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Full-Stack web development | Let’s make a master with web development


In this blog, we can complete our journey on the web application. At least but not last. Now in this, we can learn what is full-stack web development?

What is the job of full-stack web developers?

What is the job duty of that?

We give all answers to this question?

I hope you can clear about JavaScript, Java Framework, and jQuery concepts.

Here we can learn what is the job responsibility of the full stack web developer.

So, what is the role of frontend web developers?

Do you know what is the role of backend developer?

Can you get an idea of it?

So, Let’s start the tour………

What’s in it to learn with me

  1. Full-stack web
  2. Mean stack developer
  3. Mern stack developer
  4. Mean vs Mern
  5. The job role of Full stack web developer
  6. Mapping of web development chart
  7. FAQ

What is a full-stack web developer?

Full-stack means it refer frontend as well as backend side of web application.

Full-stack web developers can able to design and build to complete website applications means they can work on the frontend, backend, database, and manage to whole web applications.

What is the front end?

It is the visible side of a web application, and the user can directly communicate with the website.

In that we can three language use

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

What is the framework of the frontend?

  • Angular js
  • React js
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

What is the back end?

It means developers work with the server-side. It can manage the database, security of data, and debugging.

Back end libraries

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Node.js

Back end framework

  • Django
  • Ruby
  • Spring
  • Express

Now I hope you can clear what are roles of full-stack web developers.

What is full mean stack developer?

In the mean stack, we can use

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • Angular JS
  • Node.js

Mean stack developer uses a collection JavaScript framework, and database. They can use some particular framework.

Now learn what are the framework, and database?

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is the open-source database, and written in C++. They can performance-oriented database.

In that we can perform database-related activities, and it is similar to the RDBMS table.

MongoDB data is stored in the form of JSON, provides an index of attribute, quick in the updates, and supports the queries.

MongoDB is used in Big data, Data Hub, User data management, and many more.

It is a reliable data. Needed any structure or fields to hold the data types. It provides two types of data models like the Embedded data model and the Normalized data model.

MongoDB performs operations like insert, drop, delete, projection, limiting records, sorting records, indexing, aggregating, replication, and many more.

MongoDB use with Java and PHP.

Now I hope you all are clear this database.

What is Express JS?

Express js is similar to the Node.js web application framework. It is open-source, and support to the web and mobile applications.

Express was developed by the “TJ Holowaychuk”.

This JS is very flexible and pluggable to compare with Ruby, and Django.

It works with HTML, provides dynamic code, and it is reusable.

Express js is starting with npm, which means you first install npm.

Npm is the “node package manager”. You can use it globally or locally, and npm provides the JSON package also.

With the help of express js we can create the Templating, form data, database, cookies, sessions, authentication, RESTFul APIs, error handling, debugging, and many more.

So, this is the use of express js.

What is angular js?

Angular js is used in a single page project application. It is responsive to user actions. It is open-source, and free to use.

Angular js was developed by “Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons” and Managed by Google.

It is providing a client-side application using JavaScript, and The Model View Controller (MVC).

There are automatically handling JavaScript code.

Concept of Angular js

Angular js is not secure, and not degradable means if the user can disable JavaScript then nothing too visible.

Angular JS MVC architecture

The model is the lowest level and maintains the data.

View is the display or show the data of the user.

The controller is maintaining the conversion between Model and View.

MVC is the logic and user interface layer application. The controller is the response to user action and interaction on the data model objects.

We can use angular js with some expression like using numbers, using strings, using objects, using array.

With the help of angular js we can perform tables operation, HTML DOM, modules, Forms, Includes, Scopes, Views, Services, and custom directives.

What is Node js?

Node js is the open-source application, and it is used with single page application, video streaming, animation, and many more.

This are the JavaScript and databases are used in the full-stack mean developers.

Now, we can move to the next topic…….

What is the Mern full-stack web developer?

In the Mern stack developers use the languages like

  • MongoDB
  • Express Js
  • React Js
  • Node.js

Mern stack use end to end framework and it will try to develop an easy and quick response website.

Now we can learn that above MongoDB, Express, and Node.js.

So, we can move on what is React Js?

React framework developed by Facebook. It is a front end library, and handling the view page of the application.

It creates reusable UI components. Features of the React is JSX is recommended. JSX means JavaScript syntax extension. It provides components.

With the help of components, we can easily manage large scale projects. It provides one-way data flow means they provide Unidirectional data flow, and flux.

Flux is design to help find your data Unidirectional. Also, they can improve your data, and pattern readability.

Set up of React JS

If you install the react js then you must require to download the node.js for that.

  • Create the root folder
  • Install React and react-dom
  • Download webpack (webpack means manages and loads independent modules)
  • Install babel (babel is the JS compiler and Transpiler means to convert one source code to other code. With the help of babel, you can use ES6 new features)
  •  Create the files
  • Set Compiler, Server and Loaders
  • Start to build your application (first, you create HTML, then file.jsx and main.js file, run the file)

JSX is quick to perform optimization while you compile the code, and they caught errors easily in compilation time. It easy and fast to use.

React component life cycle

  • componentDidMount means executed only client-side, and update to state.
  • componentDidUpdate means you called after rendering.
  • componentWillUnmount means you called after component unmounted to DOM, and unmounting the component is .js file.
  • componentWillUpdate means you called before rendering.

With the help of react you can manage them or create the Forms, events, refs, keys, router, and animation.

I hope you can clear what is Mean stack developer and Mern stack developer.

Mean stack vs Mern stack

In the mean stack we can use angular js.In the Mern stack we can use react js.
Mean stack angular js provide 2-way communication.Mern stack react provides only one-way communication.
Angular is JavaScript framework.React is the JavaScript library.
Angular provide regular DOM.React provide Virtual DOM.

What is the job role of a full-stack web developer?

  • Build a website both parts mean front end as well as backend.
  • Build the user interactive web pages.
  • Create servers and database.
  • Manage the database data and its functionality.
  • Build and design APIs.
  • Working with animation, and graphic design for the web.
  • Provide cross-platform optimization.

Mapping of web development chart

If you make a career in web development then what are steps to learn.

First you learn front end language.

  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Which platform you can practice or build your web application

  • Notepad++
  • Atom
  • Scratch
  • Visual studio

Now the next step is to learn backend

  • PHP
  • SQL

Then you can gain knowledge of various databases used to store the data of your website.

Learn Framework of the web applications

  • Node.js
  • React
  • Express
  • Spring
  • Angular JS
  • Ruby
  • Django

Now, you can clear the path of web development. I hope you clear about all. So, we can develop a Responsive web site.


Overall we can conclude that full-stack development is good for web developer and we can understand the Mean and Mern full-stack development. Also, learn the various types of Frameworks of JavaScript and the path of the web development.


1) What about services discovery layer in the web service protocol stack?

The layer is responsible for common services and providing easy functionality.

2) What is the XML RPC?

XML RPC java client speak to the Perl server and easily started web services.

3) What is the security issue with web services?

The security issues like confidentially, authentication and network security and many more.

4) What is the feature of React?

It is the virtual dom, server-side rendering and unidirectional data flow.

5) Which company develop JavaScript?

Netscape software company was developed JavaScipt.



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