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How to Google AdWords and Google AdSense Work in 2020


“The way Google AdWords helps in creating an ad, the same way Google AdSense works to publicize the ad created.”

How does Google AdWords and Google AdSense work For the promotion of any of your business, you work for publicity, by making a template to tell people about your business? By making a template to reach people through the newspaper, about your business.

We also do the process so that people can know more and more about your business. Many times we process ads on TV as well, we also broadcast ads on the radio. We also call all this process of traditional marketing. Work Google AdWords And Adsense.

You do all of this on Google AdWords, that is, you complete the process of creating ads on google AdWords through Google AdWords for the advertisement of your business, the same way you process for traditional marketing here.

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But this whole process is done digitally here also all the ad that you do traditional, you must have seen while using the mobile phone.

That whatever application or video network you use, you will get to see the ad AdWords can be ad google is a very reliable search engine at the present time.

We all must be using it and all these ads which you are getting to see, all this is transmitted through google ad sense,

We expand google ad sense I will know that whatever process you do for advertising in offline business. Like making a banner and also the process which Google AdWords does here and the way in which you give money to newspaper company and broadcast your ad.

This On google ad sense is there, but where your money is spent on Google AdWords, both are of service google. This is all a process of creating the ad and publishing google AdWords and ad sense how we work Learn about.

1.) How To Work Google AdWords

Google Adwords is one of the services of Google. Which proves to be very profitable compared to all the services of google.

Google Adwords is a service of Google through which you can promote your business.

Through Google Adwords, for your service, products, leads, or ever for your profitable blog which can give you profit in your business. use Google AdWords

These ads are also shown on Google partner platforms with google services.

Google partners mean all those search engines or applications which are linked to google. All these ads show on all platforms.

Here a question arises whether your ad will show in the whole world because google is almost used in the whole world.

Then will your ad show on the whole world, because your business can be in your area too, not necessarily yours.

The business is so big that you want to advertise in the whole world. Your objective may be that your business is only you want to do in your city or your business may be out of India. You want to advertise there.

Also, set up a campaign If you are asked the location, then by setting that location, you can run the ad anywhere you want.

If you can run it by country wise, city wise or else you can also run the ad through the area code. Shows only on your set location.

Here the way the location of the matter matters, in the same way, the keyword for your entire ads here.

Which gives a correct instruction to your ad, ranks your entire ad on your set keyword. The means keyword recommendation The user searches and shows the same type of ad.

Google AdWords Work

You can promote yourself to the maximum people by setting the keyword and location.

Help Google Adwords, there are many business opportunities in today’s time. Adwords help people to grow their business. We cover our audience sitting in one place and reach them easily with the help of Google Adwords.

With the help of Google Adwords, we are able to easily reach those who are interested in our business are more chances of getting organic results from Adwords.

With the help of Google Adwords, today you can do some such business from your home or shop.

Used to be those small businesses Through Google Adwords.

There is a lot of profit, with the help of this, by setting your campaign easily to those users.

You work easily to reach them, you advertise publicly in traditional marketing. To all the people who do not even need your product.

Or about service but you can easily reach organic people through Google Adwords, through Google Adwords.

There is not only profit in business or services. But also the user can easily take advantage of the product or service.

There should not have But if you do not have a website, then you cannot create an ad in Google Adwords.

Because only through the link of your website you complete the process of your ad, through this process. The user would land on your website through your ad.

And get information related to your business. Google Adwords is not necessary, you must have a business or institute if you have a website. Then you can use Google Adwords.

2.) How TO Work Google AdSense

Google ad sense works as a publisher in away.

Whatever organic websites are there, create an account in Google AdSense to show ads on those websites.

The website which is SEO done, on google AdSense for earning websites Account creates an approval;

After getting approval from this process, there is a long process on those websites, it is a long process as if your website is complete.

Then you should have good content, whatever the content is, it should not be plagiarism.

They should not be copied whatever your c be unique content, traffic is on your website.

People like your content and in spite of all these, your website should be about 6 months, such as the rules of Google AdSense.

But if the content on your website is good and traffic is also good your SEO is done well, you get approval in a month while creating an account. You give Google AdSense code.

You pest it in the header of your website and you get mail on two or three days.

To approve your website Occurred or not if any reason If it happens, then you are told in the mail that what has been done wrong.

And you can send it again after correcting it. And all these procedures are given by Google employees, even after the approval of your website, after all, is OK.

It starts showing ads on the website, it shows something like this.

Here, on your website, display types of ads are shown only, when the user clicks on these ads.

And lands on the website of the ad provided by the ad. And then Google pays you because through your website he paid the ad for his Adwords.

According to Google AdSense

Google reaches you through your website, some part of it is paid to you by Google, Adsense approved websites. And google gives 68 percent to you and keeps 32 percent itself.

If the advertiser gave 100 rs to google, google will give you 68 rs and 32 rs will take itself here.

But you must be thinking that display ad types It is being said that the display type ad will be shown on your website.

That application can be related to shopping, here on search ads do not show itself. And only search ads show only on google’s own search engine.

Whatever search Ads show on the engine, those websites do not show ads through Adsense. This ads only shows only on an organic result.

After this approval which is displayed ad show. You are asked in Adsense account that which size ads you want which are shown on your website.

Here you get the code, you enter that code in your website where You want to show ads of that type, here there are many types of ads.

You can set the ad according to your website. And show it on the website and you start getting money on your Adsense account.

Google AdSense Work

See your detail Has much earned a day and is earning much earn whenever you 100 dollars a month. You can take your account on you can see on Adsense how many times you have clicked on the ad, only after 100 dollars.

And You have to get the bank detail in detail, you are taken swift code of your bank. Whenever your 100 dollars will be paid on the 21st of every month.

Send money and then you receive money in your account, the whole process is through Adsense.

Google Adsense launch date 18 June 2003
 TypeOnline Advertising

3.) Conclusion

If you have a business or service or an application, it can also be E-commerce. Then you can use Google Adwords which can be a profit in your business.

If you have a website that can be on an informational blog, then you can use Google AdSense to earn.

4.) Frequently Asked Question

Q 1.) What Is Google AdWords?

Ans 1.) Google AdWords is Online Advertising Google Service.

Q 2.) Types Of Google Ads?

Ans 2.) Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Shopping Ads, Universal App Ad.

Q 3.) How Google displays your ads on Google?

Ans 3.) Google shows ads through keywords and on interest base.

Q 4.) What is AdSense?

Ans 4.) Adsense shows on Google AdWords display ads banner ads other blogging websites only through AdSense.



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