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The ultimate guide for Goal Setting 2020 – Best Tips


Goal Setting is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible, impossible into possible …

 If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.

Goals, must not be necessarily something big and unrealistic to achieve. Many people fail in life because they don’t set realistic goals and don’t plan on how to achieve it.

Goals are some target or tasks which needed to be completed within the specified time. always have a backup plan or a future of the goal you are working on right now so that you are never out of resources and this increase in 50% more chance to achieve that goal of your wish.

What’s here for me

  1. Why set goals
  2. don’ts of goal setting
  3. blueprint of goal setting
  4. Clarify what you need at end of this
  5. Find congruence
  6. Do check on your goal lists
  7. Develop a blueprint for your goals
  8. Draw up a planing strategy for action
  9. Facts
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQs

Why to set goals?

  1. It works as a guiding path on where to focus
  2. triggers new good behaviours 
  3. Gives you some sort of momentum and upliftment in life
  4. Aligns your focus on one thing
  5. Promote a sense of self-satisfaction
  6. It helps to identify the importance of the task
  7. Pursue you to achieve your goal
  8. Increases the understanding ability
  9. Gives you the power of good observant.
  10. Provides you with steps to achieve your final goal.
  11. Provides self-motivation
  12. Sense of happy purpose of life
  13. Develop clarity in mind
  14. Helps in taking a better decision
  15. You can control your future
  16. Builds self-esteem 
  17. It enhances your self-belief.
  18. It focuses your acquisition of knowledge and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your life
  19. Small-business owners can also benefit from setting goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive.

See there are millions of reason on why you should set goals and even now if you are confused I just want to ask you,



Before that let’s know what are the don’ts in the way for goals setting

  • Setting goals which are unrealistic too utopian
  • Conservative goals
  • Too unachievable goals
  • Too disruptive goals
  • Goals that focus only on the outcome, not on the process
  • Unmeasurable goals

Goal setting can help you in any area of your life, from achieving financial freedom to good health.

Now is there a blueprint for it?

  1. Clarify what you need at end of this
  2. Find congruence
  3. Do check on your goal lists
  4. Develop a blueprint for your goals
  5. Draw up a planing strategy for action

Clarifying the end of the goal

You must know what is the actual thing you want in your life after achieving this goal. Is this goal is even fruitful or just peer pressure?

For example, many people want to live happy and prosperous. After watching all the billionaire reading books, they also start reading books of the billionaire’s favourite genre but get distracted easily after reading and starts getting bored they must know that every single being on this planet earth is different born with different capabilities and wants so you must identify your wants first to achieve any goal or setting any goals. For some books recommendation

Ask yourself WHY YOU WANT TO DO IT?

And don’t stick to that goal until you get a satisfying answer.

Find congruence

Next step of this process is to explore the level of congruence of the goal does it have any values, beliefs that you are currently working on.

This is a big hurdle for most people.

on the other hand, Don’t go for the results only have an eye on the process the journey of achieving this goal many people set deadlines and even generate enough reasons for pursuing each goal and end up messing themselves in it.because of lack of congruence 

Ask yourself does it support your current living?

Surround yourself with influencing people who can motivate you to do your work and achieve your goal with whom you can share your goals and get some suggestion for your betterment.it do increase your achievement rate by 10% so that you will move faster than usually you do to achieve a goal. 

Do check on your goal lists

Every goal that you set comes with some cause and effect with some consequences. Therefore You must check on your goals regularly for example if you decide to work full time in your job then the effect will be on you as well on your family as you will be the missed out one who will miss all the events and not only this you’ll also miss all your happy moments.

Moreover, Let your goals challenge you to become a unique person of incredible dimensions, not necessarily in anyone else’s eyes, but in your own eyes.

Develop a blueprint for your goals

While talking about goal setting most common primary obstacles which come in this is limited beliefs lack confidence experience and knowledge and of course, sometimes people themselves become an obstacle to their goals and Identifying these obstacles is a very challenging and uncomfortable exercise.

 To get out of this situation try to ask yourself some questions

Whether you really want to do this even if it costs something valuable to you?

What should I do to get over these obstacles easily and successfully?

And remember the solution to every problem is hidden within the problem not outside of it so try to decode the problem efficiently. The important part about setting time-sensitive goals is that you stick to the self-imposed deadlines

More than that a blueprint always helps out to perform your tasks easily and quickly as possible so try it out to create a blueprint of any goals. You have to put skin in the game by firming up a due date. Putting a date to your goal makes things more real and more tangible.

If you haven’t yet created a blueprint check out this blog on Bullet journal it will surely help you.

Draw up a planing strategy for action

The final step of the goal-setting process involves drawing up a plan of action for achieving and completing the goal.

Where many people go wrong is that they try to create it in a magnificent and detailed way of the action and dream very high dreams with low planning this affects all the whole idea of the goal and create great misery in the life of one’s life.

And after all of this, the only and the one most important thing to do is to get started with all you have to do within a moment of time you’re left with.

At the end goal setting and achieving them might be somewhat challenging, if you want clarity in life just follow your target with your full of heart. Take the complexity and challenge yourself to get attached to the destinations.

The timescale for all your goals must be real and wisely set and you need to hustle a little to accomplish these goals remember to give unambiguous feedback to yourself about the goal which ensures that action can be taken if required.  


  • Around 80% of people fail to keep their new year resolutions due to lack of proper planning and goal setting in their life.
  • The people with good goals setting habit are more successful than others who don’t have it and many billionaires also use the proper goal to achieve their target
  • Goals are a good source of motivation and motivation is what keeps you moving forward even if it’s hard.
  • An optimistic person always approaches a goal by proper prior planning which avoid unnecessary failures and setbacks in life.
  • For children, self-regulation and inspiration are affected by perceived goals and achievement.when a goal is valued children get engaged easily to it as they get attracted to good things easily.
  • If you keep on repeating a goal it is just impossible to do it over and over again and make you a lot sick.
  • Scheduling specific actions help you to achieve your goals even faster. It increases around 40% of work efficiency and makes you achieve the goal even faster than before.
  • If you commit to someone else that you are going to accomplish a certain goal you’ve just increased the chances of meeting that goal by 65%!
  • Realistic specific goals are more important than invaluable infinite useless goals 
  •  Feeling as if you’ve accomplished something is the best form of encouragement to do more, so set goals that are realistic and which force you to motivate yourself to achieve them. So try to imagine yourself as you have already achieved it and feel it in your veins the feeling of success this will surely help

some facts are of soulsalt.com do check them too.


Finally, did you know that if you have a specific accountability appointment to check in on the status of your progress as you reach your goal that you’ll increase the probability of meeting your goal by 95%?

And now after knowing all these facts and pieces of information what are you waiting for it is your time to show the world how good you are at goals accomplishment so let’s rock it budyyy! Good luck. And ask yourself now these questions

  • What do I want to achieve in the next week, month and year? 
  • How will I measure my progress toward the goal? 
  • How will I know when it is accomplished?

check out some goal setting diary and books i’m sure it’ll be help to you


How goal setting can influence motivation?

It is not only about setting goals for yourself to achieve it’s something more than that it is about self-discipline, achievement and clarity in life.

How goal setting can lead to success?

It basically depends on your vision of success If you are an ambitious person then goal setting is definitely going to help you out.

what are goal setting skills

All that are discussed above



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