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Health and hygiene | BJP – bartan jhadu poocha 10 Female secret advice

Oh, come on I am not talking about Bharatiya Janata Party. By BJP I mean Bartan Jhadu and poocha. Basically I mean washing utensils, brooming, and cleaning the floor.to take care of your health and hygiene

Many of you might be experiencing this first time in your life.some of you might have experience with it. A lot might have never done.

Those who can do. It’s fine and well. Those who cannot write long papers telling how to do Bartan Jhadu and poocha.

This means that on day fifty-whatever of the lockdown, having done at least a few unavoidable BJP(Bartan Jhadu and poocha) duty.

It’s time for me to write down the theoretical ASPECTS and consideration of how to do BJP(Bartan Jhadu and poocha).

So here goes:

Inside the page

  1. Take all Moisturizers out
  2. Clean before a mountain of bartan forms
  3. Don’t expect help from your boys
  4. Do bartan jhadu poocha properly
  5. Listen to Experience for bartan jhadu poocha
  6. Little cheating for bartan jhadu poocha
  7. Hair is a mess for jhadu
  8. Thank some products
  9. Curse BJP
  10. Conclusion
  11. Frequently Asked Question

1) Take all Moisturizers out

Scouring powder is hell on your hands. Soap and water rinse away germs and dirt, but also strips the natural, protective oils in your skin, causing it to dry out, according to medical dermatology doctors. “

moisuturizer after bartan health and hygiene

i recommend this type of health and hygiene related product Because you caused so much irritation, your hands get dry, cracked, and raw. Cracks that form on the skin can increase your risk of contracting infections through the fissures and also lead to conditions such as eczema.

All those moisturizing lotions that you thought were just clutters are more than fully justified.

Take those out, borrow from wife or mother, sister if you don’t have. Apply those before and after doing BJP (Bartan Jhadu and poocha).

2) Clean before a mountain of bartan forms

health and hygiene Clean utensil before lot collect

If you don’t do bhartan immediately after each meal, regret, when it turns into a giant bhartan mountain, is inevitable.

After that, even moisturizing lotions will give up on your hands.

And yet- mountain always comes cause boys will be boys. And telling boys about time and tide is just a waste of time. they can’t take care of there health and hygiene by themself.

Hence for this part, I can only suggest, try doing bhartan on time and follow this

Scrape any excess food into the bin with a paper towel. 

The leftover of dirty bartan will make the water dirty and cause it to be less effective. Use a paper towel to wipe off any big chunks of food that are stuck to the utensil. This will keep the sink clean and water will not accumulate.

  • Don’t worry about removing small bits of food as this can be removed when you are washing the utensils
  • Fill your kitchen sink with hot water and dishwashing liquid. 
bartan in sink hygiene

Put the plugin the sink and turn on the hot tap. As the sink is filling up with water, squeeze about 1 tablespoon (15 grams) of bartan washing liquid into the water.

  • Read the label of the dishwashing liquid bottle to find the correct amount of liquid to use as some concentrated detergents won’t require as much.

Add 2 tbsp (30 grams) of baking soda to the water for some extra cleaning power.

If you are looking for a natural cleaner, baking soda is a great option. The powder will help to reduce smells and break down stains. Add the baking soda to your sink of water and dishwashing liquid and mix everything together.

Put the utensils in the sink and scrub off the food with a dish brush. 

cleaning utensil

Place the least soiled utensils into the sink first. This will stop the water from becoming too dirty. Scrub each utensil with a dish brush until all of the food has been removed. Once the utensil is clean, place it onto a drying rack.

Leave the utensils(bartan) to soak if the food is stuck on. 

If the food isn’t coming off the ba, leave it to soak in the sink while you wash the rest of the dishes. This will cause the food to loosen its grip on the utensil. Try scrubbing it again once all the other dishes have been washed.

  • If necessary, use a dish scourer to remove any remaining food from the utensils.

Dry the bartans with a tea towel or leave them to air dry. 

Dry each utensil (bartan) individually with a tea towel and return them to their drawer. Alternatively, leave the utensils on the drying rack to dry naturally. This option is easy and avoids stainless steel utensils getting a smeary look.

  • If you are air-drying your utensils, make sure that they aren’t stacked on top of each other as this will stop the air circulating and drying them.

3) Don’t expect help from your boys

father and son doing BJP

Don’t waste your breath exhorting your boys to do your work they are like you only. Genetically they have 50 percent of your genes.

So now you know it’s useless expecting from them. And again Boys will be Boys. because they can’t care there self in there health and hygiene.

4) Do bartan jhadu poocha properly

Curses are common. You will curse your mother or wife according to the size of work. That is more the bartan more curse. Similarly more long hair people there are in your house, the longer will be your curses while doing jhadu.

Identify trouble areas and spend a few minutes daily cleaning them. It’s time well spent, considering that bacteria and viruses can make your family sick, and even the smallest of crumbs can invite critters and pests.

5) Listen to Experience for bartan jhadu poocha

Experience of female in BJP

Hair and fluff(more toxic than dust) will always find it’s way into corners and inaccessible places. Do jhadu there. That’s why your mom or wife(they know by experience) always used to look there to point out how useless your maid’s jhooding is because they have to keep taking care of the house and there family health and hygiene.

Try not to let the utensils dry. If you are not doing bhartan now at least place them in water. Clean every corners of utensil because they know where to look.

6) Little cheating for bartan jhadu poocha

You can omit some corners. There are some places in the house where direct eyes cant reach. Don’t do Poocha in those corners- nobody can make out plus hair and poocha together create a really ugly mess.

7) Hair is a mess for jhadu

No matter how much you try 10% of the hair on the floor will still remain after you finish jhadu. If you really want clean floors wait for the fan to finish drying pocha, then pick up hairs that found their way back to corners (remember where people look).

You can also follow this three steps

  • Add borax to warm water to make a paste.
  • Using a scrub brush (an old toothbrush works well), scrub the floor with the paste
  • Clean up the paste with a wet rag

Rubber broom is always there

use of rubber broom
  • For best results always PULL the broom toward you
  • Use short, deliberate strokes. This will generate a static charge to collect hair and debris, but also keep it close to the broom head.
  • Start from the outer edges and corners, and work into the middle
  • Sweep off any high up surfaces first like tub ledges or countertops
  • Work the hair into a pile using a sweeping motion where you are pulling the debris toward yourself A regular sweeping motion works best.
  • Go over all areas with the same method and the head will get into cracks as you pass over them.
  • Once collected into a pile, sweep the hair into a dustpan and dispose of it

8) Thank some products of hygiene

Say a prayer for the inventor of scotch Brite, steel wool, scouring powder, and long-handled mops. After all these products have made your life very easy. Remember your mother had to use coconut bristle, bits of brick, and do pocha on her knees.

9) Curse BJP

If you are reading this – damn!!! You lazy !!! Time to curse BJP for inflicting BJP on the populace. Yes, here I do mean BJP.

Thanking mother

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10) Conclusion

Now get up you lazy bum- it’s time you help mom or wife !!! to take care of your health and hygiene, I recommend Go do BJP –every other day the BJP is already done even before you get up. At least now after this long lockdown make one day different for them.

Females do this every day and are doing BJP even during the lockdown. Please help them. Take this as an opportunity to understand them. Try to understand them, their work their importance in your life. Don’t let them go in depression during COVID

11) Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. 1) What are the basic cleaning tools?

Ans.1) A Good Sponge., White Towels., Microfiber Cloths., A Squeegee., A Bucket., A Spray Bottle (or 6), A Scrub Brush., A Toothbrush., A Broom, Dustpan and Mop., A Vacuum.

Ques. 2) How do you clean utensils?

Ans.2) Mix a bit of vinegar, a bit of salt, and a bit of flour to make a paste. Rub well, then rinse. Sanitize Utensils: First, wash utensils with hot sudsy clean water.

Ques. 3) How do you sanitize kitchen utensils?

Ans: 3) Remove all detachable parts of utensils and put them into one bucket, with hot water remove them all and spray sanitizer.

Ques. 4)What is the best kitchen cleaner?

Ans.4) There are a lot of Kitchen cleaner available like, CIF Power Pro Naturals Spray, Cillit Bang Grease & Sparkle Spray, Dettol Spray Power & Pure Kitchen, Cif Fume Free Oven Spray, Mr Muscle Kitchen, and Bath Drain Gel

Ques. 5) Is one day enough helping Females

Ans.5) Try to help everyday of your life. because health and hygiene is a important aspect of our life.

Que.6) When can we help females

Ans.6) Any time of the day


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