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Gaming: Discover an Evolving Community

Do You Know What Is Gaming? How It’s becoming Bigger Than Film, Music & Book industries Combined? Let’s find out!

What is Gaming?

Gaming is a process when a Person plays an electronic game it can either be On PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or even on their Smartphones.

The Term Gaming referred to as regular playing on any of the preferred devices. a person who is regular in it may be called a Professional Game or a Hardcore Gamer.

Different Gaming Devices

The Gaming Industry Is Bigger than Ever & its Evolving over the Years, can You imagine the number of game development companies in 2010 were only 25 & as of the Current Scenario number Crossed by 275.

The NASSCOM Data Suggests Indian mobile gaming market will be worth $1.1 Billion by the end of 2020 & the Revenue may Grow up to 87%.

Nasscom Data about Rise In Gaming industry.
Source: dotcominfoway.com

      What You will find Here:

  1. History of Video Games.
  2. Why Were Video Games Invented?
  3. What Type of Video Games are Popular?
  4. Future Of Video Games?
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs about Gaming.

History Of Video Games.

History Of Gaming
Gaming Infographics

The History of Gaming was the most controversial Debate of all time. Most of the people say the first video game was a Huge Machine that is four meters tall and plays our familiar childhood game “Tic-Tac-Toe”. Bertie & Brain displayed it in the Canadian National Exhibition in the 1950s.

For many Days, visitors to the exhibition challenged the AI of Bertie & Brain to the self Delight. Unfortunately, this Invention of our history Only Lasts until the exhibition.

mr. bertie & brain
Bertie Brain Playing “Tic-Tac-Toe” in 1950.

As we know Bertie & Brain was an important part of our gaming history, but they failed to meet the exact meanings of the gaming. Fast Forward eight Years Ahead a Physicist William Higinbotham(also invented the first Nuclear Bomb).

“William Higinbotham” invented first-ever Video Game “Tennis for Two” in October 1958 using a small analog computer. Basically it was an Early Version of a Hit Game “Pong” which was invented 14 years later.

Tennis for Two Video Game
Tennis for Two : The First Video Game

This Was the Starting of an Epic Era. Forward Nine years in Future in 1967, Mr. Ralph Baer is also known as the “Father of video games” invented a prototype of a game that can be played on television. Which is also known as “The Brown Box”

The Brown Box was licensed & renamed as Magnavox odyssey in 1972. The first-ever video game home console. Ahead in the same year,  another big innovation is going to happen as “Pong”, the first arcade video game made by Atari.

Later, in 1977 Jumping on the success of Pong. Atari released its own console which featured a joystick & Interchangeable game Cartridges.

There were some Major Milestones covered by the Gaming Industry in the late 1970s & earlier in 1980s

  • The Space Invaders in 1978.
  • Establishment of Activision 1979 (a software development Company).
  • The Pac-Man in 1980.
  • Nintendo’s creation of Donkey Kong, with the Birth of Mario.
  • First Gaming tournament of Space invaders in 1980.
Crashed Controller

In 1983, the first-ever crash was experienced by the North American video game industry. There were some major causes of the crash, unlike the oversaturated video game market, with lots of companies trying to enter the industry- resulted in Bankruptcy, knocked out major releases. Customers started to lose interest due to a lack of quality control which resulted in a heavy decline in sales.

Just like Crash, many major moments experienced by the video game industry in 1991 after the release of NES Console by Nintendo and Genesis Console by SEGA in North America, launching the first real “console War”.

gaming nintendo vs sega

Some Successful Consoles:-

Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) & Nintendo Game Boy in 1989.
Windows PC Games in 1990.
Nintendo Super NES in 1991.
Atari Jaguar in 1993.
Sega Saturn & The First PlayStation in 1995.
Nintendo 64 in 1996.
The Sony Playstation 2 in 2000.
The Microsoft Xbox in 2001.
Nintendo DS In 2004.
The Xbox 360 In 2005.
Nintendo Wii & Sony Playstation 3 in 2006.
Xbox One & Sony Playstation 4 in 2013.
Nintendo Switch In 2017.
gaming consoles

This Was the Brief History of Video Games, Now We Know about gaming but you guys ever wondered why the first video game was invented? Let’s Talk a little bit about It

Why were video Games Invented?

Many people asked about “Why were video Games Invented?”, there were many answers to this question, but most specifically is to bring joy in lives & entertainment to the world.

Mr. Higinbotham invented them to show the world that Science isn’t only about wars it’s also about bringing a smile on someone’s face.

The game “Tennis-for-Two” created by Higinbotham was the first Game that showed real animations.

gaming scientists

Some other Sources have Claimed that the initial games were designed to train army professionals to develop their skills and increase their response time. If we shouldn’t consider it, we can just say that they were only invented to bring a revolution in the Entertainment Industry.

As we Knew about how big this industry was through the years these games were developed from Pixelated Models to High Definition Action Heros and the demand for them is constantly increasing.

What Type of Games Was Popular?

Video Games Have Existed for a very long time, as we already talked above it has a History of more than 70 Years old. So, as history, the categories of games also evolved through time. Below we will talk about the most popular video game genres:-

gaming genres

Game Genres

  • Action-Adventure Games: Games combination of the two genres action and adventure in which the player explores surroundings, includes combats & puzzle solving. (Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Super Mario, Uncharted, God of War).
  • Role-Playing Games (RPG):- The Second Most popular game genres RPG, Usually focuses on rich storylines, best characters & Complex environmental designs. (Prince of Persia, Final Fantasy, Dark Souls, Mass Effect).
  • Racing Games:- As the name suggests it’s a much similar version of races of the real world. Being a Part in a line against different opponents & Winning The Race it’s all about racing which can be done through cars, bikes, horses, etc in the virtual world. (Need for Speed, Asphalt, Dirt Rally, Road Rash).
  • Sports Games:- After That, we Have on the list is Sports Games. The Games Which Replicates the Real world’s Professional sports of the real world into the game, with similar physics and strategies. (for example, FIFA20, NBA 2K20, FIFA mobile, Tennis World).
different game genres
  • Fighting Games:- Games involve Close-Quarter Combat between two or more Characters in a stage or in fixed boundaries. Characters fight each other until they defeat them within a given time. (Tekken, Mortal Kombat, street fighters).
  • Simulator Games:- Games in this Genre have some things in common with the Real-world although it Simulates the real-world situation or Events into the fictional world. (War Thunder, Train sim world, Flight Simulator X, Euro Truck Simulator).
  • Battle Royal games:- Lastly we will talk about today’s most popular genre, it’s an online multiplayer video game genre, which allows players to Survive, explore, & fight. The unique motto of these games was surviving until “the last man standing”. We can also call them Shooting Games. (PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Free Fire, CS Go ).
  • VR Games:- Daily New Innovations are coming, VR games also started a new revolution with the latest technologies as headgears like Oculus Rift, HTC Vr Vive & Sony PlayStation VR are in the market which allows users to enter a fictional world we will discuss further in Future of Gaming. (Medal of Honor, Edge of nowhere, Asgard’s Wrath).

Future Of Gaming

The Video Game Industry Is growing rapidly so fast that experts believe that it will Estimate approx $300 Billion Dollars till 2025 Globally. According to last year’s Data, it’s estimated around $100 Billion Dollars.

Wheres if We Talk About Our INDIA the estimated market value of the Indian gaming industry is around 62 Billion Indian rupees,

Experts Say a Boom in Indian Gaming Industry Yet to Come in Upcoming Years and it will rise with the Growth rate of 87% in 2020 & become approx 250 Billion Indian Rupees By the year 2024.

2 Kids Playing VR Games

Most people think it’s just a hobby, but as we are seeing the industry is rising it became a Billion Dollar Market where Video game development companies & Professional Gamers are earning way more money than a regular company or an employee can imagine.

Across the Globe, E-sports are becoming popular & peoples all around the globe are participating in it. So, now we couldn’t consider gaming as a hobby.

Big tech companies are already working on gaming products Such as Google, Amazon, Apple. Last Year Apple already launched it’s “Apple Arcade” which is a game subscription service, Google Launched “Stadia” which allows users to play high-end games on normal PC, mobile, or on a TV. Amazon already acquired the most popular streaming platform “Twitch”  back in 2014.

As these big companies entering the market will directly competing with old market leaders, Sony (PlayStation), Nintendo (Switch), Microsoft (Xbox) for Market share. We have also seen the rise of the mobile gaming industry.

People are playing more games on a smartphone rather than any other consoles. Smartphones are becoming cheaper with high processors and better graphics. As the Smartphones Sales rising up, it became the major key to entertainment. But What’s Next? New Revolutions are Yet to Come?.

PC Games, Mobile Games, Cloud-Based Gaming, VR Games, AR & AI In Games which will become a big Hit?. Lets talk about it…..


PC Games market share may be less but they are also growing with the market trend but the PC games don’t attract Gamer as they do before. The reason maybe is Mobile games because they are much cheaper than the PC & it’s Games, but that doesn’t mean that PC will completely die it’s still the choice of professional Gamers & Innovations are coming to the Way.

Mobile Games:- 

According to Experts Mobile gaming will rise to $100 Billion by 2021, resulting in the biggest rise in a Decade. As we have already seen Big Franchisee like Call of Duty Mobile & PUBG landed on smartphones & it became a huge success. Many other franchisee are going to launch their PCs version into Mobile. The big example is Bethesda’s “The Elder Scrolls” one of the most popular games of the franchise.

5G is going to launch by this year & it will definitely give a Boost to Mobile Gaming & also big mobile companies are also focusing on high-performance gaming – Centric Devices. NASSCOM data Estimates the Indian gaming market will reach 628 Million Users by 2020.

Cloud-Based Gaming:-

Cloud-based Gaming allows the gamer to play without any limitation of the hardware Although , you only require a screen with a browser on it and a fast internet connection that’s it, now you can play any game without even installing on your device.

As Google announced its Service “Stadia” Last year, Amazon is working on it, Microsoft is working on “Cloud-X Project” whereas Playstation Now & Geforce Now is already launched in US Markets, it shows that all big companies are entered into it & it may be a Complete Hit In foreign markets but what about India?

No Service is Launched in India yet & it is understandable because this service requires a very good internet connection without any Lag or Latency. So, India Might not be a good market until we get a better internet connection or we can expect it from 5G. 


In VR Gaming a user wears a VR headset to experience a three-dimensional environment and it can interact it with the help of joysticks.

SuperData estimates VR revenue will grow  41% to $4.5 Billion dollars in 2020. VR has a bright future because it allows users to feel the game. Through advancements in Technologies, the player Body is the new controller.

For Instance, players move & interact in the virtual World like he is in the real world. In short, this Realness attracts Gamer to play & interact with the whole new world of unlimited possibilities.

AR & AI in Gaming:-

Likewise, VR which requires a Separate room & Headsets to Play games, AR, or Augmented Reality allows users to create a Playing Field in the existing environment with the help of Portable Devices. We can take the Example of Very first game to introduce AR into the Mainstream is “Pokemon Go”.

AI is used in gaming for NPCs (non-player characters) to generate responsive, adaptive & intelligent behaviors. As AI technology is developing & our system is becoming smarter day by day so as our games, they are also becoming smarter as they record every movement of the user & use it to create new difficulties every time.

There are so many examples of revolutionary changes in the gaming industry that have happened in the past 70 Years from “Pong” to the VRs & ARs, it concludes that: as Tech industry is innovating & evolving, the Gaming industry is also Evolving with it.


The gaming industry is evolving more frequently than any other industry. After the huge success of some popular games like Pubg & Fortnite, it is attracting more gamer.

Big game companies investing in the latest technologies and creating more realistic & engaging games.

As we have already mentioned, A boom in the Indian gaming industry is yet to come it will result in more gamers, more games & high revenues of gaming companies. It will also result in Job demand in the gaming Industry.

So, the future of the gaming industry is bright and if you are passionate about gaming you can check our blog on Career in Gaming industry & How to make money online through video games.

FAQs about Gaming

1. Who is the father of Video Games?

Ralph Baer is known as the Father of Video Games.

2. When was the first Video Game was Invented?

In October 1958, the so-called first Video game was invented.

3. Who Created the First Video Game?

William Higinbotham Created the first Video Game.

4. Which was the first Video Game?

PONG was the first Video Game.

5. Which was the Most Popular Games right now?

Battle Royal Games are the most popular right now.

6. Which Battle Royal Game Was Popular In India?

We all Know That ”PUBG” is the most popular right now. To know more about the game click here.


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