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5 Best Android GIF Video Maker App For Business

5 Best Android Apps To Create a Video And Gif For Business

Sometimes a business has to create a video or GIFs for business. But they cannot afford expensive tools for a short time of use like Adobe after effects, and even they do not want to invest in computers and other tools. So they have to choose the best affordable option that can fulfill their requirement with an Android mobile phone.

With the motto of helping the business to choose the right app as gif video maker app, we decide to give value in this blog.

We have created a list of tools that can allow creating, recording, and editing videos on any Android phone. That was a list of 50 apps. We had filtered them by user-friendly experience, user rating, pricing, and popularity. We have finalized this list of five apps. These apps are the best in their category.

In this blog, you will find a detailed review of different apps like the best app for screen recorder, best app for creating gif, best app for creating video and best app for converting videos.

All the tools have their unique feature, which is the best in the category. After reviewing all the tools, you will find the conclusion so that you can decide what tool is best for you as per your need. Then we will disclose questions and answers that people ask open on the internet. Before we get into it, let’s check the index of all the applications.


  1. AZ Screen Recorder
  2. GIF Maker
  3. KineMaster
  4. Quik
  5. Video Converter


Screen record type of content is one of the best ways to create a video of explanation. If you have to record your mobile screen or have to share an explanation of any app, then as a screen recorder is one of the best options you can choose.

AZ Screen Recorder is known as its quality and smoothness of the video editing tool.

It allows recording screens in various quality and frame rates without any recording time limit. Want to install this app on your mobile and are worried about root access, then just relax. Because this app does not require root access.

AZ screen recorder allows users to record screen up to 1080p,12mbps, and 60fps. AZ Screen Recorder also has a video editing option so that users can edit and create a video as users want. It can remove any part of the video, add subtitles, add background music, compress video, combine multiple videos, and more. AZ Screen Recorder allows creating GIFs of the video.

It allows to live streaming on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and twitch with the use of Screen Recorder. And it also allows accessing of face cam while live streaming. Most of mobile Gamers use this app for live streaming on various platforms.

If you own Android 10 mobile, it can record your mobile’s internal audio too. This app has been featured on Google Play homepage, Android Police, Yahoo News, and Android central in the past.

AZ screen recorder provides a unique button called a “magic button“. Users can pause or resume with a single tap, double-tap allows users to stop recording. It is such a simple app that users can master this app in a single day.



Nowadays, GIF is one of the most engaging content used on most of the social media platforms. Believe me, It is too easy to create with a simple tool.

GIF maker is the exact tool used by most of the social media users who used to upload GIFs on their account. The reason behind using this tool is that it is too easy to use and creates high-quality GIFs up to 720 pixels.

Users can create GIFs from various formats like the video to GIF, Screen Recorder to GIF, and image to GIF. It also allows to create an image from GIF with the GIF Maker app.

GIF Maker tool also used as a memes maker tool. The user can adjust different settings while creating GIFs. Settings like changing color, balance, contrast, sharpness, saturation, hue, vibrance, and shadow. GIF Maker gives extra editing tools like crop, rotate, and flip. Users can directly share GIFs on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.

This app includes almost 60 beauty filters and frames. GIF Maker app also allows to create a transparent background GIF with this app. If you want to create a high-quality GIF with minimum size, then you have to use this app, because it allows users to compress the GIF. GIF maker app supports up to 600 images in a single GIF and allows up to 50 frames per second; it is pretty high compared to other GiF maker tools.

It comes with two versions of the pricing plan. Free one and the paid one. If you choose the paid version, it will charge you ₹200 for one time. And it will never show you any ads, and also you will benefit from the watermark problem.



Kinemaster is the app that every mobile user has to use to create a video. It has a full-featured video editor that can edit and create a video on a professional level. Kinemaster is free to use available if you want to watermark in your video.

Kinemaster has a bunch of features; it includes reverse, Bland, Cut, And high-quality music. You can download this app from Google Play Store and App Store also. Kinemaster has its library for music, video effects, and sound effects. Some video effects and sound effects are available for free users.

The editor of Kinemaster has almost all the features that any video maker app must-have. It includes color adjustment, presets, sound effects, transitions, fonts, and stickers. Users can directly share their videos on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and more. This app is mostly likable to journalists, educators, marketers, and bloggers.

Users can combine multiple layers of video image stickers, special effects text, and handwriting. The user also can trim, crop, and slice video with the use of Kinemaster. It has a feature of speed control so that the user can control the speed of the video as per their need. Kinemaster allows the user to export their video up to 4K resolution and 60fps.

This app provides both monthly and annual plans. If you plan to buy a monthly subscription plan, then you have to pay ₹200 per month, and you also can pay it annually with ₹2000. With this plan, users can get extra tools and effects to the benefit. If you plan to buy a subscription, you can get a 7-day free trial when you sign up.



If you are a beginner in video editing and want to create a video like a slideshow, then you have to go with Quik. Quik is a hundred percent free application. It is effortless and too fast to use.

If you want to create a video quickly, you just have to select your photos, and then you have to choose the effect, and that’s it. This video maker app will automatically create your video with amazing effects. Users can add up to 75 photos and video clips from their gallery. The user also can add photos from cloud storage like Dropbox and Google photos. It will automatically detect your face and create a video that you will get next-level video.

You also can adjust the effect and its translation manually. Users can choose a theme with a list of 23 themes. It is too easy that the user can reorder, trim, and rotate photos with ease. The user also can play video in slow-mo and speed up. This app has a free songs library of more than a hundred songs. It also supports MP3 MP4, M4A, MOV, AAC, and WAV files.

Users can save videos in HD, 1080p, 720p.The user also can share it directly from Quik on Instagram, Facebook, and more Social Media platforms.

It has been downloaded from the Play Store in a hundred million plus times. This video maker app will consume 99 MB in size. If you are planning to download on your Android mobile phone, users have given them 4.7 reviews out of 5-star reviews. This app has 12975 37 positive reviews love from the users of the app.



Video Converter is the app that shows its use on its name. This is a professional video converter that professionals use to use this app to convert their videos from one format to another.

Video Converter is just not a video converter, but also it supports more than one feature. The video converter app comes with other features like MP3 converter, video compressor, and video Merger. This app can convert AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, and more. Users can edit the video in its editor that allows some features like trim, cut, slow-motion, reverse, stabilize, crop, rotation, and more.

You can convert any video from any format in simple steps and can reduce video file size for free with this app. This app supports up to 8k video conversion. And also this app supports HVAC and H265 Video codec. This app can convert a video to MP3 format. 

The video converter app comes with multiple inbuilt themes of options. This video converter app supports up to 200 + devices from Nokia, Google, Sony, LG, Sony PlayStation, Samsung, Apple, and HTC. This app supports up to 50 languages.

This app has two versions on Google Play Store, free and paid. If you want to buy the pro version, then you have to pay ₹200 for a lifetime, and if you install a free version, then you may have to face some ads while you are converting videos.

According to us, this is the best app to convert a video from an Android mobile phone.



1AZ Screen Recorder10,000,000+4.411MBIntermediate
2GIF Maker10,000,000+4.16.6MBBeginner
4Quik10,000,000+4.3Not FixBeginner
5Video Converter1,000,000+4.620MBIntermediate


Now you have a piece of great information that can help you to create visuals for your business. You can choose the various applications from the list as per your requirement.

If you have use of a screen recorder then you must have to install an AZ Screen Recorder that will definitely help you in your business. You can go with GIF Maker app, If you have the most use of creating GIFs.

If you have the use of creative videos that contain a quality of a professional then you have to use the Kinemaster app. And if you have to upload your videos on the various platforms then you have to convert your videos as per the platform so video converter will help you to do so for your business.

Now let’s talk about what generally people use to ask on the internet. 

If you are looking for creating graphics for your business purpose, we are pretty sure you also will like our best app to create a graphic for a business blog.


Which is the best screen recorder app for Android?

AZ Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder.

What tool do I have to use to create GIFs?

You have to use a GIF maker to create GIFs from the video.

How can I create a professional video from an Android mobile phone?

You can use Kinemaster for creating professional videos.

How can I create a simple slideshow video for free?

Quick can help you to create a slideshow video.

How can I convert any video from an Android mobile phone?

A Video converter app can help you to do so.



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