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15 Simple & Effective Habits to Improve Your Life In 2020

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Habit helps our brain to become more efficient. Every day-to-day task assigned to our sub-conscious mind & frees our mind for the other new task. Everyone has a habit, some of them are good & productive habits & some of them are bad habits & mostly people have more bad habits than good ones. Whatever habit you build whether it’s good or bad by repeating it daily it’ll become your second nature to it.

Here are the lists of productive habits which according to me will definitely help you to grow & improve in your life-

1. Habit of dealing with bad habits:

Before building good & productive habits you must need to deal with bad habits first. If you don’t deal with it, then it will create hindrance in your new building habits. Whatever the habit might be by doing it daily, it’s become part of your life now. Let’s learn from this example how to deal with bad habits:

Suppose a guy has a habit of smoking & one day you decided that you wanted to get rid of it & will never smoke again. What happened after that decision he takes?

He got success for 3-4 days by putting a conscious effort to not smoke, but after 4th day, he had a rough day in his office & to get rid of the bad mood he smokes. This is what happened when you take drastic steps, you’ll get back to your bad habit soon, because it’s become a part of your daily life.

What he needs to do is take small steps one by one to get rid of it. That guy smokes 4-5 times a day, and then he should commit to smoke only 3 times a day for a week. Then if he achieves that, he should reduce the no. of times & soon after that he should find an alternative of smoking like chewing-gum & whenever he gets an urge to smoke he should eat that chewing-gum.

And he keeps track of his progress too, so he’ll feel accomplished that how far he comes.

You cannot remove that habit but you can replace it with other good habits. The same technique you can apply to replace your bad habits with a good one.

2. Journaling:

Journaling is basically putting your thoughts & emotion which you experience in your life. Try to write your experiences or thoughts as much as detailed as possible it will help you to relieve your stress & by writing down your problems in paper, you may come up with a solution too. It will also enhance your mental abilities like attention.

3. Rise Early:

Getting up early is known to be one of the most productive habits. By getting up early you’ll be able to get things done. When you rise early there will be no distraction & you can work on that complex project with ease & with more focus.

4. Sleeping routine:

To build productive habits you must have a fixed sleep routine. By analyzing your body clock like how much sleep your body needs & make a sleeping routine according to it. In that way, you won’t be awake till late nights & scrolling your social media feeds for no reason. By building this habit you will make yourself disciplined.

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5. Reading:

Pick any genre book you like – Sci-fi, Adventure, Self-help, to develop your reading habit. This will help you to expand your vocabulary. Your sentence formation will improve. Your knowledge of various topics will increase.

So gain knowledge as much as you can; it will help you to strike conversation on any topic because of having diversified knowledge.

6. Don’t Multi-Task:

You might have this notion that by doing multi-tasking you’re getting things done more. Wrong! , according to Forbes, by doing multi-tasking it’s actually slows you down. Putting your attention on a single task for an hour, helps you to achieve deep level concentration & you’ll be able to produce the best possible result.

7. Get rid of distraction:

If you want to be a productive person then you must inculcate this habit on your life. Shut off all possible distraction when you’re doing your work, put that phone out of your sight. And if you’re sitting on noisy surroundings, then find a place or corner where you do not feel distracted & if there are no places like in your radar, then put on your headphones.

8. Divide your work:

If you want to complete that huge task without being a procrastinator then divide that task in a smaller part. And accomplish each small task day by day & soon it’ll get completed.

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9. Don’t be afraid to fail:

Don’t think like you going to fail that test or that interview, you didn’t even appeared for it & you’re already being negative about it. Instead of being scared from failure, prepare with your 100% dedication & even you fail after that. Learn from it, what went wrong, what could you have done better & go for it once again until & unless you got success in it.

10. Plan your next day:

Do you feel overwhelmed that tomorrow you have so much to do?  You can simplify your chaotic day by planning your day by just putting some minutes before going to sleep.

Start from how you going to start your day & then what you accomplish on that day. By doing this you won’t feel anxiety or uncertainty & you can sleep with peace.

11. Exercise:

In my every blog I mention exercise is one habit which has so many benefits. You’ll obviously get fitter & healthy. But by doing exercise it also helps to reduce stress & it also releases endorphins from which you’ll feel positive & more energetic.

But the most important thing that exercise teaches us is how to get disciplined. It teaches us if you put consistent effort into something, you will have consistent results & if you put more effort then you will get more results.

It also teaches us that if something is important enough for you, you will do it no matter how busy you are.

12. Meditate:

By doing it for just 5min when you start your day or anytime in a calm place where there are no noises around, it will do wonders for you. It actually reduces the size of grey matter in Amgydgala (part of our brain) which is responsible for stress.

It will boost your attention span, you will get more aware of the surrounding, you can get control of your emotions, you’ll become more focused & you will be able to think with more clarity. This all benefits are only possible if & only if you continue to do it for a longer period of time.

13. Learn a new language:

By learning  a new language you’ll get to know about that country origin, history & culture. You won’t feel blank when you meet with a native speaker of that language. And if you learn multiple new foreign languages then you won’t feel the need of a translator when visiting new countries.

14. Learn any new skill which you want:

There’s a saying that when you stop learning, you stop growing. You want to learn dancing, cooking, singing, playing guitar, playing sports or whatever it might be just do it. Who don’t like a person who’s multi-talented?

15. Interact with achievers:

Find those people who are not just living but thriving in their life. Interact, exchange ideas with them. Hanging out with high achievers will inspire you to take action & it will push you to achieve more in your life.


Habit at the same time can make you or break you. To build productive habits that help you to grow in life. Like by practicing you mastered your driving skills, in the same way, you also need to master that habit in which you’re working on. By daily practice that habit will become your second nature.


Q. What are the 15 good habits?

1. Habit of dealing with bad habits
2. Journaling
3. Rise early
4. Sleeping routine
5. Reading
6. Don’t Multi-Task
7. Get rid of distraction
8. Divide your work
9. Don’t be afraid to fail
10. Plan your next day
11. Exercise
12. Meditate
13. Learn a new language
14. Learn any new skill
15. Interact with achievers

Q. How to develop good habits?

1. Don’t expect a miracle, it will take time
2. Practice it daily
3. Do it for 21 days daily to develop a habit
4. Add your friends also in your journey, so you won’t feel demotivated
5. Don’t criticize yourself when you miss a day, get up & start with more enthusiasm.

Q. How to deal with bad habits?

We can’t remove the bad habit essence from our life, but we can replace it with some good habits. And it will take some time, you may fail in your initial days, but if you’re determined enough to get rid of the habit, then you sure will.



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