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Full Proof Business plan of Mehndi-Know Everything about Mehndi Business


Do you have knowledge about Mehndi Business and Mehndi’s career? Do you want to know how to start the business of Mehndi? Here I am sharing a full proof plan of Mehndi business.

Want to learn Mehndi but don’t know how to learn, which options available in Mehndi career? How to start a business? All answers to your questions are here.

 Nowadays Mehndi designing is not just a hobby but you can earn handsome money from it. There are lots of earning opportunities in this Mehndi career.

what in it

How can you earn with your Mehndi skill??

If you have the skill of Mehndi designing or you gain or master this Mehndi art, you have lots of earning opportunities.

Here I am sharing some ideas about work

  1. You can start putting Mehndi to a client. If you have knowledge about basic Mehndi, you can still start with a simple design. No need bridal Mehndi knowledge. Besides this, you can learn more design and get mastery over the skill.
  2. You can open Mehndi classes. It is not compulsory to open a big institute. But you can start from your home.
  3. You can prepare a Mehndi book and sell them. But this work takes time.
  4. You can also write blogs and share your knowledge.
  5. Another idea is to start a YouTube channel, Create your YouTube videos of your designs
  6. teach Mehndi online.
  7. You can sell your Mehndi design to magazines a
  8. Another fresh idea is to make your online course and you can sell it. This idea is in trend.
  9. If you know how to make mehndi cone, you can also sell it offline.

How to get the client in starting??

Now you think I have a skill but don’t understand how to start. How to tell people about your skill? For this, you can follow these tips.

First, you can start with your family members and your neighbors. Tell them about your skills.

When you are free, You can practice by putting Mehndi on others’ hands. It is advisable to do it free of cost to show your skill. And take a photo of your work for future clients. Make a portfolio of your work to show your client.

You can give a discount too.

Start giving your service at a very nominal price and get some clients.

You can register your name with just dial also

You can prepare a pamphlet and distribute it in the newspaper.

In this digital era, you can advertise on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Qualities are required to be a successful Mehndi Artist?

What qualities are required to be a successful Mehndi artist? You need to have a steady hand and lots of concentration.

To put neat and clean Mehndi, keep patience. You might be to handle kids too. And most important of all you must be able to come up with innovative and unique designs. 

If you have the talent and willingness to learn and work hard, then nothing will be impossible for you!

Women can start the business of making Mehndi Cones right from home, start this way

If you are thinking of starting a small scale industry, then you can start a Mehndi cone business. So let’s know, the challenges and challenges related to this business…

In our country, it is necessary to apply Mehndi to any functions like engagement, marriage, baby shower/God Bharai, Teej festival, etc, because Mehndi is auspicious.

Mehndi has been used in our country since ancient times and it has become a part of our culture. By the way, the origin of the word Mehndi is believed to be from the Sanskrit word Mendhika.

In earlier times the leaves of the henna plant were broken and ground, then filled with polythene in a cone and applied in hands. Then later the trend of selling Mehndi powder started in the market.

Now people used to bring Mehndi powder, filter it, and then mix it in polythene cone and apply Mehndi in hands. But then the cones made in the market were found and, people who applied Mehndi also started sitting in the market.

In such a situation, every woman who used to apply Mehndi only on a particular occasion, now when it is in her mind, apply or get Mehndi. If you are thinking of starting a small scale industry, then you can start a Mehndi cone business. So let’s know about the challenges and possibilities associated with this business.

How are the possibilities in Mehndi Business?

The best thing with Mehndi is that It has not fallen victim to any brand name yet. So in the market, consumers do not yet need any brand name to take Mehndi, just go to the shop and ask for Mehndi and get the Mehndi.

From this, you can understand that the dominance of any one brand is not yet in this area. In such a situation, if you want to try hand in the Mehndi business, then you will have less challenge.

In such a situation, if your distributorship is better, then you can take more and more goods to the shops. Also, dry Mehndi does not have a limited shelf life, i.e. we can use it for a long time after being packed. These things also go in favor of the businessman and reduce the risk of a business.

what We need to start a Mehndi manufacturing unit?

The best thing about the Mehndi business is that it does not require much money or things to start the Mehndi business. The most important for Mehndi manufacturing is its raw material, ie Mehndi leaves. Besides packing with Mehndi, some other herbs, sugar, and PCH Mehndi required packing material, etc.

The machinery required for starting Mehndi manufacturing unit

It does not require much machinery to start a Mehndi manufacturing unit. In the Mehndi business, you will need a pulverizer machine and motor.

Also, to separate garbage from Mehndi, a sieve, a weight machine for weighing Mehndi and a pouch sealing machine for packing Mehndi pouches will be needed.

How to start a Mehndi Manufacturing unit?

Mehndi powder making unit is very easy to install. There is no need for too much space to install its unit. But the place where you will put your unit, it is very important to get good sunlight. Also, in the place where the Mehndi leaves are being grinded, there should be no dust and soil at all, because the quality of the Mehndi may deteriorate due to dust and soil falling on the Mehndi.

What is the process of Mehndi Manufacturing?

If you get the raw material i.e. Mehndi leaves from a dealer, then your Mehndi powder manufacturing process will be easier. If there is no dealer near you, then you have to produce Mehndi yourself.

To produce Mehndi, you will first have to pick Mehndi leaves from the fields. There are three types of Mehndi leaves – the lowest quality black spots, the medium quality leaves with some golden luster, and the best quality green leaves.

Separate these three types of leaves according to their colors and dry them well.

After drying, put the leaves in the machine for grinding. Sieve the powdered powder with a sieve and remove impurities. Then pack the henna weight. Now you can sell Mehndi in the market, you can also supply it in the shops.


If You want to start Mehndi Business, you can easily start. There is not much investment needed. You can sell Mehndi Cone from your home too. And If you have an art of putting Mehndi, there are many ways to earn with this skill. So start your career journey with Mehndi. Best of Luck.


Q-1 What is a basic charge to put Mehndi

A-1 There is no fix price. You can charge according to your skill.

Q-2 What is the price of one Mehndi cone

A-2 You can take approx 15 to 20 according to your size.

Q-3 Who can start Mehndi Business

A-3 Anyone can start this business, There is no set of rule.

Q-4 How much can we earn from Mehndi Business?

A-4 It is totally depends on you. There is no limit to earn.



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