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Health tips for fascinating healthy lifestyle (2020)


You’re gonna discover some secrets easily implementable health tips. and yes after first you will think that you already know these but remember it seem like that you have already knew but in actual that are different so you have to know these tips for be healthy .

What’s you will get

  1. Real Health Definition
  2. Why is important to be healthy
  3. Bunch of tips to be healthy
  4. Conclusion
  5. Faqs

Real Health Definition

When your body is totally and completely in the balanced state of physical spiritual and of course also on the mental level.

It is said that the healthy mind found in the healthy body

It directly tells us that mind and body are interconnected to each other. 

And the final that your soul (spiritual)is the foundation between these two.

Why is Important to be Healthy

As you know after reading above real definition, that Being healthy both physically and mentally should your goal .

Here’s question is why be healthy is beneficial for you?. Being healthy is the center point of your entire life.All of the experiences ,enjoyment,success,happiness,sadness ……… and ,,,,,, i could go on and on ..Anyway all of these are rely on your health.

Whatever you wanna do whatever you want good in your life . You can’t enjoy or live that moment without being healthy bot on the physical level or mental level.

So that’s why i share many Health tips below on this special article that you can easily implement and also be healthy totally

Bunch of Tips to be Healthy

Be Full of Water

You know what, the scientist says your body is made up of 90% water and the rest 10% are the other compounds

If Hydration level in your body go down it will badly affect your whole body and also your brain capacity and ability to work.

So what should you do to maintain your hydration water level in your body you have to drink 3 to 4. 5 liters of water every day in the summers at least and in the winter season you have to drink between 1.5 liters to 3 liter that is enough.

Move your Movements Regularly

Yeah I know you are thinking that it looks so funny, yeah it looks…obviously

But listen to me. Here’s a serious message behind it.

It means you have so many joints that are movable it’s simple to understand that joint which basically of moving nature.

Such as your knee joint, your elbow joint, neck movement, thumb movement, hand movement that all of that part that you can move, need to regularly exercise your joints. I’m not talking about the gym I don’t recommend you to go to the gym and do hard work out. 

You simply have to do simple and basic cardio exercises which will improve your blood circulation and also smooth your joints movements.

Proper Sleep

I believe that as a human being we need to take proper 7 to 10 hours of sleep if you don’t. When it leads so many complications and problems in your human body.

Do you know when you take sleep your body is continuously in the repairing phase

Your body and mind cover the repairing work and restoring your body to past condition and make your body as it was.

By the way, you can also know about how sleep fast , better relaxing without pills


Fasting is the very oldest and also an advanced natural Therapy to keep you away from the major biggest diseases such as cancer toxicity, heart problem, biggest major heart problems ,blood problems, pnemonia (prevents)and so on

I think you should fast at least once a week it clear your body completely and also keep away from diabetes.

Attention here’s my advice to you,

Don’t do any hard or workout for any type of exercise in the fast days

Don’t Smoke

Smoking kills lungs gradually, it destroy your cells of lungs at first . and after that its ill effect appear in all of your parts of body.


Short simple definition – 

Yoga is the ancient natural methodology, regular discipline & practise that  resonate the mind and body in harmony.”

Quick Recap on Yoga Benefits

  • Flexibility improvement 

Because is the natural restoring process for your joint . it make your all joint free to move. cause s the proper blood blow on the joints . prevent future osteoprosis  and also arthritis .

  • Muscle strength 

I believe the yoga is much better than doing gym , cause in gym you lift heavy weight, no doubt you get heavy muscle and strong ,but you lose your flexibility 

But in yoga you would get both the benefits muscle strength and tone with better flexibilty.

  • Maintains metabolism and weight

It normalize the body function so due to that it normalize process of Catabolism and Anabolism collectively called Metabolism.

In addition to that your body weight are always in balanced state .

In addition to all above benefit I point some more health tips below 

  • Good for lungs 
  • Heart health
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Fast injury 
  • Mental alertness
  • Concentration
  • Energetic body
  • Free from lifestyle diseases 

Use Supplements over Foods


This is also an another type of health tips which little bit of different from above all those

And the  good thing is that it is correct till now .

But in todays modern world there is an problem of not getting pure food whether vegetables fruits ,grains and whatever related to food that humans eat .

Use of harmful chemicals such as herbicides , pesticides,insecticides etc … are rapidly increasing year by year . these chemicals mostly indirectly and also sometimes directly produce ill effect in human body .

As well as the naturalness and nutritious availability in that particular food also denatured means quality of nutrition becomes disappear at most or get low nutrition value food .

Which no more beneficial for us .

So anyway , Here’s research and modern scientist have got an solution for this problem.

So they created separate nutrition substances ,it could be made up of total natural ingredients or it could be synthetic or mix up of these in definite proportion .

We call it Supplements and in the medical terminology says as nutraceuticals (you may see sometime on the label of such supplements.

Supplement easily cope the deficiency of any things in your body (which was gain by natural food before ) so that you become healthy ……

Note- so many of fraud companies are over there so be alert and always try to consult to doctor or expert before taking any supplement by your own .

“ One should know a specific supplement is for specific abnormality”

”By the way . let me know , in the comment what you think about these tips for be healthy.

You may also know : 7 genuine supplements to gain muscle and lose fat

Be Away 

You can get this as an removable health tips.

Don’t eat junk food because it effect you digestion,absorption and many long term side effects may occur to you . Most common are the stomach disorders .

Don’t drink too much alcohol it’s like a poison.And because it also spoild your mental abilities and get you control without incontrol

Don’t overeat it will cause you obesity.(and we all know obesity is the very most occur problem in todays.

You can develop : Critical Thinking skills extract from Great Philosophers


Become healthy is the responsibility of your own .that all above are some Health tips that i believe everybody can work on it. And enjoy the healthy lifestyle.Being healthy, is so important in order to experience life , saddeness happiness, enjoyment.etc. If you’re not healthy you can experience and live fully any of these things of life.

To sum up, You should exercise regularly either basic walking or jogging or gym like tough one. you can do yoga which is very enthusaisthic things and its also an pure way.Smartly use supplement.

Some pure natural food supplements are availble in market get that types.Fasting removes your all toxins an can also cure early cancer.Keep hydrated your body drink plenty of water like 4-5 litrs.And the last one, take proper healthy sleep.

Keep exercising and keep oily your joint in this ways ( movement)

Because “Health is Wealth”


1. Does supplement harms your body?

Actually, you should know there are two types of supplement one lab chemical synthetic and other one are made up of natural raw materials. that known as nutraceutical.So, here’s you have to try to take nutraceutical based suppplement ,it doesn’t harm you. it’s doesn’t have side effects.

2. Can I practice yoga poses at home?

Yeah you can do , you can learn yoga from youtube because a lot of stuff are out there. you may also read books on yoga that how to do an such poses step by step. and simply implement it .
But my personal advice to join any live yoga practitinor near your place if you’re beginner . and when you get enough experience and know about mistakes then you will do at your at home alone

3. Is fasting can cure early cancer?

Yes, it can.
Because when you fast .your own body cells start feeding on their own cell.And cancer cell don’t get enough nutrition from their surroundings. cancerous cells start to destroy.that’s it.

4. Does food supplement expensive than raw food?

It depend on what brand yeah but at some extent it could little expensive than raw. But keep in mind because it will prevent you from many disease. So its an smart decision.In that way, it will very cheap.

5. If i take some much water then is it cause problem?

Yes, overhydration is also an problem. Limit your water intake to 3-4litre.it will pressurize your kidney. in some cases may effect ability to excrete waste matter system of your body.



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