive oil has the property to promote fat loss process by boosting the metabolism.

There are many studies that show that people who consumed olive oil in place of normal oil have seen greater weight loss results.

These are very small changes which you can make into your day to day diet which can help you reach your goal of weight loss more fastly.

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Weight loss is a pretty simple game.All you need to understand is what food you are eating.

To summarize the process:

  • Maintain caloric deficit.Calculate how much calories you consume and what macros are these calories coming from.
  • Increase your protein intake.
  • Avoid certain foods like the fruits mentioned above and add certain foods like whey protein.
  • Make certain changes like replace normal oil with olive oil.
  • Workout
  • This is the most important Maintain consistency and have patience.

Welcome to the fit life!

Check This:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the healthiest food for weight loss?

Healthiest food for weight loss is the food which is high in protein and low in carbs.

Q.How to portion food for weight loss?

Calculate your daily caloric requirement and try to maintain a caloric deficit of 500 calories.Divide your overall food intake for the day into 4-5 meals.

Q.Is spicy food good for weight loss?

According to various analysis it is found that spicy food help in suppressing your appetite and increases caloric expenditure which directly promotes weight loss.



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