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How to get rid of acne and pimples just in 6 days in 2020


Here we have covered few things about how to get rid of acne \ pimples those are why do we get acne or pimples,

how to get rid of acne, prevention is better than cure so we have also discussed how to prevent ourself so that we don’t get pimples and

We have also suggested few products to use to remove pimples and also few homemade remedies.

What we have discussed

What is acne or pimple / Pimple or acne meaning

Pimple is also called as acne, it looks like a small bump and Lil whiteish it may come on our face and for few times

it may cause on our body too, acne starts at teenage and it will be till your thirties.

 Why do we get acne / pimples

Many people to think that acne is caused because you’re not taking proper care of your face,

yeah it may be right but it’s not 100% right.

Main reasons why we get acne

  • If your diet js wrong
  • Not taking proper face care
  • Over-washing your face
  • Not using correct facewash
  • Using face cream 
  • Using chromogenic products
  • Multani mitti
  • Never use a single towel
  • Always keep a cotton handkerchief
  • Avoid useless products
  • Don’t use a face scrub
  • Using pillow covers for too long
  • Taking fresh air

How to prevent ourself from getting acne/pimple

 it may be your stomach problem or digestive system problem. 

Most of our skin reacts to your diet if we are not talking proper diet then it’s 100% sure that you will get acne, many people say that we should not eat fast food because they don’t use good material, so the cheap oil which is used in fast food may cause acne on your face.

You may have noticed that when we eat good food like fresh healthy vegetables etc,

our skin feels good but when we eat any fast food or something like that you may feel your skin is Lil dull,

So try to eat good and healthy food and make your diet good.

You must take proper face care, washing your face twice a day, select correct facewash according to your skin type,

few people have dry skin, few have oily skin, few have combined skin so select correct facewash according to your skin type,

many people think that if we wash our face many times than we have fresh, clear, and glowing skin but its 1000% wrong,

we should wash our face only twice a day,

because when we wash our face it takes of our dirt and also all the natural oils from our face.

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So only wash your food twice a day once in the morning after waking up and once at night before going to bed if you played any sports or you are sweaty you can wash your face once more to clear your dirt.

According to me, you should not use any face cream when you are getting acne,

no beauty cream or any other cream because of cream blocks your sweat pores and you’re having acne and the sweat pores are closed then your pimples can get worst,

so please don’t use any cream when you’re having acne.

Using chromogenic product can also cause you pimple,

first of all, let us know that what is chromogenic products,

chromogenic is a chemical which blocks the pores on your skin so that exes oily cant come out of your skin when you use chromogenic face wash whole you’re having acne then it will block all the pores(holes) then your acne can get worst,

so, please try to use non-chromogenic facewash or face cleanser when you are having acne.

Who has dry skin they can use a non-chromogenic face cleanser.

Actually, facewash remove all the dirt and oil from your face but cleanser removes only dirt,

it doesn’t remove any oil so using non-chromogenic cleanser would be great for dry skin people.

Using multani mitti is good for skin it not only cure pimples but also it will help our skin glow and in removing sun tan also.

Many people use only one towel for their whole body and there face its wrong try to use a separate towel for your face and for the body,

keep your face towel separate and always keep it neat and clean.

When you get sweat use a handkerchief and dap on your face when you have sweat the cotton handkerchief will soke all the sweat and clear your skin.

Many people use many face products on their face don’t do that use only those products which are working well for you,

try to avoid useless products use only those products which are important for you like face wash,

basic creams and sunscreen that’s it, it’s enough for you.

When you’re having acne stop using a face scrub, scrub cleans your skin deeply and when you have acne when you use a face scrub then it can pop your acne and make it worst so,

please stop using a face scrub when you’re having acne.

Change your pillow cover, your blanket and bedsheet regularly because when you sleep all the dirt present on your hair or skin it goes to your pillowcases and on the bed and when you sleep next time on the same bed all the dirt present on that pillowcases come to your face and it can cause acne.

Wake up early and go for a small walk and take some fresh air, in mornings the air be fresh and so take it. In the morning you should take vitamin d which is present in the sun.

Try to avoid to go in the sun, sun irritate your skin a lot.

How to get rid of acne /pimples

Again I’m telling you guys to follow the steps given above and correct your habits.

Also, correct your diet, what you eat will show on your face so please take proper diet.

Clindamycin is a chemical which helps us in curing acne, you gen it in local medical stores, clindamycin is a chemical, not the name of any cream there are many companies who provide it, so you can get it easily.

Using of clindamycin

Take it less than one drop and apply on your face where you are having acne before going to bed, and leave it for overnight next day just wash your face with normal facewash as daily, you can apply clindamycin on your whole face too it’s not too harmful but applying only on the area where you have acne is good.

How to remove pimple / acne overnight

 Use clindamycin as I said above, If you have a minor pimple only one or two you can remove overnight with the help of clindamycin.

Ways to cure acne at home

Take a ice cube to wrap it in clean cloth then put it on acne for a few minutes this will help in removing pain and swelling.

Take one spoon of honey and half spoon of lemon then mix it then apply it on acne and let it be for a few minutes then wash it,

it may cause little pain, if you want you can add half a spoon of raw milk or water to reduce pain.

You can apply raw lemon juice on acne but its gonna hurt a lot.

Turmeric is one of the best natural ingredients for most of the skin problems many people use it to get rid of acne,

few people use it for sun tanning.

In India turmeric is used on weddings, to the bride and groom we Indians apply turmeric to glow their skin and etc.

We should use turmeric in very less quantity because turmeric leaves its colour easily if we apply turmeric on our face it will leave its yellow shade on our face and it doesn’t goes easily so mix the turmeric with honey or any other remedy which you’re going to apply on your face it will definitely help you.

The clindamycin tube is one of the best to get rid of acne and pimples according to me.

Buy best Cream how to get rid of acne


Acne is the worst thing we get, here in this blog we have discussed why ee get acne and how to get rid of pimples and acne.

The best way to cure acne is using clindamycin cream.

Apply clindamycin at night before going to bed and leave it for overnight, in morning you can see a major difference in it.

You can use lemon or turmeric to cure acne at home.

Always remember never apply acne directly on your skin, it may burn a lot mix it with water, rose water or in milk.


what acne means?

In one word acne means pimple.

what acne do I have?

By seeing I can tell you what acne you have, most people have normal acne which can be cured easily.

what acne products should I use?

The only product I recommend to cure acne is clindamycin cream.

what acne says about your health?

Mostly acne doesn’t say about health but if your diet is not good or your digestion is not good then you will get acne.

why does acne happen?

The main reason your face is not clean or your diet is not good, the other reason we have told above.

when does acne turn into scabs?

when you pop it.

Are acne scars permanent?




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